Wednesday, March 9, 2011

current obsessions wednesday: spring fever affects more than the head.

dress, tights: belk / cardi: base exchange / belt: f21 / shoes: guess
 nails: OPI  dating a royal / ring: the most incredible man in the world

can you believe it's already wednesday?! i feel like this week and this month is flying by! 
i want time to slow down just a tad so i can catch up on life a little bit, but on the flip-side, as the days are flying by, that means the colder days of winter are too! right?! 
please, say YES!

so since it's wednesday, 
we're diving in head-first to another round-up of 
[current obsessions wednesday]

my v-day lace-print dress.

first off i love my v-day dress (scroll back up to outfit above. yes. that one.) 
i've only worn in two times (on v-day - where it got its name - and last sunday which as you can note was pre-bangs
but i love the lace print! 
it's so comfortable and it's one of those dresses that i know can be worn in a million ways.

red velvet spring collection.

this collection is beyond incredible. rumor has it, they sold like hot-cakes.
i believe it. people tweeted that they had dresses in their carts but as they were about to pay, someone beat them to the punch. ouch.
i have my eye on a couple of them but the ones i really want are all sold-out.
they make me all want spring to fully arrive 100% NOW. 

etsy favorites. 

these four items are the top four items that you'll see in my favorite section in my etsy account. 
i've been drawn to colorful, minimalist, and floral pieces as of late. 

MAC viva glam.
via MAC

i did not at all expect Lady Gaga's make-up to work for me but hey, you won't know until you try! 
it's not as neutral as i expected it to be. it has more brown in it so it actually worked far better than i expected and i LOVE it. 

what spring trends are you obsessing over?

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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  1. I love this outfit! And I love the new hair and the blue nails. Perfectly polished lady!

  2. The print on that dress is amazing! :D

    - Caroline (

  3. Beautiful dress! And I love the blue polish! It really adds to the outfit! (even though it's not exactly a part of the outfit..but it looks like it could be)

    I didn't know that Lady Gaga had a new line of makeup. That color lipstick that you posted looks like a color that I've been searching for! I might have to take a look at this collection. Thank you for the introductions. =)

    -Erin (

  4. You look FABULOUS in that dress! And who knew Gaga did makeup!?!?

  5. I am in love with jewelry accessories and ruffles!!! Plus I am seriously jonesing for flats and my toms! UGH!! I hate boots and socks. . . but I also don't like being cold. Michigan man. . . MORE SNOW TODAY!!! MARCH YOU ARE FAILING ME!!!

  6. i do love the red velvet spring collection...and my current obsession is my retro table top fan i found whilst thrifting! posted about it today :)

  7. cute cute cute dress.

    i am obsessing over cut-out wedges, yellow ones & high-waisted pants... i bought some and am just trying to get the nerve up to wear them!!

  8. Oh I love that lace print dress. I could definitely see myself wearing something similar!
    I love that bag too! The ruffles are so pretty.

  9. I love your outfit girl!!!
    and That Made By Hank bag is so beautiful!!!!! and I heart Sunshine and Carousels!!

  10. Oh my gosh I love Red Velvet's collection!!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE Your dress! and your etsy favorites are CUTE!

  12. I love that color nailpolish - so fun!

  13. As one of those shoppers who tweeted that my dress was snagged while I was PAYING FOR IT, I was really disappointed in the way Red Velvet's system is set up. On most websites, if it's in your cart, you have a claim on it for at least a few minutes while you're checking out. It seems so... ugh, just so frustrating & rude for a system to allow for the sort of chaos theirs did on launch day.


  14. March IS flying by! I'm sort of glad....ready for spring too! Love that dress. I'm sure I've said that already before. Haha. I love love love Red Velvet and A Beautiful Mess in general! So glad things are successful for them. I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday! :)

  15. You look amazing, this outfit is so cute x

  16. HI There! :) Just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award.

  17. I'm seriously loving all the florals this season! They make me smile. :)

  18. ok, first - NO WAY! can't believe i missed you by one day! we got in friday, but it was super late! next time we head that way i'll make an announcement a week in advanced!

    second - love all your current obsessions! that red velvet line looks adorable. and i have a couple viva glad lip glosses - love them!

  19. Man, that headband is super cute. :) ha.

    Thanks Ilene. :)

  20. love your dress and your matching nails!! super cute!!!

    and you know i wanted to get that kite dress in the relvet collection!! love it!!

  21. just found your blog thru my girl, michele's blog! ^.^ super cute blog!! and hmm i am currently obsessed with black lips & turbans!

  22. I also flipped over the red velvet dresses. SO awesome.
    I love your belt! i want!
    :) Happy wednesday Illene!

  23. I love your dress! Its lovely :)

    The Flower Girl

  24. I need to work more dresses into my wardrobe-love that dress! Super cute shoes, love them!

  25. love those etsy earrings! i really like anything rosegold lately. and im on the stripe wagon still. xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  26. i like the patterns on your dress illy. :)

  27. That dress is adorable and your nails look so cool:) Have a great one, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting a charming jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

  28. CUTE look; especially love the blue nails. Reminds me that I need a mani.

    And, YAY for the Lady Gaga lipstick! So glad you love it as much as me. A new fave for sure.

  29. SO loving the dress! And that belt and the nail color are amazing too! xoxo

  30. i've also been in love with the red velvet dress collection. i want all of them!

  31. Oh wow! What a beautiful dress. You look fabulous!!♥ xo.

  32. oo you have picked some fabulous favorites!!

  33. loving your dress friend! i just can't wait to wear skirts and no tights for spring!

    and yes, i will definitely take you to fabulous restaurants next time you're in atl!!!

  34. madebyhank is also one of my faves, and it's my dream to own a handbag or tote from there!

  35. Super love this outfit and all of your loves right now! Isn't Red Velvets collection just divine!

    Meet Virginia Design

  36. Adorable...Love the dress! I'm all over orange and wide legs right now...oh and floppy hats!

  37. thanks for diggin' my bling :)

    xo Moorea

  38. this outfit looks awesome on you!!! i love the dress too!

  39. Totally loving this week's obsessions, especially that green shoulder bag!


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