Sunday, July 31, 2011

falling in love again.

top: f21 (from forever ago) / shorts: GAP / shoes: Blowfish Shoes / cross body bag: c/o Le Mode Accessories

you really shouldn't throw out clothes that you think have gone out of style 'cause they seriously always come back - like this shirt. it already has a fun, vintage vibe to it. i bought it five years ago then i kinda forgot about it. i pulled it out of the closet (no worries, i washed it - it's clean) and decide to rock it out, and it was like falling in love again. or like Christmas.

 speaking of falling in love, guess who my little sister got to meet over the weekend?
not really, but sort of. loved the reactions of all cosmetic consultants, shaking their heads as i took pictures of Ashley and her "boyfriend." he actually was really nice. 
much love.
[happy weekend, friend.]

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Friday, July 29, 2011

let's do this.

call it a sister project.
and yeah, we are a little behind the times. 
i remember bloggers writing about this 1-2 years ago.
but i've been wanting one of these for forever.
so when i found one one sale at a TJMaxx, i pretty much freaked out over it.

there is one more month left of the summer, so we wanna tackle this mini project before it ends. if we are good and keep up with it (cuz duuuuude, there are some crazy, weird tasks in it), you'll see mini updates here and there on this here blog.

what are some projects you wanna finish before summer ends?
or have some of you actually finished The Wreck Journal?
(include your blog posts in your comment so we can see.)

much love.
[happy weekend, friend.]

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if you have never heard of this awesomespice of a woman, you must be living under a rock! okay, maybe not really - but Lauren really is incredible and i have adored her blog for a very long time now. she is beautiful, fashionable, hilarious, and...the best part, my Bones buddy for life.

Krista has easily become of my favorite artists out there. when i peruse her blog and shop, my jaw doesn't want to stay all. her talent for color and her hand for drawing keep me speechless. and her blog - absolutely adorable with her gorgeous outfit posts and the photos of her precious family. in love with all of it!

Polly is one of my role models. the woman is uh-mazing! she is a full-time homeschooling mom while juggling an etsy shop and a blog on the side. the accessories and clothing you will find in her shop have a taste of bohemian, whimsical flair to them. oh and did i mention? she has some rockin' red hair that i hope to have myself one day?!

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much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

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much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

she's the best. she really is.

(Baguio City, Philippines. college days. daddy is to the far right of the photo.)
to my sweet mom:
i hope that you didn't need today to be reminded of how much we all love you, 
but i do hope that you feel extra special and blessed to be our mom because of it.

i am beyond grateful that you are not only my mom.
you are also my friend. 
you live out the life of someone who loves Christ.
you are stylish and beautiful.
 you love Daddy.
you are the best living room dancer...ever.
you are the best person to watch chick flicks and tv shows with (especially the ones with Zac Efron and Avan Jogia ).
you make us laugh ("a la!").
you have sacrificed for the family and continue to.
you love me and that's all i really could ask for.

mom, you pretty much rock.
we love you more than food.
and you know, that's a lot when it comes to this family.
much love.
[happy birthday, mom!]

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

smoothies vs. hot chocolate.

 top: F21 / skirt: belk / necklace: Aldo / shoes: Belk
watch: Fossil / bracelet: c/o In Honor of Design

during the beginning of the summer, i was on a mad hunt for the perfect maxi skirt.
then i found this one in this post and fell in love with it.
and then i found this colorful mess of loveliness and am adoring it!
the colors, the length and the feel - love it all.

and can you believe that just around the corner is a brand new month?!
there is a part of me that is not ready for beach days, summer dresses and smoothie runs to be over, but there is a part of me that cannot wait for the days of hot chocolate, chunky boots, tights and sweaters. 
so funny, how we wish for things we don't have for the moment.
come winter, i'll be more than ready to have back the hot, humid days of summer, and the silly cycle of "the grass is greener on the other side" begins again.
what are your favorite things of summer 
that you want to savor before it's all over?

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much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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Monday, July 25, 2011

in case you missed it...

i got the chance to hangout at one of the most awesomespice places in bloggity-blog world.
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much love.
[happy monday.]

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much love.
[happy monday, friend.]

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Toy Story has forever tainted my feelings towards non-living objects.

i know that couches don't have feelings.
but neither do toys...yet Toy Story made us feel like they do.
and i felt that way when we say good-bye to these couches.
i grew up with them and can't remember our house without them.

maybe that sounds gross to some people but they were in great condition for the longest time. we posed for Christmas pictures around them. when i was little, there was a special corner of the loveseat couch that i'd bury my face in before i fully woke up (never have been a morning person). we posed for family photos around one for many years. they were the best couches to takes naps in. but today, we said good-bye to them, dropping them off at a local Salvation Army, so hopefully they find a good home. 

oh and see mom in that second to last picture? she's not praying to it. she's sad - and even whispered to the couches before we left them at SA, be good to the people you live with. yeah, we are all crazy.

and of course, ash and i couldn't resist squeezing in a few planking picture.

much love.
[happy weekend, friend.]

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Friday, July 22, 2011

i had a craving, yo.

while i was in GA over the weekend, in two days in a row, we made two frozen yogurt runs. and i was so not complaining. ever since i left Chicago, i have been craving me some good ole frozen yogurt.

and no, if you were wondering, Margaret (Ryan's mom) and I didn't get our lips plumped. we had frozen yogurt mustaches but unfortunately, red velvet frozen yogurt doesn't show up so well in these pictures with the lightning - so it looks like we're trying to pull the Angelina Jolie.

we also all had too much fun sampling all the craaaazy flavors.
i settled with original tart and blueberry acai tart on my two yogurt visits, topped off with a ton of fruit. i also did not miss out on the chance to include a galour of sprinkles in one.

do you have a favorite fro yo place?
what are your fave flavors?

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much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

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i had one of my moments ((again)).

 top: base exchange (for 92 cents!) / shorts: GAP / necklace: Yellow Heart Art
neon bracelets: c/o In Honor of Design / shoes: c/o Blowfish Shoes

whenever i hang out with Ryan (whether it was back in Chicago or while in GA), 
our moments do not go by without me having one of my "moments."
Ryan: ilene, could you turn that knob to the left two times for me?
me: (reaching for the doorknob and turn it to the left twice)
Ryan: um, no the other knob.
me: sure. (i start turning the other door knob closest to me two times.)
Ryan: (cracking up) noooo, the knob on the wall to turn the fan!
okay, so maybe you had to have been there.
read it out loud and if you still don't get it...guess you had to have been there.
i don't know what was thinking! i heard knob so i reached for the doorknob.
but i really don't know what that would accomplish to turn a doorknob twice.

like i said, it was one of my moments.
Ryan said he loves my moments. he says it keeps him thoroughly amused.
it's a good thing 'cause once we're married, he's gonna have to deal with these moments every single day. *wink*

do you have "moments," too?

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much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

welcome to the world, Princess Lily Rose!!!

i got to meet my ((almost)) niece during my visit to GA!
is not Lily Rose the most precious thing you've ever seen?!
i'm especially in love with her dark hair - and you gotta love her taste in headbands?

Cricket (Lily Rose's momma), Margaret (Ryan's mom) and I had waaaaay to much fun doing her newborn photo shoot. we took so many pictures and adorned her in so many of her adorable accessories. i guess Lily Rose is gonna get used to Auntie Ilene coming over and taking pictures of all of this adorableness. i do not mind at all!

we had quite the conversation.
she and i talked about going on an ice cream date together and for me to teach her how to make chevron friendship bracelets. but then she got hungry (i think it was the mention of icecream) so i had to give her back to her momma. 

welcome to the world, Princess Lily Rose!
we heart you so ridiculously much.

oh and Lily Rose told me to tell you to stop by the shop if your lil' baby wants a headband for herself. they are up for grabs, like NOW!

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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