Friday, May 20, 2011

remember that time you stopped me on the street...?

 sweater: tjmaxx / shorts: f21 / earrings: the loft / shoes: courtesy of blowfish shoes
nails: OPI william tell me about / rings: gifts

remember that time you stopped me on the street and asked,
what's on your happy list for the week?
and i told you...

1. my new red shorts
2. cracking up over random commercials
(have you seen the ATT one with flash mob dude who got the text late?! i die. every.time.)
3. when Ryan calls me every night at our set phone date time of 9:30pm
4. white cheddar cheese puffs
5. my pick for American Idol making it into the final 2 
(sorry, folks, i was not rooting for Scotty)
6. the Hunger Games Katniss Entertainment Weekly cover
7. shoes
8. been consistently working out for the past 2 weeks
9. the preview of X-factor 
(i heart Simon Cowell)
10. when an acquaintance becomes a friend

what's on your happy list for the week?
and of course, last but not least for us all, it's friiiiiiday!!

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

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  1. Love your hair! It is so beautiful! Okay, what's your secret?
    And I'm not saying that because I want to win your awesome giveaways. But....

    ha! Just kidding. Have an awesome Friday!

  2. Haha I LOVE that flashmob commercial! SOOO funny!
    Those red shorts look perfect witht he striped top. Kind of nautical!

  3. You look awesome, love the hair.

    I just love blue and white striped long sleeved tops, they are just such a classic. :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. My happy list:
    1. I have this weekend off (I never have weekends off. Never.)
    2. One of my best friends is staying with us for a weekend.
    3. We are going to an awesome concert tonight.

    Love the outfit!

  5. happy about the final two on AI. this house is rooting for lauren!

    happy weekend friend!

  6. i need stripes, quick! love the sweater :)
    awww.. "when an acquaintance becomes a friend" <3

  7. loveloveLOVE your outfit...that sweater is perfect and paired with coral shorts (and your amazing blowfish shoes ;)) it's stunning.
    love your happy list -- on my happy list this week is that classes are finally over and my new oxfords :)

  8. I love the blue and white with the coral shorts! Have a Great Weekend!!

  9. You always look so gorgeous, Ilene! I read every single post, though I don't always have time to stop by & comment. Just wanted you to know!

    Making me happy today? Cupcakes, custom orders, beautiful colors and knowing that I get to see my love tonight {can't wait!}. :)

  10. #10--ditto :) (yay texts buds!)

    luv ya girl <3

  11. That is my favorite commercial too! I die laughing every time it's on!!!
    Miss you friend!!!

  12. Eek SO exciting for the Hunger Games movie, especially after that cover! She looks amazing!

  13. I love this outfit! You look so cute.

    Also, I love love LOVE the photo of you just straight on. You look so beautiful!

    Love the happy list :D

  14. I crack up at that same dumb commercial! haha

  15. Aw I love your list ;)

    #6 made me happy this week too :D

    I can't wait for the xfactor :) I think its gonna be great :D

  16. yay friday!!! so happy. :) my favorite random commercial is the gassy one..."your son rip is on line toot" . i die every time!! im giggling right now. im super excited to get a pedicure! finally...

  17. Team Lauren all the way, she's amazing!
    And I sooooo LOVE that commercial with the flash mob dude, it's HILARIOUS!


  18. your red shorts are TO DIE FOR!!! LOVVVVE them Ilene!!

  19. Love the red, white & blue. And I am DYING for them to cast Cinna already...

  20. The shorts are such a great buy and they look great with that striped top:) Have a fantastic weekend, darling
    Kisses and hugs

  21. You are just rocking the red, white, and blue!

  22. mmmm I loveeeeee your hair!! It's so luscious!

  23. Loving this all american look, you look adorable and comfy ;)

    xo Lynzy

  24. Oh I really love your outfit!!! Red shorts and stripes :) SO pretty!

    <3 Belly B

  25. Oh, I love this look! Your shorts and Blowfish Shoes are so cute!

    Also, fun list! :]

  26. cute

  27. I have to say... They've impressed me with Jennifer Lawrence's transformation. She looks like Katniss!

  28. recognize the top from your masthead pic! haha, adorable outfit... makes me get excited about july 4th. :)
    have a great weekend!

  29. Eee, your shoes are so amazing!

  30. I love No 3 and No 10 on your happy list...
    Phone dates! How cute! And when an acquaintance becomes a friend... :)

  31. LOVE your outfit. The red shorts are fab! And I cannot wait for xfactor :)

  32. Totally coveting your red shorts!

  33. love the color contrast of this outfit!

    And I was SO excited to see the Katniss cover too! Can't wait for the movie. I love the guy they cast as Peeta, he's just too cute.

  34. I love your combo of navy stripes and red shorts. I want to do the opposite, red striped shirt and navy shorts.

    Thanks for the reminder, I have to go and pick up that EW mag with Katniss on it!


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