Friday, April 22, 2011

sewing machines do not bring me instant gratification.

 top: borrowed from ashley, belk / cropped pants: HM / wedges: new direction, belk
necklace: courtesy of Le Mode Accessories / ring: much love, illy 

this week has felt like a vacation compared to the past couple of months. still been busy, but it's been a blast to actually have time to design new products (like my ring above - you likey?!), to "waste" time on creating new products (anything sewing machine-related does not give me instant gratification is one way of putting it), taking new product photos and stocking them up in the shop - along with the normal week's happenings.

also i got myself a big ole notebook specifically for brainstorming purposes. while at CE, one of the speakers (becky higgins, i think it was) encouraged us with this piece of advice:

"write down all of your ideas in one big notebook, so you can make more room up here [pointing to her head] for even more ideas" 

simple enough but well-stated. i already had a little anthro planner and a ton of loose leaf papers and post it notes that was doing that very job for me. but i figured i should organize it up a bit by having one central location to creatively puke on. i'm keeping the planner for anything schedule related (giveaways, sponsorships, etc) but then using this larger notebook (found it at a Borders on sale) to keep things as in check as possible. we'll see how this goes! 

oh, and the winner of the Whimsical Poppysmic custom ipod/iphone cover giveaway goes to #10, Kara Beth of Sweet Baby Cakes! Kara, shoot me at email at muchloveilly[at]gmail[dot]com so that we can make sure you and Chrissy connect ASAP. 
thanks again for a suh-weet giveaway, Chrissy!

much love.
[happy friday, friend!]

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  1. What a wonderful idea! Also, you have excellent posture. :)

  2. Notes to self:
    1. Get a notebook for ideas.
    2. Be a more creative poser.
    3. Learn to write fancy so my notebook looks cute.

  3. i love the idea of a notebook!

    and those wedges are super cute!

    cute & little

  4. Creative puke... Nice phrase. And gorgeous ring.

  5. that picture of you with the ring is soo cute! love it!

  6. i keep a little notebook with me all the time and even keep it on my nightstand so if i wake up with an idea in my head in the middle of the night i can jot it down because when i didn't i could never recall the idea in the morning.

  7. That bird nest ring looks so cute!! I love it!
    Also, loving the idea of a brainstorm notebook. It reminds me I need to get more organized with my notes.

  8. Totally love keeping a notebook, or pad on the nightstand for the creative dump (or puke!), haha. And, adorable top, ps. :)
    TGIF, my friend.


  9. I want your top! So cute :) I agree with the idea of keeping a notebook. It would definitely free up some space hehe

  10. LOVE your ring and your hair!!! And that notebook is a fabulous idea.

    Happy weekend, sweets :) xoxo

  11. I love your notebook! I've been meaning to create something like this and this post inspired me!! :)
    HAve a wonderuful weekend Ilene!! xoxo

  12. Yay, congrats to the winner!!!

    And, I have one of those big notebooks as well!! It is really great to get some space in my head! haha

    Cute outfit!! Happy weekend! xxx

  13. I love that idea of writing stuff down and I also have a notebook for all my ideas:) Have a fantastic Easter weekend, sweetie

  14. That blog folder is such a great idea! Totally doing that to "make room up there." If there's any left. Cute pants!

  15. Love that top! So cute! :) ANd i'm definitely thinking about getting one of your rings ;)

  16. You AMAZE me. Serious. And I am in love with the idea of creatively puking. As if I needed a reason to love you any more.

  17. Funny pictures! :D haha greta blog, I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!!



  18. You just get cuter and cuter! Love the pic of you and your ring--too cool!

  19. have i told you yet i like your new-ish header? because i do.

  20. Love the outfit, Ms. Illy!
    I have to keep a blog notebook too. It defintely helps when I have an idea overload!

  21. Love those rings. I'm sure it is going to be in one of my upcoming purchases. - Giveaway today :)

  22. Awe hahaha you’re so adorable:) you remind me of my sister! I love your simplistic laid back style in this shot! And all the happiness just rubs off! Yay you made me happy!

  23. Hahaha creativity puke is exactly how I would have described it as. I have to keep multiple sketch books in different sizes for different bags that I carry in case I run into something inspiring.

  24. I think I need my own idea notebook! Love that darling top!

  25. I la-la-love notebooks, especially for idea keeping and organizing. And what is it about notebook paper for me? Now that I'm not in school and using it a LOT, I love that, too! :)

    Take care, Ilene, and have a Happy Easter!

  26. eeek! so adorable!! i love the ring and i'm a sucker for any kind of notebook so yours has me especially smitten!! i love the idea that by writing stuff down we create more space for new ideas--definitely taking that one to heart!

  27. i definitely need to start a notebook like that! btw...are those easter egg malt balls i see? lol if they are, i love those!! ate a ton of them last night haha


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