Friday, June 24, 2011

these ladies make me proud (and psst!!! a giveaway winner!!)

Much Love, illy the shop all started out as a creative outlet back in November 2009 - and today it continues to be an extension of creativity and expression. last month, i asked for some readers to send in their photos of them rockin' their Much Love, illy products. i thought it'd be fun to see how they styled their illy-goodies and highlight some loyal readers and incredible friends. every single one i received made me giddy-excited. all of these friends look gorgeous and are too cute for words. and also i think that there is something special about seeing your creation being loved by someone else, ya know? it means a lot to me.

Lindsay of Aisle to Aloha

Leonora of Yellow Heart Art

Casey of Casey Wiegand Art 

Rilynn (is she not the cutest?!) of Sparkle Pants Girl
 grape purple poppy garland headband

Steph of Femmena Mala
crushing on you poppy garland headband

Gracie of Gracie Bella Butterfly 
blushing pink pearl poppy headband

and be sure to show these incredible bloggers some love!
seriously, these are some suh-weet blogs to add to your reader if you haven't already.
each of them are inspiring, creative, and beautiful (i mean, check out their photos - hawtness and cutie pies galour!!!).

want to join the club?
visit the shop this weekend and take 15% off of your order with coupon code: SUMMER15.

thank you for all your support, friends.
seriously means a lot for this girl.

and psst!! if you are Tara (#176) of Military Mama/Skippin' Rope, welp, you just won the uh-maaaazing Shabby Apple cider giveaway! so shoot me at email muchloveilly[at]gmail[dot]com with your mailing address and the choice between the selected dresses - to make sure you get your hands on your Shabby Apple goodness ASAP! congrats to Tara and thank you, Shabby Apple for a fantastic giveaway!!! 
much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

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  1. this makes me soooooooooo happy!!!! I LOVE YOU BEAUTY!

  2. you have some beautiful models modeling your stuff!!! :)

  3. i think seeing people wearing your designs are one of the best feelings in the world! totally understand ya, love these pics <3

  4. oh sooo cute, you must definitely feel so happy!! well done!

  5. Illy! It must be such a wonderful feeling to see creations that you put your heart into so enjoyed by so many! Congrats, lovie!

  6. i bet it's an awesome feeling to see pictures from other beautiful women out there rawking your design! congrats!

  7. hawt hawt HAWT!!!

    looove it

    and OF COURSE we support you! <3 <3 <3

    girl, you make some uh-may-zing swag, dont evah stop (cause I want to keep adding to my collection)

  8. They are all so adorable! :D LOVE LOVE LOVE

  9. how awesome to see all these pretty ladies wearing your goods. i love when you post these. super fun. happy friday!

  10. They are the cutest! You really have dressed a bunch of styles and tastes.

  11. Ilene what a cool tribute to your work. Each headband rocks! Need to add one to my collection soon!!

  12. Oh my gosh!!!! Ahhh! So excited!!!

    Thank you so much! {I've already emailed you!}

    Love all the beautiful ladies sporting your poppies!!! Bummed I forgot to send my photos in of me and Emma wearing them! Maybe next time! :)

    Thanks again friend!

  13. I love that you did this!! so sweet :) and your headbands are most definitely gorgeous!!!

  14. Ah! Me and my little man!
    LOVE this post and LOVE these ladies! Such beautiful handmade goodies from a beautiful lady. :)

  15. oh shoot! i can't believe i missed this! i have probably countless photos in my sweeeet much love illys! :)

  16. Eeee! Oh there I am. I always love the items I get from your shop. I'm finding it hard to part with my latest purchase from your shop, it was supposed to be part of a gift for a friend.

    Yay for pretty hair pieces!

  17. These are all such gorgeous pictures. I love your headbands!! =) x

  18. Such pretty headbands, would really want one, but do they ship to Norway? =)
    Im following this lovely blog now, and maybe youll visit me someday.

  19. Eek I love love this! Your stuff is so pretty and it's so fun seeing everyone modeling!

  20. Love this! You make the prettiest accessories! xx

  21. wow! your accesories are so pretty! and I adore these girls!

    BTW, I’m your big fan – your style is really original and I read your blog very often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥


  22. look how many fans you have! so neat :)

  23. You make the prettiest, most darling accesories! I absolutely LOVE the headbands but afraid I won't look nearly as cool, like it's just not me. But maybe, just maybe I can pull it off?!

  24. its awesome that you featured them! the pictures look awesome, and i sure do know how awesome it feels that someone else loves your creation.. it is very warm and fuzzylike. :)


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