Wednesday, March 16, 2011

current obsessions wednesday: stripes + colors have forever stolen my heart.

 sweater: tjmaxx / jeans: belk / nails: chinese glaze re-mint / shoes: guess

jumping right into current obsessions wednesday with both feet forward and no looking back!

stripes and them denim trousers.

i do like the look of skinny jeans but there is something so refreshing and chic about the wide-leg denim trouser. i think they are just so much more comfortable over than skinny. and i'm sorry to say, i was never into the whole jeggings things. looked good on some - not on me. my legs are far too short and stubby so no, thank you. 

and oh, stripes has forever stolen my heart. i think its totally trumped polka dots in my closet.  the last time i went shopping with mom, she said, you're buying stripes...again? and i said, um, this one has white and blue stripes, mom. the other ones i have are black and white. a good case, right? nod your head in agreement. 

turban headbands. 

as most of you lovelies saw on sunday, i rocked my turban headband made by my dear friend Kim
i have been intrigued with the look for awhile so i figured i should just try and see how i like it.
well, folks, i LOVE it. i mean, duh. it made the obsession list for the week.

colorful liquid liner.

via mac and keikolynn

i've loved colorful eye-makeup for oh, forever, but it makes me even more excited when they actually become a trend 'cause then those products are so much easier to find. i love how keiko rocked it on her blog yesterday for makeup monday (er, tuesday). 

awesome prints like this one.

 via lollipops

do i even need to tell you why this print is awesome? 
all i have to say that this is totally me.
ask ryan. or my family or friends. whenever i'm out and about, i'm a total freak like this.
(SECRET: sandyalamode is having a giveaway of this very lollipop print, 
so you better get your butt over there, people!)

whatcha obsessing/crushing/loving these days, people?
much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]
p.s. speaking of prints, enter to win HERE for your very own print from For the Easily Distracted. you'll love it. pinky-promise.


  1. Cute cute outfit! Love the stripes and the turban. And yes, I am too a picture taking freak. I say that proudly!

  2. Chic outfit, Ilene!:D

    I want that print - so cute and perfect for me.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. I've totally been wearing stripes every other day for the past week... hmmm... obsession...

  4. Stripes are so cool for spring! I love the new turbans as well!

    Something luscious for your face..

    Come and enter..

    Art by Karena

  5. Stripes! They're on everyone's blogs atm. I seriously need to find a nice striped top soon. I'm getting jealous of all of you out there who own one!
    Great outfit :D

  6. I am also excited to see the wider leg jeans coming back. I forgot how COMFY they are!!!

  7. awww LOVE the turban headband on you!! it's adorable! and thanks for including my giveaway in here, that print speaks to me too!!

  8. Um no seriously. I have far too many stripes in my boyfriend told me I need to stop buying them. But I am just drawn to them for some reason? Such a classic look!

  9. I like wide-leg trouser legs too - they look better on me.
    I like yours - they're so chic. And they look great with that striped top.

  10. long time lover of stripes here (as is evident in my profile/about me photos...)

    chevron is a nice alternative to stripes. it keeps the same feel in your wardrobe but allows for a bit of variation.

  11. lovely post. I really like your simple top. I have something similar in white and grey from h and m.

    look forward to reading more posts!
    Rambles with Reese

  12. I definitely like the turban look - I got one from asos though but I think it sticks out too far in the front!

  13. ADORE stripes and trouser pants, totally modern and it looks great on you. Those are fab jeans... unfort, there's no belk here otherwise I'd be scooping them right up!


  14. You're so fashion forward! We actually got new Spring tops in at Banana Republic and they pretty much look juuuuust like the shirt you're wearing! I wish I could pull of the turban look with you ladies. SIGH. What am I obesessing over? TIME OFF. A VACATION. Haha. Have a wonderful day, Ilene! :)

  15. I love the turban's I want to knit one. . . maybe I'll get on that LOL. I also love your striped shirt!!! very cute!

  16. I'd be afraid to try liquid liner I think but it looks really cool! I don't know how to pull off bright colors like that (any tips?).

    I LOVE that print! Just last night the power went out in our apartment and the first thing we did was grab the light saber (to light up the apartment of course) and take pictures in the dark. Great find!

  17. I need to try some bright colored liquid eyeliner!

  18. Love strip tops but i'm always afraid that they'll make a certain part of my body look bigger which is already big enough ;) lol :)

    And turbans are the cutest thing every! i especially love yours :)

  19. oo i love the wide leg jeans and that stripe top! perfect for spring :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  20. I need to find a mustard stripe top, thats my new aim. I love t when stripes become popular as I always buy loads of things :)

  21. My top two patterns that I cannot help myself by LOVE LOVE LOVE! Are STRIPES and polka dots!!! This sweater makes me picture myself on a sail boat wearing white slide on shoes, and light jean Capri pants, with a white scrunchie in my hair. Sigh, that be so nice.

  22. I adore stripes and this is such a cute outfit:) Have a nice day, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting a cool Loop GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

  23. Love, love that top girl! It looks fabulous on you. =) xo.

  24. Love how you rocked the turban, I may have to give it a while one of these days!

  25. my boyfriend is always making fun of me because it seems like every single time i go shopping i end up buying at least one item of clothing with stripes! also, i have never used liquid eyeliner but lately i have been so tempted because everyone makes it look so pretty.

  26. You look REALLY cute in that striped shirt!! Beautiful!
    <3 leigh

  27. you're the cutest. stripes are always classy. and i love colors, of all genres. what can i say? a little pizazz goes a long way! xo

  28. I'm in love with your jeans! they are awesome!

  29. cute outfit! love the stripes! who takes all of your pictures for you?

  30. oh my. I'm glad someone else has the same obsession with stripes as I do! :)

  31. i do believe that i need to get a pair of trouser jeans. like, now!
    you are too cute, BTW. :)

  32. how pretty! i love the shape of those jeans.

  33. stripes have stolen my heart! have a good weekend ilene!


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