Friday, May 13, 2011

i like big red bows like one little adorable Japanese kitty cat.

 tee and tank: belk / jeans: GAP / shoes: Blowfish Shoes / headband: muchloveilly / rings: gifts / nails: Sally Hansen sonic boom + wet cement / eyeshadow: urban decay, peace (discontinued color)

i grew up as a Navy brat and because of this, i got the chance to spend a few years overseas, including Japan. it was during that time my mad obsession over Hello Kitty grew to mass proportion. then we left Japan and sadly, my love for Sanrio (the company that created H.K.), slowly waned away. i never disliked her. she was (sadly) just forgotten - so all the stationary, the funky pens, the crazy stickers and the cuddly stuffed animated characters disappeared.

fast forward to today...i do not know what is my deal but everytime i see Hello Kitty somewhere, anywhere, i go craaaazy. i know, i know. i'm 26 years old - and go ahead, laugh at me and throw nerd glasses and red bows at me, i don't care. and as you can see Hello Kitty as gone on to inspire my own wardrobe and my etsy shop! (yup, your own big red ole bow is waiting for you, calling your name!) yeah, for Hello Kitty, the hero of all things red, sassy, and cute!

yay or nay for you on the whole Hello Kitty comeback?

if it's a nay, i'll still love ya 'cause that is what Hello Kitty would do.
(the snort is inspired by Ruthanne, not Hello Kitty.)

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

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  1. *swoons*!!!! You look so cute, I might just steal that bow from you...I LOVE HEllo Kitty! Too kayooooot!!!

  2. So adorable that bow is great


  3. I've always had a special place for Hello Kitty in my heart. :) Did you know that Sephora has HK stuff?

    And you look so cute! :)

  4. oh I am 100% on team hello kitty!

    or Team I Love Lucy

    or Team Pin Up Girl

    Or get the idea

    love it and love you!

    epicness and its finest <3

  5. I love the comeback! I was so obsessed with all the Sanrio characters back then. In 5th grade, my mom got me a Keroppi tin box that was supposed to be meant for my markers and colored pencils. I loved it so much that it became my lunch box. But, I could barely fit any of my food in it, so I'd always end up carrying two lunch boxes... very dumb... haha

  6. YAH on the comeback. i liked hello kitty too, my cousin was ALL about the frog character. anyways love your bow! :) have a great weekend lady. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  7. the big bow is adorable!

  8. I love hello kitty - I used to be obsessed w sanrio when I was younger too haha!

    I am loving the eyeshadow!! And the big red bow,.of course!!!

  9. OMG, that bow is the cutest!! i love hello kitty and this look definitely channels her and a bit of minnie mouse too. love it!

    cute & little

  10. in 5th grade my friends and i created a sanrio club.

    we all wore these cheap-y fake gold sanrio necklaces, each a different character.

    i was pichako.. or piccacho...however you spell that little sanrio doggie's name.

    we were NOT allowed to buy anything that wasn't our character or risk humiliation and being thrown out of the club.

    yes. pretty cool, huh?

    that being said, i do love me some hello kitty & sanrio.

  11. i loved the sanrio store in middle school. my favorite character was the green frog who's name i can't remember. i say go for it. there are hello kitty tees all over forever21. and i think the big red bow is adorable!!

  12. I loved Sanrio as a kid!! I saw a Sanrio store last thursday and about lost my cool! I didn't go in though cause I knew my small budget would be blown wayyyyyyy out the water lol

    It brought back so many good memories though!

  13. you pull off that bow so well... oh, and i love your hair :)


  14. LOVE that big red bow! I'm not a Hello Kitty fan myself but if it's inspires more cute photos like this then yay!

  15. you're too cute! I'm older than you & I still like Hello Kitty! {I can love it thru my girls!}

  16. i love big bows! i want to get one so bad...but i've been spending too much lately. BUT i went to the thrift store the other day because i wanted to get a new purse...seriously illy you should see it i posted it up on my blog. i was so excited when i found it because i couldnt believe i could get something that expensive that cheap!

    AlphabetSoup Style

  17. I loved hello kitty when I was younger too!

  18. I looooove Hello Kitty! And I loooooove your big red bow! Too cute :)

    I vote YAY for the Hello Kitty comeback!


  19. Oh my gosh! That is utterly gorgeous! I love that bow and I am a fan of Hello Kitty.

    You make such adorable and beautiful items! x

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! Really like the red bow in your hair :)


  21. I love the come back!!
    Your hair? I want it. THanks.


  22. nope, never been a fan of HK, but hey: i still love you and your HK obsessed self. ;)

  23. you look SO ADORABLE!! Loving the whole outfit..

  24. over sized bows are so much fun :)
    they always remind me of mini mouse!

  25. Your bow is so pretty! And I love your eyeshadow too!


  26. Have you seen the H.K. duct tape at Target? Pretty cute, and I'm not much of a fan! ;)

  27. a big yay for hello kitty--love the bow1

  28. Ive been collecting big headbands too! Its hard to pull them off, but totally worth it when you do! They make a statement to EVERY outfit!!!

  29. Adorbes!!! Love the big red bow!

    Hope you're having a great weekend, lovely :) xoxo

  30. Love the new bow headband! Adorable!
    I still love Hello Kitty!!! ...since I was a girl:)

  31. You are the cutest! I actually just commented on a blog post a few minutes ago about some Hello Kitty shoes! Here's the link to that post:

  32. aghhhhh, I love your bow!!

  33. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment...that was so nice!...

    you are too adorable-- i need to go draw a character after you in this bow-- it's to die for:)!! such a pretty girl!!

    not a huge hello kitty fan-- but i totally understand the love for those childhood fixations!...the toys i get my children are sometimes really for me:)...just so i can open the box and smell the new toy smell...hehehe:)

  34. I'm 25 and my Hello Kitty obsession grows by the day. I can't even explain it.

  35. I may not be Hello Kitty obsessed, but I AM bow obsessed. And yours is absolutely adorable!!


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