Thursday, March 31, 2011

(almost) april showers + (kinda) awkward/awesome thursday

dress: base exchange / leggings, cardi: f21 / socks: chinese laundry
boots: madison, belk / eyeshadow: urbandecay peace

so what's with the long sleeves and boots, huh?
that's what i'm screaming!
along with all the (almost) april showers, the cold decided to make its way to the South. 
so here i am with boots, a sweater-dress and leggings. 
and i was just about to put those things away for good.

in other news...

yes, i know it's awesome/awkward thursday, but i ain't got too much for you this week. oh except for that very kind elderly man i sat by in church who kept scratching his right hand with his left hand and then scratching/rubbing it against the empty seat between us and then kept spraying some minty-nastiness on the itch (?) throughout the entire church service...yeaaaaah

however, i have this to meet your awkward thursday needs.

did it hit the spot?
okay, good.

as for the awesomeness of thursday, you're awesome!
and don't you forget it.

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

current obsessions wednesday: like the energizer bunny but with blue legs instead of pink ones.

 top: an oldie but goodie, can't remember where from / skirt: target / belt: f21
tights: hue / shoes: madden girl, belk / nails: OPI jade is the new black

it has been one of the gloomiest and rainiest weeks that we've had in a long time. 
but it hasn't kept me down. like the energizer bunny, i keep going and going and going...

and so we keep on truckin' - even here on da blog with this week's current obsession wednesday! 
holla! aren't you proud of me?
i'm still sticking true to the no-shopping for awhile rule but i did cave on a little window shopping. hasn't hurt me yet (tortured a little maybe) but not hurt. 

platforms like it's the 70's.

trying to fight this desire for platforms like no other.
i had my share of platforms in high school and where did they go?
donated or thrown the trend.
yet here they are, back in my face like that last cookie in the cookie jar that you know you shouldn't have but want. let's see how long i last.

hunger games obsession continues.

ever since miss lauren mentioned the fab dudes auditioning for the peeta/gale roles on her blog/twitter, she got me all pumped all over agiain about the hunger games. not that it takes much to get me pumped up over one of the greatest teen fic eva, but it def. fueled the fire! so  i personally wish that whoever is casting the movie picked no-name actors for the roles but with those that have auditioned, these two are my picks - lucas till for peeta, drew roy for gale. summer 2012, you are way too far away from me. 

filipino desserts.

this filipino dessert known as puto defintely hit the spot yesterday when mom made them. so perfect for a cold, rainy day - these come out hot and fresh. i think its like eating butter but light and fluffier and oh so sweet! it's even better with little drizzle of filipino caramel. i may or may not have eaten 12 of them yesterday. oops. 

whatcha obsessin' over these days?

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

words of wisdom from nemo's faithful sidekick.

top: an oldie, but goodie / shorts, belt: f21 / tights: belk
shoes: madden girl / nails: OPI jade is the new black

remember sweet little dory from finding nemo?
just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
gotta love that line.
it got me through many late night college papers.

i find myself humming a similar tune these days as life keeps getting busier and busier. and such is life. like i told the postal clerk today, i'd rather be busy than bored - and i am far from bored these days. (sidenote: the relationship between me and the local postal clerk has become less awkward these days - praise the Lord. i can mail packages with less dread. if you don't know what i'm talking about, you can refer to it here.)

and speaking of busyness, here is a sneak peak on the mass production of MLI earrings...

the colors are like eye-candy to me. yummy.
a few of them went into the shop
but the rest of the batch is leaving on a jet plane with me to AZ
(cue song: 'cause i'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when i'll be back again...)

now try humming Leaving on the Jet Plane while i repeat Dory's words of wisdom.
 one, two, three...go!

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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Monday, March 28, 2011

sponsor love: interview and giveaway with Amanda of Amanda Lynne Designs!!

do you remember me swooning over a couple of my favorite necklaces, especially that uber-special hand-stamped one? over HERE and oh, yeah THIS one too. well, guess what?! i'm super excited for you to meet today's sponsor love since i am especially in love with her work. i love the simplicity and daintiness of my hand-stamped necklace. it's just perfect. i especially love how she describes her jewelry as life-inspired, as all art should be, art that is inspired by the life of the artist.  

meet amanda.

tell us about your shop
amanda lynn designs.
My shop is my baby, I love being able to create. 
It truly is unique and life inspired stamped jewelry - to being able to record memories and to be able to wear those reminders is an awesome bonus. My daughter (miss 5) loves to create also and I cherish every moment with her. And love to see her inspired.
what are a couple random facts about you?
One of my favorite movies is Monty Python Holy Grail (pee your pants funny).
Cannot clap and sing at the same time (have no rythm what so ever).
and now introducing...
so i think you all know which one is my fave.
yup that little guy on the far left.
i got my lovely stamped with a 'b.'
you might think it cheesy but it stands for my future last name and i adore it!
the name and the necklace - duh, silly. ;)

oh but there's more than that. 
you have stunning heirloom necklaces, darling bff bracelets
suh-weet keychains and adorbable rings!
you could probably name a style and this woman has got it!

and there's even more! 'cause today one lucky reader has a chance to win...

any item of choice!!!!

okay did your jaw not just drop?
that is a ton of goodies to choose from.
seriously browse the shop and you won't know what to choose. 

how to enter:
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- be a public follower of Much Love, illy
-visit Amanda's shop and comment with which item of choice would you select if you were to win this incredible giveaway

really, really want to win?
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can't wait to win?
receive 15% off of your order by mentioning
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refunds will be done via paypal.

Giveaway is open to US and International Much Love, illy readers through midnight Sunday, April 3rd. Winner will be announced on April 4th. 
much love.
[happy monday, friend.]

Sunday, March 27, 2011

dancing to phantom music. and no, i'm not crazy.

 top: gift from a friend / jeans: GAP / earrings: gift from ryan
shoes: guess / nails: OPI jade is the new black / lipgloss: MAC viva glam

it's just past midnight as i'm typing out this post.
i'm sitting on my bed in PJs, wiggling my toes and bobbing my head.
nope, there is no music playing.
this is merely a result of drinking coffee at 7:30pm this evening.

whoops! but i have a good reason. i promise. i was getting tired and needed to keep it up with sewing poppies for Creative Estates (which is um, in t-minus 11 days). and i was on a roll too - so i know the coffee was a contributing factor. then again, it is also a contributing factor that i'm wide awake and bobbing my head to phantom music. oh, well. hopefully i don't pay for it too much in the morning.

and is it just me, or is this weekend flying right on by?!
i'm going to try and slow it down a notch with some book reading and a sunday nap.
i'll probably need that nap too especially after this coffee-dance going on right now.

much love.
[happy weekend, friend.]

p.s. restocked the shop this weekend with more earrings - perfect for spring!
use coupon code SPRINGLOVE for 15% off of your entire order.
happy shopping!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

it's been awhile that i've done one of these...

i don't think i've done a shop update on the blog in a long time.
but today, i did a major re-stock on the large rose earrings that were popular during the summer and autumn season. 
maybe you can make them popular again for spring? 

my personal fave are the burnt orange ones.

oh and these babies are back in stock too.
have you met aqua the owl and his friend? 
if not, then you should.

and don't forget to include the coupon code: SPRINGLOVE for a 15% discount!

visit my shop HERE.

much love.
[happy shopping, friend.]

Friday, March 25, 2011

telling you something that you don't need to be told.

denim top: belk / tee: urban outfitters / jeans: aeropostle / 
leopard flats: jessica simpson / tote bag: coach / necklace: littlemissmomma

so i don't think i need to say this.
but you know it.
and i know it.
it's the weekend and it's time to celebrate it!

as i've been updating you here and twitter, i've been making lots and lots of these lovelies.
Creative Estates is less than 2 weeks away - eeeeekkk!
so excited and nervous at the same time. 
so don't mind the panic tweets when they come.
when i'm tweeting about my fingers hurting.
or that i ran out of a particular color of felt or beads.
or that i'm crying because my vendor booth looks ridiculously lame.
or that i can't wait to jump on hotel beds and eat peanut butter oreos with my blog buds. 
 yeah, don't mind me. just wanted to warn you that those updates might will be coming.

but you probably won't be getting those updates anytime this weekend.
'cause like i said, folks, we're celebrating the weekend in these parts.
so we're giving these fingers a break and enjoying suh-weet, quality time with family and friends.

what do you have planned this weekend, friend?

i'm looking forward to lunch with Lori (of ChicGeekDesigns - i love blogger-friend meet-ups!). and I am Number Four decided to make an appearance at the base theater, so i am pumped to finally see it. i also have this craving for a cookies and cream milkshake from chick-fil-a so might have to make that run after the movie. then who knows what else is on the agenda?

i just know it's the weekend and that's enough for me.
ya with me?

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

Thursday, March 24, 2011

there are two things you need to do today...

so there are a couple of things you need to do today.
first, stop by The Average Girl's Guide where i'm sharing my list of five-must haves.
and second, be sure to show my sponsors some love today.
oh you did that already? 
ilene, you posted that this morning so i totally showed them some love!
good. i knew i could count on you. 

so all you have left is to come visit me and alyson then we're golden!

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

we are talking about some MAJOR sponsor love today!!

 so i am a firm believer in the following sentence:

i have the best sponsors in the world!

seriously, i do -and am continually amazed and blessed by their friendship and their support. 
i am also blown away by their talents expressed in the products of their shops and the inspiring words and photos on their blogs.  

 check them out! i promise, you won't want to miss a single one. 
like the dude from reading rainbow said, don't take my word for it!

victoria of garden of eden design.
where to find victoria:

how victoria celebrates springtime:
by taking the time to dance like nobody's watching out in the fresh air. (but in reality everybody will be watching, and pointing, and wondering what's wrong with me because it will probably be in the middle of campus! ...but i'm okay with that!)

 hannah of etta grace.
where to find hannah:

how hannah likes to celebrate springtime:
I plan on celebrating spring time with some fun new light and bright designs for the shop... along with nice long runs outside, eating my weight in peeps and a trip to China to visit my husband's family!
 sandy of sandyalamode.
where to find sandy:

how sandy plans to celebrate springtime:
I plan to celebrate springtime by spending as much time as possible outdoors enjoying the warmer weather, blooming flowers, fresh air and sun!  My husband and I love grilling out on Sunday afternoons and taking impromptu picnic trips to the local park.  I'm also excited for Creative Estates Conference and a few weddings this Spring in Vegas and Michigan. :)

laura of along for the ride
 where to find laura:
how laura likes to celebrate springtime:
 I plan to celebrate spring time by painting my toes and pulling out the cute sandals, dusting off my bike, and taking time to smell the flowers. Things move so quickly in my life. Spring is a great time to slow down and refocus on what really matters: faith, family, and friends.

 cindy of jellyfishfaire.
where to find cindy:
shop and blog

how cindy likes to celebrate springtime:

Well, my birthday is this Thursday (I'll be 22!) so there's a lot to celebrate this spring (; 
I will also be graduating in May and I can't wait to see what the rest of this year will bring!
DISCOUNT: Jellyfishfaire is offering 15% off of an order with coupon code Illy!

 sarah of peacefully hooked.
where to find sarah:

how sarah likes to celebrate springtime:
I plan to celebrate spring by whipping out my liners for my rain boots and playing in the puddles. Then packing up to move to TEXAS!! BRING ON THE SUN!!
 andi of andi adams.
 where to find andi:

how andi likes to celebrate springtime:
  Springtime is definitely my favorite time of year! The weather is perfect for taking long walks with my hubby, and fishing with my family. And who can forget Spring cleaning? That is no problem for me though, because I enjoy keeping my house clean. 

 rachel of goose + trisser.
 where to find rachel:

how rachel plans to celebrate springtime:
Springtime is one of my favorite seasons and this year I plan to celebrate with a move out of our current house, a trip with the Mister and little lady somewhere new (he's surprising us!) and an overhaul of my creation space for Goose + Trisser in our new home! 
Lots of new adventures!


okay, so was i right?! or was i right?
so be sure to stop by their blogs, 
browse (ahem, buy!) 
from their shops and befriend them via twitter and facebook. 
seriously, these women rock my world.

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]