Thursday, February 3, 2011

sponsor love: efreeme/lafemme boutique

so if you know me, you know that i love, loooooove color - like, a lot! i love pops of color in clothes, in interior designs. i see blog posts or magazine articles on color and i am all over it.

but lately, believe it or not, i've been drawn to neutrals and the lighter sides of spring. i've been seeing tunics and floral dresses flouncing in ivories, whites, and beiges. so with that, i've been drawn to the little dainty pieces to add to the neutrals. because of that this little shop on efreeme caught my eye. are they not the sweetest pieces? *swoon*

can you see why i'm swooning?
love it.

p.s. have you heard of efreeme?
it's another great venue for handmade and vintage shops! check it out if you haven't yet!


  1. I totally see why you're swooning! Love this stuff!!

  2. I love that enamel necklace, what a great red!!

  3. Such pretty things! ♥


  4. I love their items so beautiful.
    You and I still need to collaborate!
    xxxxx Emily from EL Vintage

  5. Ooo, that gold one is so pretty!

  6. Love that you are from Chicago girl!
    I also need to check out efreeme.
    I think I need to put my necklaces on there! :-)
    XXXX to you honey!
    Emily from EL Vintage

    PS- We need to collaborate somehow.

  7. oh so in love with all this stuff!!!


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