Thursday, June 30, 2011

some major JUNE SPONSOR LOVE is happening (psst! exclusive coupon codes included!!).

it's been another uh-mazing month over here on the blog. i couldn't ask for a better group of fantastic bloggers and business owners to consider as friends and sponsors. they continue to amaze me with their talents, their sense of humor, and their creativity. check. them. out. stat.

Sandy of Sandy a la Mode
Sandy a la Mode is all about the little scoops of life that are delicious, homemade, crafty, savvy, inspirational, and fun!  I blog about my outfits, foods that I make, my journey in photography with my Canon 50D, inspirations found on the web and basically anything else I want to share about my life!  You'll never find a post without a picture, so come on over and join me for some fun!

if you could be any super hero, who and why?
I would love to be Susan Storm Richards, aka the Invisible Woman from Fantastic Four!  If you were invisible you could practically to anywhere in the world!  You could get on a plane without paying for the flight, you could remove yourself from a sticky situation if you ever find yourself in one, and you could probably just get a lot of free stuff. ;)

Kam of Campfire Chic.

Campfire Chic is both a blog and shop! The shop focuses on all things outdoors, nature, and travel! I sell one of a kind notebooks, embroidery patterns, and more. I talk about my adventures on the Campfire Chic blog :)

if you could be any super hero, who and why?
My mom! She is the best super hero I can think of...she beat two types of cancer, works really hard, raised a family, introduced me to the outdoors, and supports everything I do. She would send Wonder Woman back to her room for a sweater and would need to remind Poison Ivy to water her plants. I love my mom.

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Erika of Rouge and Whimsy.

I make whimiscal flower and feather accessories for special days and every day.  I blog about my shop and creative inspiration, my crazy little puppy and life in Seattle. Come say hi on etsy or on the blog :)

if you could be any super hero, who and why?
And if I could be any super hero I would FOR SURE be Elastigirl from Disney's The Incredibles. First off, we both have red hair anf secondly-- you know when you're trying to get that lost sock behind the dryer or your cellphone from under the car seat while driving? I would have the ability to help you.

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Polly of Pixie Mama.

Hey! I’m Polly – full time crafty mama to 3 home-schooled girls. I can usually be found with glue on my fingers and glitter in my hair, crafting my days away! I design and sell bohemian jewellery, art and upcycled clothing in my Etsy Shop – This Enchanted Pixie. I also blog at Pixie Mama about my life, my crafts and my inspirations - stop by and follow my daily adventures!

if you could be any superhero, who and why?
If I could be any super hero I would be Wonder Woman – just so I could wear the costume

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Chelsea of Tea Talk.

Hi everyone! I'm Chelsea from Tea Talk. I run a lifestyle and personal style blog. I am a Phoenix native who is obsessed with coffee, spending time with my wonderful boyfriend, Scott, going on adventures, and finding the perfect cardigan. Come stop by my blog to check out my daily outfits and adventures!

if you could be a superhero, who and why?
Oh, and if I could be any superhero it would probably be a female version of Super Man.
I would love to fly!

Malori of Sunday Morning Sugar.

My blog is your daily dose of sugar! 
Food, fashion, crafty goodness, and all of the other things that make me happy. 

 if you could be any superhero, who and why?
If I could be any superhero, I would be wonder woman.  
Because, let's be real, she was a total babe.

Hannah and Rachel of Etta Grace.

We're two sisters who are so different from each other, that they've actually circled back around to being exactly the same. 
We live a handful of states apart and share a blog and etsy shop to stay connected... 

if you could be any superhero, who and why?
if we could be any super hero in the world, we would be Winnie the Pooh and Piglet...mostly because their super heroness is so beautifully understated...and no one else in the world can pull off horizontal stripes quite like Piglet...that in and of itself is pretty powerful!

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aime of sense and sensibility.

Sense and Sensibility Designs offers jewelry that is easy to wear all day, every day, or once in a while for some very special occasions.  Everything is handmade by me, Aime, using the highest wuality materials like sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and Swarovski crystal. Influenced by the glamour of California and the laid-back lifestyle of Hawaii, there is something for everyone!  And custom orders are always welcome! 

if you could be any superhero, who and why?
Even as a kid, I always loved Jean Grey's character from X-men...I'm pretty sure I'd have to go with her.  The old school cartoons were so cool!!!  Especially when she turned into the Phoenix!  Even though she was sort of bad when she did change.  But I'm still sticking with Jean Grey.

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(All regular items ship free in the US. Fundraiser items have minimal shipping costs.)


Vannessa of Hello Vanny.
blog / twitter

Hi I'm Vanessa and I run a lifestyle blog over at! I'm a 22 year old baking and pastry recent {GRADUATE!} living in Las Vegas with my boyfriend and our dog Molli. I have an extreme passion for design, food, fashion, sugar and photography! 
Stop by my blog and say hi!

if you could be any superhero, who and why?
And Wonder Woman{DUH!} because she's gorgeous and gets to wear a pretty gold crown! 

Sarah and Olivia of S and O Productions.

Hey there! Our names are Sarah & Olivia and along with being sisters we are the author's of S & O Productions, a blog where we share/chat about nearly everything from food and delicious recipes, to photography, crafts, DIY's, music, our daily adventures, name it!

We absolutely adore the blogging community and enjoy sharing a little bit of our story with you.

if you could be any superhero, who and why?
Mmmm...I would go for Wonder Woman just because she's super awesome and has great style. And Sarah says she'd be the Human Torch because he's a true 'rock-star' and has a motorcycle (I mean, it doesn't get much cooler than that)!

Adrianna of Le Mode Accessories.

Le Mode Accessories is your source for trendy and affordable fashion jewelry, accessories, and handbags. We're constantly on the hunt to find the best items. Make sure to stop by frequently! New items are added weekly.

if you could be any superhero, who and why?
If I could be a super hero, it would be Super Woman because I would be able to do things at record speed!

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and that's a wrap!
aren't these ladies beyond fantastic?!
i've closed comments here on this post so that you can head over to their beautiful spaces in blog world and show them lots love. 
and duuuude, totally take advantage of those sweet discount codes!

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]