Monday, May 23, 2011

the weekend grew legs (with mint green knee highs) and ran away really fast.

 tee: can't remember / skirt, belt: f21 / watch: fossil / shoes: belk, madden girl
nails: sally hansen sonic boom + wet cement / knee-highs tights: courtesy of We Love Colors

well, helllloooooo, monday. 
we meet again.

i think this has been one of the fastest weekends ever. on friday night, my family and i attended a huge Asian Pacific Month Celebration Dinner that my dad was the chairman of, so he had been crazy-busy organizing and leading his committee. the whole event was a success - from the speakers, cultural dances and presentations, and of course, the food. we were so proud of Dad!

then on saturday evening, a family friend asked that i take his and his friends' prom photos down at the waterfront. totally enjoyed this photography gig since Ryan (yup, another Ryan in my Ryan-filled life) and his friends' were so hilarious and of course, too cute in their prom get-up. the weird part was how it hit me the fact that i graduated from highschool almost 10 years ago. class of 2002 raising here hand up high over here! seriously, where does time go?! 

both experiences were super fun, especially since it give me a chance to exercise photography skills. it also made me want to give mad props to photographers out there. i admire you guys and your art even more so! i totally plan to share photos from both friday and saturday sometime soon. there are a lot of them to sort through. can't wait!

what did you do this weekend, friend? 

oh and anyone else watching the Dancing with the Stars Season Finale?
this girl is rooting for Hines Ward! his dancing always make me smile.

much love.
[happy monday, friend.]

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  1. i know how that feels, girl. class of 2001 right here... we ARE planning our 10 year reunion for the summer. makes a girl feel super, duper old - ohhh prom... those were the days. Sometimes I just wish i could dress up like prom again!! hehe

  2. It's my ten year reunion this year too, crazy! Lol we're getting old:-)

    LOVE that skirt hun!

  3. I adore that last photo!

    And major props to your dad. That's such an insane amount of time and love that gets put into something like that. High five!

  4. LOVE this! I love all your outfits! Very inspiring! Just not sure my small town is ready for it. ;) But I love it.

  5. You're so pretty! Love that second pic. It's 5 years since I graduated from high school. CRAZY how time flies.

  6. I totally agree, this weekend went by way too fast!! Most weekends do, but this was way fast!! Oh well...another week will go by and we will be able to enjoy our lazy weekends hhaha

  7. Lovin the shoes!
    This weekend went SOOO FAST!! I've been painting and sewing like a beast all weekend. Tiring, but oh so rewarding :)

  8. your photos are always so fun, love it :) funny how time flew by so quickly eh?! i cant believe i graduated hs LOONG time ago as well. lol.


  9. I love your wedges!! Such fun photos! :D

    <3 Belly B

  10. Sounds like you had a fun weekend!
    Your Dad's dinner sounds so neat! Oh and yay for prom photos. I went to my senior prom, but looking back I dislike my date and group I went with. HS is such an awkward time, so I guess it doesn't matter. :)
    Ps class of 2006 woohoo :)

  11. your outfit is definitely not something I would ever wear. Well from the knees down :p. I don't have the highsock type of leg-knee area. Really sucks Cuz I loveeee the look but it just isn't in Gods plans for my wardrobe. haha. But you look amazing and adorable in it girl :).

    Do you work out? You have legit and toned legs I am quite inspired to do some lunges and or squats before bed now. lol

    My weekend was nice I worked for most of it and today I slept in and then layed in and caught up on misc. blog readings and did a post and got into the WORD of God as well. That is a good day for Che.

    Thanks for sharing and I would have loved to taste the food that you were served at your dads event. It was probably AMAZING!

    p.s YOU SERIOUSLY DO NOT LOOK LIKE YOU GRADUATED FIVE years before me girl!!! You look so much younger. GOOD GENES :).


  12. love that skirt!! whoohooo :) and i graduated HS in 2003...seems like FOREVER ago! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  13. weekend always go back too fast! especially when there is work coming up on Monday! BLEH!! It was beautiful this weekend! Too bad it's gonna go away ;(

  14. yes for 2002!!

    I have the same f21 skirt but im too afraid to try it on since I got it pre-baby..i bet it wont even fit me anymore!! haha! you look awesomeee in it!

  15. I agree, the weekend flew by! but I managed to accomplish some things and that is always good. I'm hoping the next few days fly by because I'm flying home for memorial weekend! yay!


  16. Your skirt is too cute! I've been meaning to find something in gray, too.

  17. oh how cool! I bet it would be a blast to take prom photos!
    Hope you had a great weekend girl!

    p.s. you always have the prettiest smile in your outfit posts.
    definitely makes me smile!

  18. love that skirt!! my 10 year reunion is this summer. i can't believe it's been 10 years!!

  19. sounds like such a fun weekend and the perfect look for lots of parties :) it's simple but kicky (those shoes gahhh!).

  20. You look adorable! And I so agree that the weekend went by way too fast!

  21. so so cute!

    come see my blog and post! it's about coupons today and you can lots of them


  22. geez ilene, could you be any cuter?

    mmm... i think not.

    once i get my etsy shop up and running, we should totally do a give away on your blog. then maybe some of your 1000 followers can wander my way. :) hehe

    love you, miss you

  23. I love that gray skirt with the gray belt - I wouldn't have thought to go double gray, but I like!!

  24. I didn't realize we're both class of 2002! Time really has gone by SO fast, it's insane!

  25. LOVE the shoes :)
    And seriously girl, your hair is gorgeous!

  26. what a great outfit and i just adore your knee high socks! congrats to your dad! that is always great to put on something that turns out successful!


  27. adorable outfit, friend! and it sounds like it was a blast of a weekend!

  28. Beautiful photos. I love your outfit. The skirt is amazing.

    Sounds like you had an exciting weekend. Mine was pretty dull. I hung out around the house and did some cleaning and work that I have been meaning to get to.

  29. Sounds like you had a great weekend, sweetie and I love that outfit. You look so cute in that skirt! Happy Monday

  30. love the fun nails:)!! i like to do that random color/pattern's very eye-catching!

    you always look very effortless and put-together in a non-fussy pretty. and a teensy bit jealous of your hair. (not a teensy, actually...a lot).

    hope you have a great week!


  31. My sis took the dude, so the hubs and I just relaxed this weekend, but it did indeed go by way too fast!

  32. I looove your hair...and your shoes...and your skirt!

  33. Cutest skirt! Thanks for commenting on my guest post today! It was encouraging to read that the info was helpful!

    xo Shannon

  34. you always have the best shoes!! and i LOVE that skirt, it's soo versatile!! GO HINES!!!


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