Sunday, May 8, 2011

a letter to the best mom in the world.

dear mom.

as i'm writing this letter to you, i remember back to when i was seven years old and discovered a mother's day poem in a school text book. for a mother's day present, i decided to rewrite the poem on notebook paper in my best handwriting. that day, i gave you the handwritten poem. even back then i had credited the original author, so you knew i hadn't written the poem myself - yet i remember how excited you got over the fact that i wrote the entire poem out for you. you showed it to dad and said, "she wrote this out for me!" and i remember how happy i felt that you were so happy.

mom, when it comes to me and my sisters, you are always so happy for us. you get excited over the things that excite us - whether its big or small accomplishments, you are there to cheer us on. you get giddy over things we get giddy over. and you are joyous as you encourage us in our relationship with Christ, setting an example for us of what it means to be a godly woman, wife and mother.

thank you for always being here for me. thank you for taking care of me when i was little - and even "taking care" of me now as i'm home for a little while. thank you for making all of my favorite foods. thank you for getting excited about wedding planning. thank you for caring about my etsy shop and this blog. thanks for being my number one reader and for always rocking my poppies. thank you for all your help with my booth for CE. thank you for loving Daddy. thanks always letting me be me. thank you for teaching me how to be a strong woman. thank you for being more than a mother to me but also my friend.

and last but certainly not least, thank you for always setting yourself aside in order to love our family. your love for God overflows into your love for us. you live a life of sacrifice every single day. you've never had to - you want to and we know and appreciate that about you. you have set the standard high for me and my sisters to live up to. i truly hope to be able to live up to at least half of the example you've set. you are beautiful, amazing and inspiring! 

mom, this is something so small but it's one way for me to express to you 
and scream out to the world:

mom, i love you!!!!

much love.
[happy mother's day, mom!]


  1. your momma seems like a fabulous woman! happy mothers day to her!

    have a good Sunday doll.

  2. such a sweet post!! i hope to meet your mother one day!! :)

  3. Pure pure sweetness. You've got a great moma! Oh and um I see hotness runs in the family.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. i love mothers day!

    i wish i could be home to celebrate it with my mom...being on the other side of the United States just doesn't let me come home often.

    there seriously needs to be some kind of mail system where you can mail yourself places...then i could afford it!
    <3 Alphabet Soup Style come visit!

  5. lovely post! We have our Mothers Day in March here, but really every day should be Mothers Day!!

  6. Awww so sweet! You looks so much like your momma! :) Happy Sunday!

  7. Such a sweet post and a great tribute to your mother.

  8. Such an adorable post! Your mum must be so happy! <3


  9. This is SO sweet! ♥

  10. That was the sweetest letter to your mum :) I think it's precious and you should print one out to give to her. Pictures and all. x

  11. aw I love your letter to your mom! i need to write one to mine. (lol at first i typed mines like a 3 year old would say.) i guess mothers day brings out the child in me :)

  12. Wow, what a wonderful letter to your mother :) You are such a great writer! It seems like you're both lucky to have one another.


  13. So so sweet. I hope your mama had a beautiful Mother's Day!

  14. super sweet post. hope you had a great day celebrating with your momma!!

  15. this is way tooo cute and so sweet!

  16. beautiful my friend. you had me in tears.


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