Wednesday, April 20, 2011

current obsessions wednesday: mismatched nail colors, cupcakes (duh), and a pile of Bones.

 top: belk, borrowed from my sister / wide leg: GAP / bag: Le Mode accessories / shoes: guess
necklace: the blue balloon / nails: Sally Hansen sonic boom + wet cement

so this photo shoot pretty much includes all of my current obsessions.
talk about killing two birds with one stone. 
(i actually really dislike that expression. makes me sad and disgusted at the same time.)
i'm currently obsessing over...

any bright colored floral print. GAP wide leg jeans. 
mismatched nail-polish colors.
sunshine. messy spring hair. and an awesomely big travel bag.

and then other obsessions that i couldn't fit into an outfit post...

red velvet cupcakes with lots of cream cheese frosting.
mom made 24 of them earlier this week.
yup. every single one of them was inhaled by the family.

i've been watching the episodes off and on with Ryan but since i've been back home, 
i've been watching straight through season 1. loving it. 

and you - what are your current obsessions?

hope you're having a fab week so far!

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend!]

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  1. Uberily duberily in love with this outfit! I would say I am obsessing over your mani girl! LOVE the colors and love how your mixed're a nail polish genius!

    Meet Virginia Design
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  2. Obsessions:
    YOUR headbands, WhippyCake headbands, and VintageRoseWrap headbands. Guess I coulda just said HEADBANDS!
    Blogging twitterers.
    Or is that twittering bloggers? Whatever.
    Cake pops (posting soon).
    Showing the 12-17 yr old girls at my church that their leaders CAN be cool & fun....even if they're old. (posting our Fashion Show soon).
    American Idol.
    Organizing my craft room (STILL. FOREVER. EGADS!)
    Hmmm, apparently I obsess over a LOT of things! lol

  3. LOVE your bag and pretty top!

    Such a fun spring look! XO

  4. i want that tank top!! so, i went and bought a turquoise nail polish after i saw your post. now this?! dang it. stop making me want to paint my nails!! haha.

    i haven't watched bones. i watch so much tv i try to limit myself to shows i only think ill love when they begin. otherwise ill get sucked in even if its not good.

  5. Bones is a GREAT show! I love the forensic science stuff and the plot lines still reel you in!!

  6. I love that print and that bag is so super adorable! My current addiction is reading.

  7. I LOVE Bones!!! And your outfit is adorable. =)

  8. Oh I love all the fun spring colors you are wearing!

    My current obsession - pirate's booty (baked rice & corn puffs). I can't stop eating it!! OH and whopper robin eggs... oh how I love Easter candy!

  9. Ah, such fun patterns! And those cupcakes look AMAZING!

  10. currently obsession is watching LOST, so lost watching it but love it! have a great day!

  11. Your outfit is gorgeous! Your shirt is to die for and mismatched nails are simply great for this outfit!
    Your yammies (at least cupcakes look yammy) are making my hungry!

    Inside and Outside blog

  12. i love your outfit. and yumm, those cupcakes <3

    the hunger games is way up there on my obsessions list. i'm so glad they're picking up the pace with casting!

  13. my current obsession is vintage skirts, adele and I found the best shop in leeds and now I just want to back and buy loads :)

    my parents and sister love bones but I've still never seen it...

  14. Love the show Bones too!! I also love your bag!! You always look great! :)

  15. You are looking very spring like. It's very pretty and bright. I do love your bag.

    I keep on reading about people watching Bones. I've seen random episodes and I know my MIL loves it. Maybe I will give it a try.

    And yummy looking cupcakes!

  16. I loooooove Bones! And that top - so cute!

  17. I love your top! it's soo springish, the colors are great. I also love Bones as well, been going through them on netflix :)

  18. special agent sealy booth? Yes please.

    and HELLO cute top! Not fair, i wanna dress that cute too #damnyouNYweather #ohwaitthisisnttwitter #oops

  19. Yay, for same obsessions! Lou and I have been watching bones non-stop for the past 3 weeks. We just started season 4. It only gets better. But I'm sorry to say, the intro never changes.

    Love the top. - Giveaway today :)

  20. I love Bones! I got rid of my television a couple of years ago but I still crash on other peoples' couches to watch it haha. Your nails are super lovely also!

  21. I love this outfit and your mismatched nails are so cute! :)

  22. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Bones. Love love love! I watched all the seasons last summer so catch up so I could start with the current season in the fall. It's one of my favorite shows!

  23. I love Bones!! I have also been watching The Closer!! I heart her! And BTW:: I am also wearing Sonic Bloom!! :) Mine just isn't as colorful as yours... I may have to fix that! ;)I've been wanting to put those floral strip things on my nails a la The Dainty Squid!! :)
    Have a wonderful week girl!!
    PS Is my cupcake in the mail? ;)

  24. Gosh I've been obsessed with nail polish too! its sad and fun at the same time :)

  25. I love fun colored nailpolish especially for summer!

  26. Ah, your nails are so @srslyliz! I love it. And I love "Bones," too, though the later seasons get tres cheesy. I'm starting "NCIS" now!

  27. Mmmm those cupcakes look delicious! happy wednesday girl! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  28. Loooove that outfit girlfriend!!! The bag is SO cute!! And I love GAP jeans!! WHen I lived in St Aug I lived by a GAP Outlet. It was like heaven! {not really but you get the drift}

  29. You already know my obsessions. I don't need to explain them on here. haha I love the mismatched nails! Never tried it before, but since I have two new colors to try out for Spring, I think I'll try them BOTH at the same time now! :)

  30. love your nails they're so cute :) those cupcakes look real good as well... omnomnom!

  31. I love that you included Bones! You know how much I love it already ;)

    Everything is sooo cute!

  32. I had a red velvet cake this w/e - oh my gosh, it was incredible.

  33. I was afraid mismtached nail colors would look so little-kiddish but it looks adorable on you!! And I love he bag.

  34. I'm pretty much a sucker for cream cheese frosting. Hence why I don't make it :)

  35. I love that top! SO so cute! Also love your nails, wonderfully done.

  36. What a cute top!

    Oh man, I want one of those cupcakes so bad right now.

  37. That is the cutest top, I love the colors! And now you've got me wanting to eat cupcakes!


  38. I love your tank top! And the Gap jeans! My favorite part though? The nail polish! Fabulous colors and love the miss matchy-ness!

  39. you've inspired me to paint my nails ( i think its safe for baby).. though not sure how my boss would react to the rainbow. but i'm totally digging it and will give it a try!

  40. Gorgeous. Love your blog, cutie.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.
    Karoline Kalvo

  41. Girl you are GORGEOUS!! Seriously!
    I'm obsessed with bikini's! Probably because it's too cold to wear them :( I can't wait til it warms up!

  42. i need to paint my nails really bad! may get a mani tomorrow and love the shirt!

  43. You better believe Ryan and I have a dance to go with the theme song of Bones.

  44. love your shirt! and Bones is one of my favorite shows :) Great picks!

  45. Loving what you have done with your nails!

    I am a new reader! Just found your blog! Loving it so far!

    Monique xx

  46. Love those springy nail colours! And those red velvet cupcakes look de-lish. Red velvet is my favourite kind of cake.

    The early seasons of Bones are my favourite! Glad you are enjoying them!

    Have a great weekend!


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