Saturday, February 5, 2011

weekend outfit, reaper's burrito, + da sister.

sweater: neiman marcus / tee: urban outfitters / jeans: aerospotle
boots: madison / belt: f21 

sup, friend? how's the weekend treating you so far? believe it or not, i spent most of yesterday evening with my parents in the middle of the woods. we were helping out at a church event for the youth group. basically teams of teens were running around the woods trying to find stations (where my parents and i came in) and had to complete all these crazy tasks without getting caught by the "reapers." 

it was sooo dark and the tasks they had to complete were nasty or just super challenging. tasks that include eating nasty burritos filled with noodles, mustard, shrimp paste, dried fish, etc. (c/o of me and the parents), finding a gummi worm in a bowl of live worms, spitting a live cricket from mouth to bowl...need i go on? my sister and her friends said they had a blast and my parents and i enjoyed manning our station. seeing the teens reactions to the burrito...priceless.  

so what are you up to this weekend?

btw, a lot of you have asked who takes my outfit pics. 
this talented girl has mad skills. 
(Ryan takes them when i'm with him or in GA. that boy is good too.)
my sister is such a cutie, is she not?! 

much love.
[happy weekend, friend.]

p.s. just one more day to enter Laura's giveaway!


  1. Y'all are so beautiful, chick! ♥ I have had a great weekend so far, thanks for asking. ;]


    pea. ess.
    That sweater looks so! comfortable!

  2. yes, you're both adorable! having a great weekend so far. getting ready for superbowl and my daughter's 16th birthday tomorrow!

  3. Gorgeousness! You and your lovely photographer are da bomb. bombs. bomb. whatever.
    And wow I'm sure those challenges were tough shiz!

  4. You guys all have mad photography skills! Have you ever considered a family photography business? I think you, for real...

  5. Love the photos and your style. I look forward to seeing more.

  6. You have such a fun family! Love those boots also. Your sister must love you so much to take these photos. She captures the very essence of you.

  7. that event sounds hilarious!!!

  8. You both are so adorable:) Have a fun Sunday, darling

  9. ah! oh my goodness. i didn't think that anything could get worse than the burrito, and then i read about the cricket. nooooo thanks! i could never, ever do that.

  10. you are adorable!!

  11. Ew!! I can't imagine participating in those disgusting challenges. ;)

  12. i just read your comment-- where in sc did you live? i moved to charleston for a few months after college. totally missing that weather now! i hope youre loving chicago tho :) theres always tons to do in the city. happy wedding planning! have a great weekend :) xoxo jcd

  13. Your sis is so talented. All your photos are always awesome! Plus I love seeing your outfits. Your cardis are cute and I love your boots.

    Sounds like a fun youth group event. Challenging!

    At our church they had a velcro wall at one of the youth events. So I guess they jump around and get stuck to the wall?


  14. love the lipstick lady! i'm finally in georgia - let's get together next time you're here. i'd love to meet your ryan! hope you had fun at reapers - i always enjoyed that!

  15. You girls have cute smile!! spitting cricket, I would probably cry lol I hate bugs, I'm not scared at them except for cockroach.
    Your sweater look so warm Loving the pop out of blue

  16. I absolutely love that cute sweater! looks so cozy! Thank god for sisters! I wouldn't feel comfortable having someone else take my pictures! Have a great week!

  17. oh my goodness, just hearing live worms and spitting crickets mouth to mouth gave me goosebumps!

  18. the thought of that burrito makes my stomach hurt. it sounds like a good time until you die of food poisoning LOL.

  19. Blech! That is hilariously disgusting. I'm glad everyone had fun! Definitely one of those things you can later brag about. "Oh yeah? You've had durian? I once ate a live cricket..."

  20. Hahah that sounds so gross! But like a lot of fun!


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