Friday, June 3, 2011

mirror pictures, sam the snail and my wish to be an X-men.

so tell me something, friend.
does this happen to you like it happens to us?
no one can ever seem to work my camera,  so Ryan and i never end up having enough pictures together. 
i was determined to make it different this time around.
we took this picture in a big mirror at his house. and i love this picture
'cause we are (finally) together and we have a picture (finally) together. 

 top: urban outfitters / necklace: yellow heart art / shorts: american eagle
ring: charming charlie's / bag: Le Mode Accessories / shoes: Blowfish Shoes

and oh, meet Sam the Snail.
he befriended us on one of our outings to Barnes and Noble.
love the glasses, right? i'm thinking he's ready for summer like the rest of us.

and duuuuude, it's the weekend! i have a day and a half left with Ryan and today we are looking forward to opening day of X-men: First Class. cannot wait. so if i come back wanting to be a mutant and fight bad guys, don't be surprised. whenever i watch any action super hero kind of movie, i wanna be one and rid the world of bad guys. 

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

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  1. You guys are too cute!!! And I'm still lusting after those shoes.. I think this weekend I may be stopping to get some!!! Enjoy the rest of your Ryan time!

  2. At least you can guarantee that you'll have the tights to match your X-men costume! You go get em girl!

  3. Awwwh, you two are so cute!

    Enjoy the movie! I really want to see it sometime soon!

  4. Cutest super hero ever! You already have the tights!

    And I fear the same about my camera. It always turns out funky whenever someone other than Chris or I use it.

  5. love the pic of you two!! we always chicken out on asking people to take ours! except the honeymoon. that was important.

    growing up i always loved X-Men and i loved the first couple movies (anna paquin!!) but wasnt big on the later ones..until i saw the previews for this new one. all the classic guys!

    hope you love it! have a great weekend!

  6. So darling...we need to talk sponsorship. please send me an email

    xxxxxx to you! Emily

  7. Too cute!! If we (rarely but I try to as I like pictures of us together!) give my camera to someone I always flip it to Automatic! Lol. And look for someone with a camera similar to mine. ;-)

    I have always wanted to be Wolverine! Watched that show when I was little with my bros and I just thought he was the coolest. Then when I found out that he was going to be played by Hugh Jackman - I mean LOVE!

    I love your shoes and your bag and your ring. Ha! Enjoy your time with Ryan!

  8. AH! TOO CUTE. I can't even describe how cute you two are! Your outfit is adorable! :)

  9. You guys are ONE attractive couple :).
    Seriously. No lie.
    The snail makes a great picture buddy. She is a bit wild as well with her tongue hanging out all types of crazy.
    I cannot wait to watch the new X-MEN.
    Okay, I can wait because I am completely broke haha. But X-MEN and CAPTAIN AMERICA are on my "when I aint broke or when nobody is looking I'm running to the theatre" list.

    Love you and your cute lil corner of the blog world hun.



  10. that sucks nobody can take a picture of you... try timer ;)

  11. How adorable! Glad you were able to get a photo together. And outings to Barnes and Noble. That sounds amazing.

    Can't wait to watch X-Men! x

  12. your shoes are amazing. and your smile is the most infectious!

  13. Aw, love the picture of you two! Hope the movie is good - I want to see it!

  14. so excited for exams to be over so i can see x-men. i've developed an appreciation for action movies over the past few years :D
    and of course, wouldn't miss an opportunity to finally see some of jennifer's acting before thg comes out. march is too far away!!

  15. That picture is too cute! :)
    Oooh your going to have to let me know how X-men is! I've been wanting to see that movie for a while!

  16. aww you two are so cute. AND so is that snail :) xoxo jillian:: enter to win a leigh viner print!

  17. those shorts and shoes look like a perfect 70's-inspired match. *love*

    have fun at your movie! seeing it with my sister's tonight too! can't wait:)!!


  18. Have a great weekend and enjoy your movie! cute outfit too by the way.

  19. LOVE <3 that pic of you and your man!!

  20. you two are adorable! i have the same problem with people not wanting to use my camera...maybe someone has has a point and shoot lying around that won't be so intimidating! hahaha. Enjoy the next day and a half!

  21. Have a wonderful time with Ryan! You two are SUCH a cute couple -- I love how big you both smile in pictures when you're together :)

  22. I understand you so well about the pictures together!
    you look so happy on your shots!
    as for outfit is adorable as usual and the shoes are stunning!

    Inside and Outside blog

  23. The hubs and I are the worst about taking photos together! You two are adorable!

  24. You and Ryan are the cutest!

    I love your summery look, too.Those shoes are fantastic on you :)


  25. that outfit is so cute on you! and that's funny no one can work your camera, but very sad!

  26. You two make such a cute couple! My hubby and I have the same problem with our camera. We hardly have any pictures together when we got out.

    We watched X-Men: First Class last night and LOVED it! Always interesting to see the beginnings of your favorite superheroes. I'm sure you guys will love it as well!

  27. You two are so adorable! And I love your cute shoes!

  28. Same here!! Love this pic, you are super cute!! and love your shoes!

  29. CUTE photo (and man! hehe). Totally relate, though now it's all about the daughter... we have NO pictures of us... just thousands of her. So adorable though. :)
    PS: loving outfit of yours. Like major <3!
    alyson --

  30. That first picture is the cutest thing ever! My BF and I never have pics together except for the ones where one of us holds the camera away from our faces, and those usually turn out at zoom-ins of our noses, lol!


  31. Awww!! You and Ryan look SO cute together!! And I heart that snail!! I wish I saw something like that outside one of our bookstores!! :) xoxo


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