Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a few blasts from the past movie-wise.

 tee: urban outfitters / skirt: from my mom back at my college graduation / sandals: madden girl, belk 
bracelets: flourish and DIY friendship bracelets / watch: fossil / HK sunglasses: hot topic / cross over bag: c/o Le Mode accessories

this is my first real summer in a really long time. though life is still pretty busy, i do have more time on my hands than i've had during past summers (as long as i budget the time wisely). this is also the first summer that i've spent with my youngest sister in a long time, so we are excited about the different things we want to do together this summer.

and with that said, my sister and i are creating a list of things to do before the summer is over. one of those things on that list are "old" movies that we watched years ago and want to see again or movies that i enjoyed as a kid (which she likes to note as "old" movies - aka 80's and 90's flicks, folks. i really am not that old.)

1. E.T. (not the Katy Perry song)
2. The Mighty Ducks  (just finished watching this -she loved 'em)
3. Father of the Bride I and II (again, another winner. gotta love Fraaaaank. he's my fave.)
4. Good Burger (Welcome to Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger...)
5. The Paper Brigade (a total B-movie but my other sister and i loved it) 
6. The Return of the Pink Panther (not the Steve Martin version) 
7. The Boy Who Could Fly (and yet another B-movie but loved it then)
8. Transformers (obviously not an oldie but we wanna watch this before seeing the Transformers III - eeek!!)
9. Back to the Future trilogy (love and seen multiple times)
10. House Guest (with Sinbad)

 what are some of your fave childhood 
summer movie favorites?

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much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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  1. I wanna hug you-- Hello Kitty sunglasses and all.

    Also, we need some popcorn, movie, pizza night soon. Wanna fly out for that??

  2. Your hair looks super cute like that!

  3. my brother and I loved watching the sandlot and land before time :)

  4. i don't know if i've ever seen your hair up like that -- it's super cute! love the bangs. wish bangs worked on me!

    one of my fave childhood movies is now & then. LOVED it. oh and little women. i was also a fan of the mighty ducks :)

  5. I LOVE your pretty bag!

    Also, your movie list is great! I'm a big fan of The Sandlot and Hocus Pocus haha

  6. I love those Hello Kitty sunglasses!! So so cute! :)

    And the polka dots!!

    One of my fave childhood movies was 'The Elm Enchanted Forest' with the singing mushrooms! (Looking back now.. That was so funky stuff!)

    Love, Niki @ LQM&M

  7. Ahh that tee looks really comfy. And your Hello Kitty sunglasses..jealous :p

    I love watching old movies B grade and all. It just reminds me of childhood and going to the video store to pick out the movie.

  8. Perfect list! My friends and I are having a Mighty Ducks marathon soon. We're also going to watch a bunch of 90's "horror" movies a.k.a. I know what you did last summer, Urban Legends, etc.

  9. Your list made me laugh out loud! Mighty Ducks, Good Burger, and House Guest are some of my husband's favorite movies. haha You should add Blank Check to your list.

  10. so funny my sister and i are doing the same :) Good Burger and Mighty Ducks are def in the running along a few other favorites i'll post sometime! xo

  11. I LOVE The Mighty Ducks. I could seriously watch that movie over and over!

  12. You are adorable, as always!! I loved the Princess Bride :)

  13. Favorite Childhood Movies ...

    Fly Away Home (still love this one!)
    Cinderella (AWW!)
    The Princess Bride
    The Chronicles of Narnia (the oldie versions)

    Good memories!Thanks for bringin um back!

    PS you are adorable today! love u ilene, i miss u friend!

  14. You are so cute & tiny & I WANT YOUR SHOES.

  15. Cute cute cute! I love the outfit and I love the movie list.

  16. Adorable as ever missy!

    That is a great list of movies :) My sister was just watching Good Burger the other day ;) Such a classic ;) lol!

    I need to see Transformer again before i see the new one too! The new one looks AMAZING

  17. i love love that outfit. looks like something i would wear. which is why i love it. :) the boy who could fly!!! i loved that movie. where's stand by me?! it's a classsssic!

  18. what an awesome skirt and your mom is super sweet for getting that for you! i love the hello kitty sunnies and i hope you're enjoying your summer!

    cute & little
    $100 Fresh Faces Giveaway!

  19. ah ♥ the hello kitty glasses ;)

    Mystic Pizza, Karate Kid & Dirty Dancing

  20. this post made me smile--i suck at old school movies, im more of a "get sucked into old TV series kinda gal--ya know like Saved by The bell, boy meets world, full house, growing pains, backstreet boys world tour...)

    hehe <3

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  22. Oh you are so bringing me back! I loved ET too. And Grease was one of my faves.

    I still can't get enough of those sunnies. Love them. And the bag is fabulous too! :) xoxo

  23. what a fun idea...shannon and i used to watch D2 on repeat! we even played "mighty ducks" and would signs on our back for our "hockey numbers" haha #nerds

  24. Loving those sandals, you are too cute:-)

    Also great idea to share the amazing older movies with your sis, they are pretty amazing. Loved Ferris Bueller's Day off (sp). My Girl, hmmm sooo many.

  25. You look absolutely lovely! Hmm.. I'm not sure I really have any fave summer movies.. Maybe an Olsen twins one haha

  26. you are soo cute! love the polka dots!!

  27. what about Clueless??!!!! that is my all time favv 90s movie! EVER

  28. omggggg your HK sunglasses are amazing. damn canada for not having got topic, i NEED them!!

  29. That bag kicks arse! And as far as summer kids movies...I'm a Sandlot girl!

  30. Loving the polka dots - I've really gotten into stripes lately and now I'm thinking it's time to get some dots! :) As for old movies, That darn cat (the old Disney version, not the newer '90s one)and Shaggy Dog (also the old one)!

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