Wednesday, May 25, 2011

current obsessions wednesday: sunglasses needed. these leggings are electric!!!

 dress: belk / belt, capri tights: f21 / shoes: Blowfish Shoes
nails: OPI dating a royal + sally hansen rockstar pink

so this girl is pretty darn happy about last night's DWTS results!
did a little dance around the room. appropriate, right?
but i'm so bummed the season is over. 
what am i gonna do without my hines, karate kid, and chelsea on monday nights?!

well, it's been awhile since we've had a current obsessions post around here. ((oops!))
but hey, we're back with another one today and first on the list of current obsessions...

neon, contrast, and floral.

i louuuuuurve neon and highlight hues (check out my pinterest if you don't believe me). i also had a little fun pairing it with something contrast like an olive green. the hot coral def. gives it amount of shock value to the outfit. 
and the floral print lining my Blowfish Javas - killer!!


i love my popcorn. sometimes just plain butter. 
other times no butter but with lots of parmesean cheese and garlic salt.

made by hank.

i've owned a little madebyhank wallet for sometime now but as the uh-mazing Katie Henry continued to restock her shop with some new colors and designs, i couldn't hold it in any longer. i fell in love with this baby. the colors are perfect-o!

what are you loving these days, friend?
 (and oh, if you are watching American Idol tonight, i must know...
are you Team Lauren or Team Scotty?! )

oh! and real quick before i sign off, if you are Samantha (#113) of Simply Samantha
you just won the Blowfish Giveaway for your own pair of Beachers in your choice of color! 
so shoot me an email (muchloveilly[at]gmail[dot]com) so we can get your hands on your pair stat!

Samantha, congratulations!! Blowfish Shoes, thank you for a fantastic giveaway!!

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

p.s. if you didn't win, don't be bummed! Blowfish has a huuuuge discount code to celebrate Memorial Day. 
get this - 25% off your entire order with code MEMORIAL25!
so what are you waiting for?! GO!! 


  1. Ooooh just started following your pinterest boards, that's what I'm obsessed about: pinterest. Bad. Lol love the brights leggings!!! You are beyond adorable:-)

  2. Oh i love that dress :3
    you look great! and I like that you painted one nail pink :D

    xx Seph

  3. you look so happy in your pictures! I almost want to smile along with you in them. I love the dress your wearing and the shoes with the floral kind of have me wishing I rocked the sneaker look. Unfortunately, I have never had that capability of pulling them off. HOWEVER YOU LOOK AMAZINGGG :).

    I want to read through that INSTYLE fully... IT was a good one I hear. Plus Taylor is adorable..

    What am I missing...?
    Oh. I'm currently obsessed with CHORIZO burritos from TAQUERIA ZAMORA in Santa Ana, California.
    As well as Golden Spoons Toffee and Espresso next to each other with lite or regular fudge (whichever looks creamiest?) on the side as well as almonds...

    I kinda have a problem. But its okay...

    k. I'm done. :)
    God Bless Chickee-Dee...


  4. cuuute tights! you are like the queen of bright tights :)

  5. okay, I think I am getting old...what do the nails with the ring finger a different color mean? Or is it just pretty!?
    haha, just found your blog.... sorry, I'm a dork! :)

  6. um obsessed with that bag, and i must find you on pinterest!!!!! love you !!!!!!

  7. I'm absolutely loving your outfits. Those leggings are awesome and bright. And I adore those shoes.

    You also have the best hair ever! Plus love your made by hand waller. I want to get one myself.

  8. You ready for this? {you might want to be sitting down for this} {wait, this is online so you probably already are lol}

    I have never watch a season of American Idol {lots of the try outs though} and I've never watched a season of DWTS {an episode or two, but it didn't stick}

    Love the leggings though!!! and the peek-a-boo floral on the shows are adorable!!!

  9. Omgosh. Those tights girl! only you could pull them off :)

    I love me some popcorn to (and I'm kind of obsessing about the new Instyle with Miss.T,Swift on the cover, aren't her pictures BEAUTIFUL)

  10. wow, those colors do look great together!...Who woulda thought!!...Such a great contrast!

    have a great day girlie!! xoxo

  11. Ohmigosh I LOVE those leggings - the color just pops in the most fabulous of ways!

    Congratulations to Samantha! :)

  12. Mmmm, popcorn!! :)
    What a cute ouftit, too. LOVE the pop of color and how the boots kinda bring it together. you're adorable, lady.

  13. hey beautiful mama!

    I love this outfit. ur so cute it makes me sick.
    hey, you know what i was thinking about yesterday?
    Mr. Moody. Remember how much fun that was? That dance that we did..."Say a little prayer for you...." How excited we were when we won? I think I peed my pants. :) Good, good memories.
    BTW...I saw Dan Miller yesterday. He's the youth pastor at our church!
    love you, but I miss you more.

  14. AHHH your shoes! I love how they have a different colored tongue! :)

  15. first, congrats to samantha! i love her & her cute blog!!
    second, DTWS was totally thrown! i thought Chelsea would win from the very beginning, but i'm happy that Hines won!
    third, Team Scotty all.the.way!! the eyes, the hair, the country voice. ilene, i think i'm in love. ;) AND! did you know he lives less than 2 hrs. away from me? oh yes, he does.

  16. Sad I didn't win but I just might get a pair anyway. They look so cute on you!

    And yes, popcorn is definitely my go to meal.

  17. oooo i love that made by hank bag! i need to get myself another one!! those leggings are awesome!

  18. I totally want those leggings! Love the color!

  19. love the look & the leggings. i have totally been pigging out on popcorn lately.

    p.s. i was looking at search words used on my blog and one was "when they touch the bottoms of my feet" haha, what in the world!

  20. Your leggings is so eclectic and yes I love that shoes!! current obsession?? one piece swim suit!!! I dont own one but hoping to get one for summer time!!

  21. oh P.S: that shoes look a like as Elizabeth and James!! I might need to check 'em out

  22. Yay! Those bright leggings are so cute and perfect for a sunny day. Kisses, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting a great sportswear GIVEAWAY today! Perfect for morning yoga practice!

  23. Oh love those leggings so fun!

  24. gorgeous as always. i especially love those booties!

  25. I am REALLY loving that dress! so cute. and popcorn is my favorite, I just recently found this kind called salt & lime and it is SO delicious.

  26. ahhhh just started pinterest eh?

    haha i think i spend more time their than i do on's bad


    AlphabetSoup Style

  27. Holy cow, aren't you just the cutest?!

    That dress is fabulous. Especially with the leggings! And mm, popcorn! :]

  28. I luuuuurve popcorn.

    that and a coke classic and I am in business!

    way to rock those tights - you make em look wayyyy cuter than I ever could


  29. I just found your blog though Virginia over @ Meet Virginia Design and you are so dang cute! I love that you can pull of such bold color and get away with it. Also about the popcorn I love me some popcorn. I actually had it for lunch yesterday and today but I've never tried with parmesan and garlic salt. Mmmm...

  30. aahh, those shoes are on my wishlist!!! I love them - especially with those leggings! :)

  31. I had a giant bowl of popcorn to myself last night. It was so good.


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