Friday, May 27, 2011

beards are not my thang.

  top: forever 21 / wide leg jeans: GAP / platforms: madden girl, belk / watch: fossil
rings: gifts / necklace turned bracelet : Le Mode accessories / nails: OPI dating a royal

so i do not have a thing for beards.
not talking about me (ahem, ashley k. hehe.)
i'm talking about that Chris Hemsworth rocking that beard and long hair in Thor.
oh, yumminess. adding a brand new pin to the pinterest board today. 
my girlfriend and i could not stop talking about Hemsworth.
good movie. good story. and gooood Hemsworth.

(and no worries, folks. the fiance already knows about this eye crush on the god of Thunder.
 actually he knows about all my celebrity eye crushes. 
he could probably list them all for you. my man knows me well.)   

and hey, people! it's the weekend - a loooooong one!! i'm looking forward to movies, a beach days and a trip to Savannah. 
and oh the cherry on top? getting to see Ryan! i cannot wait. it's been far too long. 

what do you have planned for the weekend?
and i must ask, yay or nay on beards?
on Chris Hemsworth?
(but must i really ask?!)

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]
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  1. I totally and completely echo that statement. I hate facial hair with a passion... but Chris? Yep. Totally nice.

  2. you look great,green looks nice on ya.I am a new follower. I love your blog , girlie. would love for you to come visit back :)


  3. I usually hate facial hair, too. There are rare times when I dig facial hair on guys, though. :)

  4. i'm not a Thor girl:)...Although both my sisters are in love with him. They have a whole list of sayings for thor tee-shirts...(Won't dirty-up your blog and write them here!;)...But I do love beards. Love, love, love:)

  5. this is hilarious and you saw thor!!!!!!!!! yay! love u!

  6. I think you may have just offended me.
    Chris Hemsworth is my soon to be fiance. He just doesn't know it yet. I would appreciate it if until he realized you would just leave him alone. I can't have distracted by your islander good looks.

    Seriously though isn't he dreamy and soooo aussieee.. :) ha ha ha


    glad you liked the movie, I can't wait to see it too!

  7. Oh you look adorable! I like green on you. And good idea with the necklace as bracelet.

    And Chris Hemsworth :p Yum! Glad we had a little twitter chat about him.

  8. so pretty! i'm loving this green on you!


  9. yeay beards! I love them, I have no idea why but I always get really upset when Thomas shaves lol. I'm weird I know :)

    Happy weeekend lovely

  10. hahaha so glad we settled this and i know now this is about chris hemsworth and not a cry for help on hair removal ;)

  11. i like when h has a little scruf.. and SAD i have no idea who chirs hemsworth is! ehh google? xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  12. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this movie, and beards definitely are my thing so that's even more of a reason to go see it!! hahah

  13. fiance has an awesome beard. And he's not allowed to shave it. I might cry. ;)

    I had to google pictures of Hemsworth {so not into celebrities}, and I haven to say that I like the beard better. Maybe I'm just strange like that. :)

  14. i love this top on you! perfect way to usher in summer!

    and i'm not a fan of facial hair at all. fortunately neither is my husband. :)

    cute & little

  15. I don't really dig beards at all. Sometimes I think it's a little sexy (ahem, Ryan Reynolds, hahahaha), but even then I prefer clean-shaven. As for Mister Hemsworth, I think the beard makes him look like a bum! haha!

  16. LOVE that colorful ring! Cute pics!

  17. Wowsie-- great sponsors indeed! It's going to be a busy day of reading for me as I check all these outlets out!

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, Illy :)

  18. We already discussed this on Twitter, but I do not like beards unless they're on Chris Hemsworth. Holy hotness!

    Check out my post dedicated to him.

    I even mention how I don't really love facial hair. Ha!

  19. no to beards but yes to your nail polish and rings!

  20. nay to beards :) unfortunately everytime my hubby is away from his Air Force career, he grows one out :( Like right now, in Ukraine... and our poor little girl isn't so fond of it either ! Have a great weekend girly!!! Enjoy your man :)

  21. yay for the beards, but only on other guys, haha! i can't say i'd want to kiss a prickly face all the time (not that i'm doing that now anyways. i am only 15, haha! ;)

  22. nay for beards, haha. =.=" it's look quite messy for me. haha

    dejoiss ❤

  23. thor was so good! i'd never seen hemsworth in anything before, but he reminded me lots and lots of brad pitt. i mostly always vote no on beards. but i like a little scruff on my guy. especially when he's as tan as he is now. and in august :) <3 EverRubyGirl.


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