Tuesday, June 21, 2011

staple red shorts + a major bummer that i'll never get used to.

 tee: urban outfitters / shorts: forever21 / earrings: c/o of Le Mode Accessories / boots: Blowfish Shoes / bracelets: DIY friendship bracelets + leather one by flourish / watch: fossil / socks: c/o We Love Colors

these red shorts have officially ingrained themselves into my summer wardrobe.
if i could, i'd wear these shorts every day. 
(note: i said if i could; therefore, i do not.)
they make me think of rockstars and runway models, though i am neither.
i've always like to play dress-up and pretend - so what the heck - i can be one if i want to, right?

in other news...
the sister and her hubby left on a jet plane.
talk about a major bummer.
i didn't think i'd cry when we said our good-byes.
i've said good-bye many times. i can do this. i won't cry.
as soon as i hugged my brother-in-law, the tears started to creep out of hiding.
then when i took my little sister in my arms, i lost it. boo-hoo's and all.

 as we drove out of the airport, dad said something that stuck in my mind:
i don't think we're ever gonna get used to saying our good-byes.
our family is so close, it'll always be hard. 
i feel so blessed to have this crazy family to be a part of.
we're loud. we're ridiculous. we're crazy.
i wouldn't change it for the world.

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congrats, Sandy and thank you, Sarah for a suh-weet giveaway!!!

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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  1. darling outfit!

    and i totally understand the feeling of goodbyes. every time my sister & i have to part ways, we get suuuper emotional. but it's so great to be THAT close to someone, right?

  2. Awww you and your sisters are so cute. Even if they are far away at least you'll always be close in heart right?! And skype is amazing right? :-)

  3. Oh, goodbyes are just horrible aren't they? The love you have for each other is just so beautiful.

  4. You're looking good, girl!! Goodbyes are so hard, especially to our favorite loved ones. I hope you get to see her again soon! :-)

  5. I'm pretty sure I need a pair of red shorts now!

  6. I have red shorts too that I probably haven't worn in a year or two. I will have to take them out and wear them this summer.

    Goodbyes are really hard. My mom is here visiting me for a month. She lives in California. It's going to be really hard when it's time for her to leave. When I went to visit her last November, I cried as soon as she dropped me and my hubby off and we entered the airport. That was hard!

  7. I very nearly bought those EXACT shoes yesterday. Maybe I should since we already have the same Shabby Apple dress hehe.

  8. Those boots! omg! i want some!

    And I agree. Saying goodbye is never easy. We've visited family up north a couple times and each time its SUPER hard to say goodbye.

  9. i been saying the bright color shorts everywhere and Im really digging it!! love it on you!

    i just love how close your family is..u three look so beautiful!

    huge congrats to Sandy!

  10. I love that shirt, and those shorts! What perfect pieces for summer! You look so comfy and chic! And I agree, goodbye's will never get easier.

  11. im so jealous of you and your sisters!

    i only have one...i wish we had as much fun as ya'll!

    AlphabetSoup Style

  12. can i just say that you are beautiful and I agree with your dad - goodbyes are always hard in families!

  13. precious images of you and your sisters (your hair is so beautifully long!)! you're so blessed to have such a tight knit family--glad you are embracing that. goodbyes are certainly not easy.....
    you inspire!

  14. I love photos with you and your sisters. You all look great and always so happy.

    Those red shorts. love. And those boots. Plus I'm glad you're wearing your handmade friendship bracelet :)

  15. your dad is a very wise man!
    such a sweet family!

  16. awww yay!! i won!! how exciting is that?!? thanks soo much!! ahh i want your shoes!!!

  17. Those red shorts are freakin awesome! Wear them every day! Do it!! :0)
    Goodbyes suck.
    Your family seems amazing. You're a very blessed gal, but I think you know that! ;0)

  18. Your hair is getting soOOO long [and it's very pretty, too]!!!

    You and your sisters look so sweet, fun, and happy together. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  19. so fun to see you sisters together! p.s. i looove your hair straight. :)


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