Saturday, March 26, 2011

it's been awhile that i've done one of these...

i don't think i've done a shop update on the blog in a long time.
but today, i did a major re-stock on the large rose earrings that were popular during the summer and autumn season. 
maybe you can make them popular again for spring? 

my personal fave are the burnt orange ones.

oh and these babies are back in stock too.
have you met aqua the owl and his friend? 
if not, then you should.

and don't forget to include the coupon code: SPRINGLOVE for a 15% discount!

visit my shop HERE.

much love.
[happy shopping, friend.]


  1. I am so into owls lately, how darling! Oh and I love your shoes in your picture above!


  2. very cute, and they really suit you! and the owls are adorable!

  3. Loving the flowers hun:-) Cuuuute!

  4. oh how i love the flowers. i have a white pair already! but i really really adore the owls! they are so darling! and they're teal! i about squealed out loud when i saw them. lol. i had so much fun with you yesterday friend! what a great day! :-)

  5. soooo fun friend :) I think I'm about to cave for a headband ;)

  6. There are adorable, but penguins are still my favorite bird....*nudge nudge* :D

  7. Love the rose ear rings! This just reminded me that I actually own a yellow pair. I shall wear them tomorrow :)

  8. the owls are too cute! who doesn't love owls?


  9. I love those!!! I think my credit card needs a work out!

  10. I can't wait to rock my blue roses! Yeaaa!!! <3

  11. you're going to make me go broke, you know that right?! ;)

  12. Aqua the owl... so cute! love the color.

  13. The earrings are very cute and I would buy a pair. I'm so obsessed with earrings lately but I won't take out the pair I have now. It took me forever to put on these baby gold hoop earrings so they are staying on my ears forever.


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