Thursday, March 24, 2011

we are talking about some MAJOR sponsor love today!!

 so i am a firm believer in the following sentence:

i have the best sponsors in the world!

seriously, i do -and am continually amazed and blessed by their friendship and their support. 
i am also blown away by their talents expressed in the products of their shops and the inspiring words and photos on their blogs.  

 check them out! i promise, you won't want to miss a single one. 
like the dude from reading rainbow said, don't take my word for it!

victoria of garden of eden design.
where to find victoria:

how victoria celebrates springtime:
by taking the time to dance like nobody's watching out in the fresh air. (but in reality everybody will be watching, and pointing, and wondering what's wrong with me because it will probably be in the middle of campus! ...but i'm okay with that!)

 hannah of etta grace.
where to find hannah:

how hannah likes to celebrate springtime:
I plan on celebrating spring time with some fun new light and bright designs for the shop... along with nice long runs outside, eating my weight in peeps and a trip to China to visit my husband's family!
 sandy of sandyalamode.
where to find sandy:

how sandy plans to celebrate springtime:
I plan to celebrate springtime by spending as much time as possible outdoors enjoying the warmer weather, blooming flowers, fresh air and sun!  My husband and I love grilling out on Sunday afternoons and taking impromptu picnic trips to the local park.  I'm also excited for Creative Estates Conference and a few weddings this Spring in Vegas and Michigan. :)

laura of along for the ride
 where to find laura:
how laura likes to celebrate springtime:
 I plan to celebrate spring time by painting my toes and pulling out the cute sandals, dusting off my bike, and taking time to smell the flowers. Things move so quickly in my life. Spring is a great time to slow down and refocus on what really matters: faith, family, and friends.

 cindy of jellyfishfaire.
where to find cindy:
shop and blog

how cindy likes to celebrate springtime:

Well, my birthday is this Thursday (I'll be 22!) so there's a lot to celebrate this spring (; 
I will also be graduating in May and I can't wait to see what the rest of this year will bring!
DISCOUNT: Jellyfishfaire is offering 15% off of an order with coupon code Illy!

 sarah of peacefully hooked.
where to find sarah:

how sarah likes to celebrate springtime:
I plan to celebrate spring by whipping out my liners for my rain boots and playing in the puddles. Then packing up to move to TEXAS!! BRING ON THE SUN!!
 andi of andi adams.
 where to find andi:

how andi likes to celebrate springtime:
  Springtime is definitely my favorite time of year! The weather is perfect for taking long walks with my hubby, and fishing with my family. And who can forget Spring cleaning? That is no problem for me though, because I enjoy keeping my house clean. 

 rachel of goose + trisser.
 where to find rachel:

how rachel plans to celebrate springtime:
Springtime is one of my favorite seasons and this year I plan to celebrate with a move out of our current house, a trip with the Mister and little lady somewhere new (he's surprising us!) and an overhaul of my creation space for Goose + Trisser in our new home! 
Lots of new adventures!


okay, so was i right?! or was i right?
so be sure to stop by their blogs, 
browse (ahem, buy!) 
from their shops and befriend them via twitter and facebook. 
seriously, these women rock my world.

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]


  1. What a great group of sponsors! :-)

  2. I always find such great new blogs and shops through through sponsorship. I will have to check out yours :) x

  3. They are the cutest sponsors! Makes me want to break out the wedding dress!

  4. this is a lovely post, featuring the sponsors. :)

  5. I seriously LOVE your sponsors, they're awesome!

  6. I'm kinda jealous of all these amazing ladies. this post makes me want to be a sponsor too!

  7. Lovely sponsors. Agree with last comment... if you're this friendly to your sponsors, makes me want to be one too! haha. Join the cool gang.

  8. Fabulous group of sponsors you have here!! I'm going to go check 'em out! =D

  9. So many talented girls!! I love finding new artists. Will check them out!

  10. such lovely sponsors!! thanks for including me!! :)

  11. Great sponsors! I now have some new blogs to check out and follow and new places to shop!! perfection at it's best :)

    have a great day doll!

    hope you enjoy the pizza when you try it! it's delish!


  12. wow, you really do have some amazing sponsors!

    cute & little
    check out my TIKKR watch giveaway!

  13. oh goodness, i gotta agree with you: you have the best sponsors EVAH!!


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