Saturday, February 12, 2011

sister dates rock.

sorry, biebs. didn't mean to totally cut your head off. 

ashley and i did the crazy thing and went on a sister-date to see the bieber movie opening night. call me crazy but i actually really enjoyed it! i'm not being sarcastic or joking. i thought that never say never was well-done, the story totally drawing yourself in. small-town kid that makes it big. supportive family and friends. the overwhelming power of social networking. and that kid has pipes and mad dancing skills. can't deny that.

and goodness, ashley was just soooo hilarious to watch freaking out through the entire movie. she cried. she laughed. she giggled. she squealed. i think she said he's soooo cute a zillion times. the experience wouldn't have been the same without her. of course, we blasted his tunes on our late night drive back home, talking about our favorite scenes.

i know i'll look back to this sister date and we'll remember it. it'll be one of those memories when we'll say remember when...? and time just goes by way too fast! i still can't believe my baby sister is already 15 years old! um, where did time go? 

memories with family are some of my favorite ones to bottle up 
and keep with me for a very long time. 

much love.
[happy weekend, friend.]
oh, btw...this was peyton when we got home. bummed that he didn't get to see the biebs.


  1. you're such a sweet sister! what a fun memory :)

    much love,

  2. I love sister dates! Your lil sis sounds hilarious.

    Actually, waiting for my sister to get dressed so I can take her out to breakfast-- it's her 19th birthday today! :)

  3. this looked SOOOO fun!!! i wish i were there...

  4. I am seriously laughing! I love that you went with your sister!!


  5. sweet! oh that bieber guy! i am taking my girls to watch it next friday. my guy took his girl pal last night.

  6. Sounds like y'all had a fabulous time! That was so sweet that you went with your sister. ♥


  7. haha, peyton is too funny. i'm sure you could've smuggled him in your purse or something... ;)

  8. Awwww, what a nice date night! I can't wait to see the Biebs' new movie. Some of my friends think I'm ridiculous for loving this kid but it is what it is! I will support him til the bitter end and he's Canadian, from a VERY small town in Ontario so it makes me so proud of him for coming this far. His mama keeps him very well grounded! I started rambling about him haha.

    I love the doggy photo too. I would be sad if I were him too that he couldn't come! =)

    Hope you're having a great Saturday! xo

  9. hey there!
    i happened upon your blog through carlotta's link list. and i'm following now. c:

    ooo i really want to see the beiber movie. i mean, i definitely don't have b fever, but this movie looks epic. glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Sooooo cute! Oh my gosh. Glad you guys had fun.

    And Peyton is so adorable hehe.

  11. haha, love the dog photo. you're such a good sister!

  12. that dog is absolutely adorable! whatta cutie!

  13. What a sweet sister you are to go with her to thatttt movie. ;]

    Sisters are the besst!

  14. yes the power of social networking

  15. I saw the movie too! & agreed, it was very well done! Way to be a nice sister :)

  16. not gonna lie...biber fever is alive!! that kid has talent! what a cute sister date!! i remember being head over heels for leonardo dicaprio like your sis is for bieber. now? it's ryan gosling!!! :)

  17. Yay for sister-sister dates! If I had a sister, I would Bieber it out for her too! Looks like you two had a fun night!

  18. Haha Peyton is so cute!! I'm glad you ended up enjoying yourself! :)

    (Haha so funny, his hometown is about an hour away from where I live...)


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