Wednesday, June 1, 2011

cherries - er, i mean strawberry fields foreeeeever!!!

 top: gift from mom back when i graduated college / pencil skirt: target / heels: madden girl, belk / nails: OPI jade green is the new black / rings: gifts / earrings: courtesy of Le Mode Accessories

cherries scream summer to me.
they remind me of saturday mornings at the lincoln park farmer's market in chicago.
i would buy little baskets of them and would eat them as i walked home.

oh and guess where i'm at?!
i'm visiting the fiance and his family in Georgia - and speaking of summer, he and i are going strawberry picking today. 
woohoo!! not cherries, but i love strawberries too!! so sweet and so summery.
and even better, i'm going on this mini adventure with my man.
jealous? i know.

what parts of summer are you most looking forward to?

and believe it or not, it's the first of June!
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much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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  1. I can't wait to go pick Strawberries in August when I go home! So jealous you are going. Fresh ones are the best :)

    That lace top is perfect! So cute!! And love the shoes girl.


  2. You're with Ryan! YAY!

    I adore the lace on that top. So pretty!

    Hope you are having a wonderful time with your man. Makes me happy!

  3. Aww! That's so cute! :)
    How's the weather in Georgia? I should probably start packing soon.

    I love your top! :)

  4. yay, you're finally going strawberry picking!! make sure to take pics, pleaseandthankyou! ;)

  5. love love love the shoes.

    and strawberry picking is so fun. i was always one of the people that ate more than i actually put in the basket. :) what can you do.

  6. Now you have me singing "strawberry fields forever" haha Anyways, your outfit is so pretty! I love your lacy top! Have fun picking strawberries today! XO

  7. this is my favorite outfit of yours so far. i love it!

    have fun pickin' jealous!

  8. Aw have fun picking strawberrys :) I loved doing that with my momma when i was little :)

  9. Strawberry picking!? That sounds just plain magical. I can't wait until it gets warm enough here to get some sun on these white legs! They are just plain reflective right now!

  10. Your blog is so adorable! i am loving your cute little cheery shoes and basic black and white uniform! :)
    xo Lynzy

  11. we just picked strawberries on fun!! i love doing that:). love the shoes! they look so sweet and fancy!:)


  12. awww i LOVE your super cute shoes and lace top!! how many shoes do you have btw?? i always see you with new ones haha!!

  13. super cute outfit!! and strawberry picking?? i'm jealous. perhaps my most favorite of all time. have fun visiting!

  14. Cute shoes. I really like your outfit!

  15. LOVE the shoes, girl! Summer also makes me miss living in Chicago a lot, but I've found some neat summer activities to do here in Detroit (farmers market included, of course!)

  16. I like the early part of summer when it's not quite as hot. Apparently, Memphis didn't get the memo and skipped that part this year. We're already hovering around 95. EEK!

  17. Those shoes are too cute and sooooooo perfect for summer!

  18. Happy Wednesday! Those shoes are SO CUTE, I'm in love with them! Enjoy picking strawberries, that sounds like so much fun!


  19. I LOVE your top. There's something about white lace that looks so elegant to me. It's funny that you're in GA, that's where I live, hahaaa.

  20. Those shoes are so cute and I love your top! :)

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  21. great outfit + and great for the office.



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