Friday, March 4, 2011

a little bit of life with a side of oysters, please.

i personally do not think there is a better moment in life when you are with family, the man you're going to marry and lots of delish food. i had one of those moments last friday and loved it. our church hosted an oyster roast. i'm not even a hug fan of oysters but for some reason, the ones we had were ridiculously good.

probably helped that ryan was the opening up the muddy shells for me - even put on the hot sauce and handed me the shell to eat. i didn't have to deal with the mess. i think i got a good guy, wouldn't you say? don't just me. i had the camera so didn't want to get my hands dirty. *wink*


so my internet has not been my friend for the past two weeks, so forgive me if i end up being a little MIA. hopefully the internet drama doesn't last long. i'll just say that this particular company hasn't been the friendliest with their servie. i'm actually at a barnes and noble at the moment, trying to catch up on emails and pull up addresses for orders. i can live without internet but it defintely makes life a little difficult when you are running an etsy shop, you know what i'm saying?

welp, i'm off to go shopping with mom and sis.
hope you have a ridiculously awesome weekend whatever you're doing, lovely.

what are you doing this weekend?
do share. i'd love to know. even if i won't find out till later.
hopefully it'll be sooner than later.

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

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  1. I'm wanting to go see Beastly, but probably it's not gonna happen. In lieu of an amazing movie, I'll probably just study for a test. :P

  2. well, i'm hosting a clothing swap on saturday, so that'll take up most of my time! sunday will just be relaxing and making a nice dinner.

  3. I LOVE oyster!!! love it so much I can even sleep while eating it!!!
    and yes my husband open the muddy shell to for me!! great guy!! lol
    anyway I prob will be sleeping early tonight and then off to work tmr

  4. Looks like such fun!!<3

  5. Movie Marathons all weekend!!!!! woot woot!!!! :)
    I love all these photos!! And I love your mom with one of your pins!! :)

  6. Looks like fun and yummyness :D

  7. i use the camera excuse all. the. time. unfor., i don't have a manly man to hold it b/c it's got a ruffled camera strap on it. ;)
    my weekend? SPRING BREAK BABY! fully planning on finshing up schoolwork so i can have a couple days off next week and spend time with the fam.
    hope your internet is going to be nice again real soon.

  8. i love the contrast of expressions in the first photo! looks like fun!

    i will be spending some time working on my new house! painting, baseboards, a little decorating...i'm excited! and then i'll need another weekend to relax! have a great weekend!

  9. those are the best moments in life indeed. food + family = happy! :D

  10. I am working all weekend. Again. Bleh.

    Have a good one lady!

  11. An oyster roast? that sounds like fun! I'm not a big fan of oysters myself -- I've never been able to get over the texture of the fish, but it sounds like you had a blast ;)

  12. An oyster roast sounds like fun! I'm watching The Shop Around The Corner at a local old-style cinema this afternoon and then heading into town for brunch and shopping on Sunday. :)

  13. Great photos it sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    This weekend i'm planning to go shopping and grab some Thai food with the man and my cousin :)

  14. family, the man, and food. i cant think of a better combo either :) have a great weekend! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  15. Every time I visit, I know you know because I tell you every time, your fam is just so precious! Looks like the best time :) Last night A and I took the light rail down to a local hangout where we had drinks under twinkly lit trees and tonight we're having a pizza party picnic with friends! I'll post pics tomorrow! Have a fabulous weekend, Illy!!

  16. oh gosh, an oyster roast sounds heavenly!!

  17. seems like such a fun night!
    i'm not a fan of oysters, but being around so many people & family sounds like so much fun! :)


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