Tuesday, March 1, 2011

grab a frapp, latte, or a hot chocolate. it's on me today.

 sweater: f21 / capris: HM
necklace: theblueballoon / shoes: belk, new direction

one of my favorite things in the world are coffee dates. when i think of coffee dates, i think of JOE's, the campus coffee shop at my old job or the millions of starbucks all over chicago that i used to stop in with friends on those blistery cold winter days. or now, i think of the local coffee shop here in town right along the waterfront, where the weather is not as cold but the drinks are just as satisfying.

so wherever you're at, grab a cup of coffee 'cause i had fun answering the questions you shot my way. let's chat, friend.

what is your favorite ice cream flavor?
nothing beats cookie dough ice-cream with lots and lots of cookie dough! oh, except for coldstone's cake batter...but sadly, i'm hearing all the coldstones are shutting down.

if you could travel anywhere in the world,
where would it be and why?
Israel. i've never been but would love to go on study tour while there.

what is your favorite fruit?
mmmm, mangos from the Philippines. they are the sweetest, juciest fruits ever.

if you could have any superhero power, what would it be?
can i have a wand like harry potter's to clean up my messy studio space,
as well as organize my to-do lists? does that count?
if not, let's go with flying.

where have you all lived?
in the states, we've lived in North Carolina and Washington, D.C. and overseas, Okinawa and Philippines - some of these places more than once.

what is your fave color combo?
this a toughie. it changes all the time. right now, i love cobalt blue and mustard yellow.

how do you look so comfortable in front of the camera?
probably because it's either my sister or ryan taking my pictures. believe it or not, sometimes they are the one's directing me and telling me "oh, no. you look awkward. don't do that." they are also really encouraging or make me laugh to get me comfortable if i look awkward or whatever.

do you plan on blogging before, during, and after wedding?
unless i am going madly insane with busyness (which we are trying to avoid that - um, the insane part), i don't see why i wouldn't be blogging. it's an outlet for me so it would probably help me to stay sane.

what is your favorite piece of clothing?
oh, man. this is toughie, but right now i'm obsessed with the wedges you see above.

if you could do any career in the world as a career,
what would it be?
a missionary journalist. i'd love to photograph, write and meet people all over the world by doing this. i'd love the chance to travel a lot, too. this is a dream that i am still pursuing.

who is your favorite actor or actress?
actor: ryan reynolds, christian bale, and leonardo dicaprio.
anything they act in, i normally like.
actress: this is a toughie 'cause it depends on the movie.

thanks again for all the fun questions. there are still a handful i have yet to tackle, but some of them might need to be turned into full blow-up posts. there was great questions about blogging and the hair-vlog is in progress- so be on the look out 'cause there is more to come!

and one more thing...
Happy Birthday, Ryan!
it's my brother-in-law's birthday. we love him so much - he is the brother that we never had.
aren't he and my sister super cute?!
(yup, my sis is married to a ryan, too.)
missing you both.

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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  1. i LOVE coffee-dates. sad we dont have millions of starbucks here but we have other sweet and cute little bars. My favourit one looks like a tea-shop in England....

    have a great day !! :)

  2. CUTE shoes!

    I love coffee dates! Even when I worked at Starbucks I loved having a coffee date there... just not the one I worked at LOL!

    Oh and I totally love Cake Batter from Cold Stone. When I was preggo with Emma I ate waaaaay to much of it! Sooo yummy!

    Happy birthday to brother-in-law Ryan! :)

  3. You look pretty stinking adorbs in this outfit. I love it, and I love the necklace. And where the heck was Leo at the Oscars?! He's my fave too. xo

  4. Yay for coffee dates! Fun post and happy birthday to the bro-in-law :)

    And, Israel? Amaze! Have been a few times, once for a month. It's just incredible.


  5. Yay for coffee dates! I'm drinking black coffee right now because I am TIRED!

    Happy birthday to your brother in law!

  6. love your outfit (especially the shoes!) and the answers to your questions!

    now i want coldstone!

  7. lovely and so pretty <3
    I definitely love cookie dough ;)

    la petit poucet

  8. oh! I love your necklace!

    and happy birthday to your brother-in-law Ryan!

    My fiances mothers name is Mary and her brother married a Mary. so I totally get it!


  9. Just came across your blog! Love it and this was so much fun to read!!!

    Hope you check mine out! I am having an adorable give away if you are interested!

    ~Romantic Savy

  10. Love the photo of your sister & HER Ryan. Happy birthday to him!

    And OY, how warm is it where you are?! We have tons of snow. I'm quite jealous of your cargos & wedges!

  11. aw i just love this little survey! and i love me some cookie dough ice cream :) your wedges are ADORABLE. happy tuesday lady! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  12. Cookie dough ice-cream is THE BEST! Love your outfit, sweetie and Happy Birthday to Ryan:) Kisses and hugs

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  14. Love those shoes! And Christian Bale is my fave too! Ever since The Newsies, ah swoooonnnn!

  15. brother in laws are the best, aren't they? i didn't have brothers growing up and so i love my b-i-l's for that very reason. and ummm i think you should apply that color combo to the giveaway i'm having right now...just sayin'.

  16. Love the shoes. I dream that I can wear shoes like that, but I am already 6'... I am tall enough!

    Also, excited to see what you will blog about your wedding. I myself will be getting married in a year and sum. :)

  17. You are so cute! Love these answers and I love that you credit your comfortableness to the ones you love taking your pictures. Can't wait to see more wedding plans!

  18. Say what?! Coldstones are shutting down?? Dang!! I love that place. :[ You look so fab, by the way. ♥ xo.

  19. I'm also really into mustard yellow these days. Thanks for the coffee date! I love reading about your adventures, however small or large.

    Havea great day!

  20. wedges save my life, they are so comfortable and cute!!!!!
    and i want your necklace. and now i have to go catch up on the rest of your posts because i'm so behind!

  21. LOVE that bar necklace! and ryan reyolds. fun post friend!

  22. adorable shoes. just love them! thanks for the comment! it means a lot coming from you. i stalk your blog daily! xoxo.

  23. Mmm... chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream... Yummy!

    I love Ryan Reynolds and Leo DiCaprio too. :)

    I loved reading all your answers. :)

  24. Christian Bale? Yes. He can act AND he's hot.


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