Friday, April 29, 2011

blue angels, socks and sandals, and happy dancing it up!!!

 dress: belk / knee high tights: courtesy of we love colors / shoes: blowfish
earrings: courtesty of Le Mode accessories / nails: glitter + OPI jade is the new black

okay, so i know it's not current obsessions wednesday, but i am officially addicted to...

1. Bones (a day has not gone by that i have not watched one episode - and i wan the ringtone for my phone like um, now)
2. easter candy (inhaling the gigantic bags of sweettarts and sour starburst jelly beans)
3. my new Blowfish shoes (so comfy and "coushy" as my friend described her pair to be)
4. the knee-high tights look (whoever said not to wear socks with sandals?)
5. these random stupid videos but i cry laughing at their randomness 
(especially this one and this one - if you watch them, don't say i didn't warn you)

and folks, did you notice, it's the weekend!

are you doing the happy dance with me?

i'm looking forward to checking out our local library's book sale and then headed out with the family to see the Blue Angels fly at the base Air Show. i used to go as a little girl with my family so i'm totally looking forward to it! what do you have planned this weekend? (and did you stay up all night or get up early to watch the Royal Wedding? as i type this, i haven't decided yet. we'll see if my body will wake up first...)

and oh, got a few things to celebrate..
i hit 1,000 twitter followers this week, mother's day is just around the corner (love my mom!), and stocked up the shop with new designs! so feel free to use coupon code JUSTBECAUSE15 for 15% off of your order for yourself, your mom, or for the new princess of England. coupon code is valid all weekend, peeps.

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

p.s. don't forget these two suh-weet giveaways!


  1. Love the shoes! And your hair looks great as usual!


  2. i love the pairing of knee-high socks with sandals! and this olive dress looks so good on you!

  3. Love the shoes and the dress! Your hair looks great! Have a great weekend, girl!

  4. You are so cute with those socks and sandals! Have an awesome time watching the Blue Angels.

  5. Your hair always looks great!! And that dress? Adorable!


  6. I love library book sales!!! I hope you find some excellent new reads!! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend darling!! xoxo

  7. My husband and I are working through each season of Bones right now!! He had never seen it. :)
    PS if you find the ringtone, let me know!!

  8. Hehe :) I've been in a dancing mood too :)

    I didn't wake up to watch the Wedding.. my mom actully woke up and couldn't go back to sleep so she stay up and watched it since 4 this When I came down at 8 she filled me in on all the details ;) I was able to see them walk on to the balcony which was pretty cool :)

  9. Isn't Bones so addicting? I seriously went through all the seasons in about 2 weeks!

  10. You're so brave, I don't have the courage to wear socks and sandals. It's such a cute look on you! PS, I'm loving your hair!

  11. okay seriously, you are TOO cute. you are inspiring me to take better outfit photos girl. LOVE YOU

  12. I loveeee those shoes girl!!! And the socks look... so cute!

    Have a good weekend doll!

  13. ooo loving those shoes Illene!
    Happy weekend friend!

  14. Little Miss Jordynn and her Personal Stylist (aka mommy) are doing the "happy dance" right now...happy that we found your blog, thanks to the lovely Destiny over at A Place For Us! We love all of your outfit posts and the shoes & socks (LOVE) so stinkin' cute! We're Following :) Won't you stop by and check us out?
    Have a blessed day! :)

  15. I love this look! Sadly I would never be able to pull it off but you, my friend, look gorgeous! :)

    Happy weekend! xoxo

  16. Hey!
    I LOVE your blog and all the things you make! You're so creative and talented! Thank you <3 :D

    That's why I've given you an award on my blog today :D You deserve it :)

  17. You look so pretty, I love this outfit! :] And I swear I must the only person in this whole world that doesn't watch nor has seen not one epi of bones. haha!

  18. love the dress, i'm a sucker for olive coloured things :)
    the wedding was beautiful wasn't it? though i'm regretting watching for four hours straight of it!

  19. It's super late and I think my 2 yr is up! SO I have to run BUT I had to say I saw your great interview on Destiny's A Place for Us and I HAD to come check you out!! I'll be back by tomorrow! :)

  20. cute! i like your shop :) check out mine please! :) followin you too

  21. those shoes look so cute with the socks! and very surprised to hear how comfy they are - nice to know!

  22. your so adorable, and im soo in love with your heals!!

  23. naw this is cute. loving the cute heels and socks combo girl!


  24. Looking gorgeous as always girl! Wearing my FAV blowfish shoes! So jealous!

  25. Love socks and sandals! I always get lots of strange looks when I try it though! ; ) And those shoes are particularly awesome... are they comfortable/walkable?

  26. Your outfit is soooo cute!
    I really love your dress.

    Gosh I haven't watched Bones in ages, I fee so out of the loop now hehe :)


  27. These is such a cute dress!! Love your shoes.

    We're now following you! Please check us out :)

    T & J


  28. The dress fits you so well!:D

    ***** Marie *****

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