Thursday, June 16, 2011

it's been a loooong time coming // awkward + awesome thursday

dress: f21 / cover-up: belk / earrings: francesca's / necklace: the blue balloon /shoes: blowfish shoes 


1. when mailing my packages and i smile at someone in line, then their response is what? i shrug and say, um, nothing. weird, silent pause. then they say, come on. are you pulling a joke with me? smile is forever lost.
2. my married sister's facebook status: snuggling with peyton. then realized she should clarify that peyton is our family dog. deleted status.
3. and speaking of peyton (yes, the same family dog snuggling with my sister), waking up to him sitting on my chest because he is freaked out by the storm outside
4. using up an entire boxes of kleenex and tubes of aloe vera 'cause of miserable allergies
5. conversations in the church bathroom: when someone tells me that heels are really bad for your feet. and they even clarify, really, really bad. and guess what i'm wearing? yup, heels.  

1. a surprise visit from my sister and her husband involving lots of food, laughter and the making of a suh-weet kick-off to summer
2. seeing Super 8 and wanting to be eleven years old, run around town and film crazy, zombie movies with my childhood friends
3. nightly bowls of popcorn (i should include "lbs. that i will gain from the bowls of popcorn" to my awkward list)
4. my recent obsession over friendship bracelets - wearing and making them (got the best tutorial for a chevron patter HERE)
5. my fiance, my best friend. i cannot express with you how much i love and adore this man. i am so thankful and blessed to have him in my life.

what's been making your world awkward and awesome?!

much love. 
[happy thursday, friend.]

p.s. one more awesome to add to the list: two rockin' giveaways on the blog!


  1. Haha I love this list. Especially your sisters status. I didn't get to watch Super 8 with Jason as he watched it with my brother while my sis in law and I hung out :)

    I adore friendship bracelets. I love making them too. And I can't wait to see you as a married woman :)

  2. Great list! Love that your sister/BIL surprised you! And love her status. I loved making friendship bracelets as a kid. Had my whole box of different color threads. ;-) .... I had popcorn tonight for the first time in forever and thought of you! :-)

  3. You know what's really awkward? When you try on a dress and think "wow, the opening is really small." and then you realized you were trying on a romper and you put two legs in one hole.

    Awkward with a capital A.

  4. Lovely outfit!! You look so sweet :)

  5. It drives me crazy when people can't just accept a smile as a smile! It's so simple. Just a nice thing to do. No jokes.

    Happy Thursday, miss! You look lovely.

  6. haha, I love your lists! I think it's awesome that you can talk about your awkward moments ;) I have SO many embarrassing awkward moments myself, but it's definitely important to have some awesome moments to balance it out ;)

  7. Okay I have been having a strange itch to start making friendship bracelets again, how funny is that?

  8. Haha! I'd have to add every single time I go to church as an awkward circus. There are lots of opinions in my church too!

  9. you are a natural for this! awkwards are funny!

  10. that romper. with those shoes. looks amazing.

    you're gorgeous.

  11. i totally wish i could pull off a romper. i'm not brave enough. awkward - leaving target yesterday with my cart and a lady behind me was racing me. and then my grape tomatoes fell out of the sack onto the ground. the lady beat me out of the store. boo. my whole life is awkward. haha.

  12. #2 in awkward made me laugh :) Mostly cause I've put that as my status before but i've put "snuggling with jaxson" then clarifying its my dog in the comments ;)

  13. It totally want to steal your sandals lady!

  14. yay for awkward and awesome.
    and, go on and smile with your bad self! :)

  15. you are too funny. I don't think you are awkward at all! and I'm sure there are worse things for your body than heels. like pop and processed foods! ha.

    xo Kirby

  16. so, umm... you wouldn't mind if I borrowed this outfit sometime, right? ;)


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