Saturday, April 30, 2011

neeeeerrrrdddd!!!! (plus a giveaway winner!!)

 top: rue 21 (oldie, but goodie!) / jeans: GAP wide-leg / shoes: blowfish
glasses: walmart / watch: fossil / earrings: courtesy of Le Mode / nails: OPI jade is the new black

 yup. i'm a huge nerd.

oh you didn't know that?
and it's not just the glasses.
you can ask my family, Ryan or best friends.

the weirdest things can make me laugh.
and then i'll laugh and not be able to stop laughing.
and i've defintely had my moments that i've laughed so hard that i've snorted. literally.
i get giddy over office supplies, especially pens. i have my mental categories of "good" pens vs. "bad pens.
oh and books make me so excited - piles and piles of books.
i went to a book fair yesterday and could hardly contain my excitement.
and yup, i'm that nerd that constantly has allergies come spring.

are you a nerd too?

hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

much love.
[happy weekend, friend.]

p.s. are you Sarah B. (#37) of Yes Teacher?! 
then my dear, shoot me an email at muchloveilly[at]gmail[dot]com 
'cause you just won the lovely Making Lemonade giveaway!
congrats to Sarah and thanks to Megan for hosting a fab giveaway!


  1. Total nerd and proud of it! I ask so many questions to my husband and when I can sense he is annoyed, I research to find my answer! Wikipedia is also my friend!

  2. I'm also a bit nerdy;) btw, luv your glasses....and your shirt...and you shoes! Cute!

  3. um, YES! I'm really weird about my pens too. Sometimes a pen just doesn't "feel right" so I only really use one kind. I always have about 7 of them in my purse.

  4. I'm a total nerd and I actually am proud with it!! thats probably why my profession is tax accountant and I go through school for almost 8 years for that LOL anyway, I love that glasses, and I might need to go to my local walmart to see if they have this red ones like yours

  5. you are one hot nerd girl!
    and we all have a little inner nerd, don't we :)

    your hair looks 100% awesome! LOVE

  6. I'm a nerd... and don't mind one bit! LOVE the glasses :)

  7. You are the cutest nerd I ever did see! And I'm so excited to have won the giveaway! I just emailed you :)

  8. Nerds pwn! :) Lovely outfit really like the shirt.

  9. hey, i like the glasses. they suit you!

  10. nerds RULE!
    i totally do the same things with good pens and bad pens. and i have a favorite pencil.

  11. haha! Well you are the cutest nerd ever. Nerds rock, though. F'real. ;]

  12. I love your glasses! :D you look so good in them. And your shoes! Love themmmm

  13. I'm a classic nerd! Love these photos and your shoes!

    I also just realized I wasn't following you on Google Friend Connect. Woops!

  14. You are adorable! Love that striped shirt. Great glasses. :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!


  15. you're so cute!
    and yeah, i am such a nerd, Star wars nerd, Dr. who, laughing at the stupidest things. you name it

  16. i'm a total nerd, i have my favorite pens too, don't worry, haha :)

  17. You are so cute! I like to think of myself as a bit of a nerd.

  18. love those shoes! and I too know the "good pens" from "bad pens", guess that makes me a nerd too! ;)

  19. Haha you look so cute! And maaaan I totally get laughing attacks. Usually at something that isn't even that funny! :) haha. (And I definitely have some favourite books!)

    I found a bunch of old books (Like... Goosebumps, Baby Sitter's Clubs Books and Archie Comic books) & I got soooooooooo excited!! ahaha.

  20. but you're such a cute nerd! =) you are always adorable.

  21. as always dear, so cute! i rock my walmart glasses from time to time as well! they're such a fun accessory!!!

    hope you had a great weekend, girl!

  22. I'm a nerd too :) Your nerd tendencies aren't too bad really. I'm a huge stationery freak and love good pens. Plus I'm a book freak and love Star Wars. I nerd around a lot. It's a good thing I married someone who understands.

  23. Books and office supplies make me super excited too!:D

    Have a lovely week, Ilene!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  24. hail to the nerds! I cannot wear contacts, I hate the feeling of putting something in my eyes, so glasses all the way every-day!!

  25. I really want some of those glasses they are adorable, just like you.


  26. oh, I snort all. the. time. I'm a huge nerd.

  27. Love those glasses! I'm a bit nerdy as well. But who isn't? ;)

  28. Hahaha, I know this is an old post, but it cracks me up because I'm exactly the same way. I go to the store and get so excited to walk down the stationary/office supply isle. I love all the pens and pads of blank paper, I always have and I've never been sure why. Thank God I'm not the only one! :)


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