Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(mini) current obsessions wednesday: feeling like a ballerina at the beginning of summertime.

 top: base exchange / cropped pants: aeropostle /earrings: the loft 
ring: charming charlie's / nails: OPI shattered / flats: courtesy of Blowfish Shoes

summer has officially kicked off in our house.
the little sis is out of school for the summer so we get to spend more time together.
we're thinking beach days, movie runs, and lots of smoothie runs!
as much as i miss chicago in the summertime, 
there is so much to look forward here with the beach right next door and being with family.

and hey, since i got back from GA, i've been playing catch-up with everything so i don't have a full current obsessions post for you today. but....i will say that i am completely obsessing over these adorable Natalia flats sent over by one of my awesome sponsors, Blowfish Shoes. and not only are these flats adorable - they are super comfortable. i do not lie. i did not even have to break into them. i slipped my feet right in and wore them all day without a blister. also love the ankle straps - i felt like a ballerina. 

oh and one other obsession i hafta throw in here.
this particular movie trailer that made my week.
could november come any sooner?!

what are you obsessing over, friend?

 much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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  1. They look super comfy! I love that you mentioned the straps looking like ballet shoes. So true!

    I am glad you get to spend more time with your sister. Such a wonderful relationship you have with her.

  2. cute cute cute top. and i love that last image in the rearview mirror. frame-able!

    ha, im not a twilight person. i'm a trueblood addict and i can NOT wait for june 26. i also really want to see Horrible Bosses. i heart jason bateman and jen anniston. :)

  3. i wish i could be with you & your sis running for mango smoothies and taking cute outfit posts...

    I think i'll just live vicariously through you two if that's OK. ;)

    erika @

  4. Everything about this outfit. Turquise (sp) is a great color on you!

  5. I am dying here, waiting to see Breaking Dawn Part 1! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I'm probably a little too excited... ;)

  6. I love the nude flats! At first I thought they were booties! They look so cute, along with the outfit!

  7. AHH! I love the color of the shoes you are wearing! Hmm I'm tempted now. Hahahah! You look so pretty! :)

  8. NO.
    The answer is NO. November cannot in fact come ANY sooner.
    I will definitely be a bit more anxious now that the first trailer has been released but prayerfully with a busy work schedule I will NOT be counting the days.

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!


    you look adorable as always by the way girl.


  9. You look so beautiful! Lovely hair with the lovely outfit. I've followed you by the way :)
    Follow me?

    crunchy cheese me

  10. the shoes do look very comfy! love that last pic of you!

  11. LOVE those shoes!! and chicago iiiis the best in the summer ;) but yes it would be nice to have a real beach (and the ocean!) nearby. xoxo jillian:: enter in TWO GIVEAWAYS over at cornflake dreams

  12. I love those shoes!!

    Monique xx

  13. Love that top, you look so cute!

    P.S. You must read the Luxe series, it is so good! I'm plowing through the last one and I can't wait to find out how it all ends!

  14. Oh, I wish I was young enough that I had a summer vacay! Maybe I should have become a teacher :)

  15. Love the shoes and adore the top. Great summer outfit, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting a stunning 3 gold bracelets GIVEAWAY today! Fun pieces to spice up summer outfits!

  16. I love this top with the ripped jeans! Hello summer! Very cute!
    And I seriously can't wait for Breaking Dawn! OMGOSH!

  17. Those flats are the adorablest shoes I have ever seen in my entire life. I need! I die!

  18. pretty color hun! i love it :]

    i need to go shoppin soon...

    AlphabetSoup Style

  19. I LOVE those flats! They look so cute on you!

  20. Ah I love them! So wish I had a pair now since I am currently breaking in some new shoes. Ouch :) xoxo

  21. You look so cute! I love your blog!!

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  23. November seems so far away. Hurry up!

  24. I love that shirt. I was trying to look up the shirt, but I couldn't find the site.


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