Friday, May 27, 2011

May Large Ad Sponsor Love: if you could jump into a huge pool of whatever, it would be...?

okey-dokey. if you thought yesterday's round up of sponsors was incredible, i have more to add to that incrediblicious list of goodness!!! (is incredibilicious a word? i think not. just invented that.) and if there were mountains around where i lived, i would yell this:


they are seriously the i feel so blessed to have such a supportive, uh-maaazing group of bloggers and business support me. they inspire me and creatively challenge me more than they know. and i seriously, think that we should have a giant pool-jumping party.

see for yourself. you're gonna get addicted to these lovelies.

 Adrianna of Le Mode Accessories.
Le Mode Accessories is your source for the latest trendy fashion jewelry and accessories. Whether you are feeling boho-chic, glam rock, eclectic or anything in between, you will always find something to suit your mood.Your fashion style is a reflection of who you are and Le Mode Accessories is here to provide you with a unique selection of fashion jewelry and accessories.

if you could jump into a huge pool of whatever, it would be...
vanilla ice cream and rainbow sprinkles!!
 Chelsea of Tea Talk.

Hi! My name is Chelsea and I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I've been blogging under my current blog, Tea Talk, for almost two years now. My posts focus on fashion as it applies to my life, which can be seen through my daily outfit posts, and also about the places I go, and things I do in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. 

if you could jump into a pool of whatever, 
it would be...
ICED COFFEE (I'm obsessed with coffee in general).

 Hannah and Rachel of EttaGrace.

EttaGrace is a blog/shop run by Hannah and Rachel... two sisters who miss each other terribly (we live about a gazillion miles apart)... we're California girls who have been "misplaced" in Chicago and Idaho... humph. We spend our time blogging back and forth to each other about our lives, things that inspire us, recipes, DIY projects and new ideas for our etsy shop! Speaking of... our little etsy shop (EttaGrace) is full of all things that are lovely... inspired by Anthropologie we create adorable accessories and "too cute for words" women's clothing!

if you could jump into a pool of whatever, 
it would be...
cherry blossoms... that or those orange marshmallow-y circus peanuts!! 
No... no... let's stick with cherry blossoms.

Amanda of Amanda Lynne Designs.

Amanda Lynne Designs is beautiful, unique and life inspiring jewelry. With a little bit of sewing and my blog includes whats going on in my and my family's life.I love that customers allow me to create a precious piece that allows them to remember a moment in their life. And that they can be passed down as family treasures.

if you could jump into a pool of whatever, 
it would be...
it would be Reisens and Diet coke or chips and salsa!!

 Rachel of Goose + Trisser
 shop / blog / twitter / facebook

I'm Rachel Anne and I LOVE embroidery! Goose + Trisser is home to all I can stitch. Take a peek at all the hoop art there is to offer or contact me to create something truly one of a kind, a special treat just for you (did you check out Ms. Illy's special surprise?) The newest offering in the shop is my hand stitched pendant necklaces. Snatch up the ever popular Rosie or tickle your fancy with the Light as a feather design!

if you could jump into a huge pool of whatever, it would be...
Haribo gummy bears!

We Love Colors.

We Love Colors is a unique clothing company founded in 2003 as a family-run business. We offer the best selection of colors in tights, leggings, fishnets, socks and dancewear, and more! We have items for women, children, and men from kids to plus sizes. We Love Colors is currently offering over 50 solid colors and 13 hand dyed splash colors. We hope you enjoy our colors and find your own unique expression with We Love Colors apparel.


was i right? or was i right?
awesomespice! incredible! the!
be sure to use these links to follow, tweet, and shop.
you won't regret it.

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]


  1. this is so funny...I've always wanted to jump into a pool of jello...or lotion ( I get lazy to put it on, I figure it'd be easier this way)

  2. Hey Ilene,

    I absolutely love your blog and your shop, and it is such a joy following your posts!! I was so excited to see that you're a fellow South Carolinian...Where in SC do you live?

    Looking forward to keeping in touch, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  3. I love how all your sponsors are so YOU. And I just discovered Le Mode Accessories and fell in love.

  4. They all sound so fantastic and I would also jump into a pool full of Haribo gummy bears:) hahah Have a great weekend, darling

  5. Love this post! I'm off to check 'em all out! Happy weekend!

  6. Love them all too!!!! :-) Perfection!
    xxxxx Emily

  7. thanks ilene!

    love alla these sites!

    girl...i am getting super addicted to this blogging thing.

    i need more followers, though. how did you get so stinkin many?


  8. wow Chelsea's hair is SO pretty!

    i used to be blonde like that when i was little but now it turned a dark brown...but i love being a brunette :]

    AlphabetSoup Style

  9. this is perfect! i've been in the mood for shopping... gotta check some of these cute shops out! :D

    happy friday!

    :) erika @

  10. Haha I loved their answers to your pool of anything question!

  11. great Friday lineup! I love WE LOVE COLORS leggings. You rock them with grace :)


  12. Oh my goodness, I just looked at etta grace- so cute!!!!! I need to check out the other shops too!

  13. I love those tights from your sponsor we love color!
    The pink polka dot ones are my favorite!

  14. I love that you that let us get to know your sponsors with questions and featuring them. I think it's sweet. And I always find some great shops :) x


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