Thursday, March 17, 2011

awkward/awesome be or not to be?! + a giveaway winner!!

top: kristen davis, belk / jeans: aeropostle / 
wedges: new direction, belk / bag: lemode accessories

so awkward moment of the week...

while my sister and i were headed to the post office the other day, 
a man threw a toilet at us and succeeded.


while writing this post, i asked my sister 
hey, my brain is dead. remind me of some awkward moments of the week 
and this (not the toilet) was what she threw at me.
she's such a little joker, isn't she?

(so no, the above statement did not happen.)

but the week hasn't been too eventful so i don't have too many 
awkward moments 
to write up about for awkward/awesome thursday, unless you count...

1. pricking your finger with a needle while sewing through snow white felt 
(yes, the red is blood, not a fun polka-dot print)

2. your allergies are so bad that your raw nose matches the shade of your bright red tights

3. when you sit in the middle section of church (where lots of people sit behind you) and you stand up to sing, but then you feel your velvet dress is shorter than normal. oh, right. velvet likes to stick to cotton leggings...and was that a draft that i felt? 
 (i guess it's okay if you count leggings as pants...right? right?! make me feel better here!)

however the week hasn't been so uneventful that  
awesome things 
don't make the list like...

1. shipping out 72 muchloveilly products out to the post office yesterday!

2. hearing that Ryan's best friend (also named Ryan!) got engaged to an amazing girl!

3. peanut butter oreos, mcdonalds $1 strawberry banana smoothies and homemade popcorn
(tummy is rumbling, taste buds salivating as i type those delish words)!

and last but not least, the winner of the Alely's suh-weet giveaway!

and i think that this announcement is 2 days overdue.
but sure enough we have a winner to alely's incredible giveaway!!

shea, be sure to shoot me an email at muchloveilly[at]gmail[dot] 
so that you can get your hands on a OhSweetLeeme product!
if i were you, it'd be a tough choice! 

alely, thank you for such an awesome giveaway!
shea, congrats!
much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

p.s. speaking of giveaways, did you see rhianne's dreamy giveaway?! 
check it out HERE


  1. Peanut butter oreos... you are kind of blowing my mind right now! That sounds really awesome.

  2. Somebody really threw a toilet at you? How the heck?
    I hate standing up only to realize that my dress is much shorter!
    And congrats on having so many sales! That's awesome!

  3. i really love this cross-body bag on you! and i can't believe someone threw a toilet at you! and strawberry banana smoothies are my favorite. :)

    cute & little

  4. LOVE the little bit of yellow under the purple and your story made me giggle and your GORGEOUS!


  5. That is a beautiful colour on you!!! Love it! xo

    ps. I have a new account, blog URL....too many issues with my old one so I am starting over!

  6. congrats on all of the sales, that is so awesome!

  7. congrats to the winner and all the sales you've been having girl :) yay! i LOVE that color on you! it's a FABULOUS top! xo

  8. A toilet? Lol. Your sister is TOO funny!! Congrats on your orders girl!!! I am so sorry about your allergies!! and L O L about your velvet dress/cotton tights!!! That always happens to me!!! When I am walking my dress rides up and I am CONSTANTLY pulling it down! and I realllllllly want some peanut butter oreos and Micky Dee's AWESOME smoothie!! Yummmmmmm!
    Have a wonderful day + happy St. Patty's day!! xoxo

  9. LOVE that bag! WOO HOOO on the 72 items! I hope I was one of them. :) Your little sis is so cute! The toilet idea TOTALLY caught my attention. Congrats to the winner. Hope you're having a great day and that those allergies calm down!

  10. Being awkward is awesome. I can define awkward sometimes, being the tallest kid in class all my life, and now tallest person in family etc.

    Anyways, great news on the engagement :) That's always fun. And that purse is killer. Going to check it out riiighttt... nooww...

    I am out!

  11. Pricking your finger is THE worst! My mom sewed her finger through the sewing machine this year. YIKES huh!

    Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!!!


  12. Cute as always my friend..

    your awkward moments made me laugh :) I can probably think of some awkward moments this week..

    Allergies are driving my nuts too! its mostly in the morning but its still sucks ;p

  13. I'm so glad that your business is going so well sweetie!!! Congrats!

  14. You look fabulous like always! ;]
    Congrats to the winner!! =)


  15. I love that purple shirt you are wearing! It looks so comfortable and loose!

  16. I love your purple shirt! That color looks gorgeous on you. :)

    I love Ashley's awkward moment. hehe! She must be something else! ;)

  17. you are so funny. When I read that first statement , I read it like three times so confused! ha ha!
    Happy St. Patrick's day love!

  18. Yay for Shea!! She totally deserves to be a winner!

    I really like your top. And congrats to the fiancees!

  19. Congrats on all your sales and strawberry-banana smoothie sounds fantastic! Yum:) Have a lovely Thursday
    Kisses, sweetie

  20. Peanut butter oreos yummyyyyy!!!
    love your purple blouse great simple look!!!

  21. ouchhh!! so sorry you pricked your finger! at least you haven't cut off the tip of your finger like i did when i first started my shop~!! and yay for shea, i LOVE her!! she is soo sweet in person, SO glad she won!!! :)

  22. You are beyond the cutest! I love this outfit, and that bag is so amazing! Loved your awesome awkwards!

    Meet Virginia Design

  23. Totally loving purple on you!

  24. What a killer bag...cute AND functional!

  25. Haha I just love awkward/awesome thursday! Congrats on so many sales! And that bag is amazing! xoxo

  26. like i said on twitter...i wanna be like ilene when i grow up! 72 rock!

    congrats to the winner of my giveaway! can't wait to hear from them.

    thanks again ilene!


  27. Love that purple shirt! Check out my fashion blog:

  28. you seriously are awkward...and AWESOME!! :D


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