Thursday, February 17, 2011

the only awkward thing on my list has to do with cereal.

jacket, button-up shirt, tank: belk / jeans: aeropostle
boots: kristen davis / earrings: my shop / bag: lemode accessories 

since last week was so fun, i had thought about joining in again on the awkward + awesome party that sydney has every thursday...buuuuuut to be honest, i had one of those days were i kinda sorta got to my brain's limit. i had been sewing all day, then ran errands and then we  attended an evening church by the time i crashed on the couch in PJs and a late night bowl of cereal, the only awkward thing that came to mind was the way the milk was dribbling down my chin as i tried to drink it from from the bowl.

so today let's focus on the AWESOME.

1. (my) ryan getting to hang out with me and my family for the rest of the week. v-day was fun but just being able to be together every day has been so fun. he's even there sitting with me in the living room as i sew up orders all afternoon. he drives me to the post office and makes me laugh when i get stressed. did i mention to you that i love this man? oh, good. just wanted to make sure that was clear.

2. eating Special K strawberry cereal with cold milk (when it's not dribbling down my chin). it hits the spot for me.

3. listening to the following songs on repeat: Runaway Baby (Bruno Mars), The Cave (Mumford and Sons), Cosmic Love (Florence + The Machine), Thriller (Glee version), I Do by Colbie Caillait, and Poison + Wine (The Civil Wars).

4. the temperatures continue to rise. we're hitting 70s here in this week and into the weekend. forget the boots and the layers! maybe we can hit up some time on the beach! (did you read that, Ryan?!)

5. and do you see that awesome bag i'm sporting up there, the one i've been raving about for weeks? even raved about it in this post. well, mark you're calendars 'cause next tuesday, Feb. 22 (did you write it down? do it! now!) is my blog's blog-birthday, anniversary...whatever you want to call it...and it's gonna be a party here!! and i might possibly *wink* be giving away one of these LeMode traveling bags as well as a bunch of some of my other favorite things. so i hope you'll join! i know you'll join...'cause you wrote the date down in your planner. remember? back up there? okay, good.

what are some awesome things rocking your world this week, friend?

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

p.s. don't miss out the SomerKnits giveaway happening this week - enter now!!


  1. You are so cute! This is one of my very favorite of all of your outfits!

  2. 1. You're a babe
    2. That bag is unbelievably gorgeous.
    3. I just ate a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.
    4. I'm thankful for you

  3. LOVE your outfit! I love those colors. I have a jacket the same color and I've worn it all week haha. I can't wait for your blog-iversary... lol

    this week, ever since the grammys, cee lo's song has been on repeat haha. i loved it before but now it's stuck in my head.. forever haha

  4. Nice photos, your smile is so sweet. :)


  5. ooo i LOVE THAT BAG. I was all admiring it then you said you've give it away...what a good day!! haha :)

  6. woot! can't wait for the giveaway!! :) you look gorgeoussssss girl!! and how fun to take pics in a busy? street! if i saw you, id be like, oooo she's a blogger hahaah!!

  7. 1) That bag awesome, can't wait for the giveaway!

    2) I'm totally thrilled looking at all of the entries on the giveaway of the cowl I made!

    3) Here's an awkward for you: What's more awkward than some lady talking really loud on her phone in the bathroom at work? When she has the volume turned up so loud you get to hear BOTH sides of the conversation! Ug. (totally happened yesterday)

  8. ahhh i would love a giveaway!!! that bag is soooo cute and you are GORGEOUS! you should come to chicago and help me shop ;) xoxo

  9. I've had both Runaway Baby and Glee's Thriller in my head forever now. Always on repeat :)

    And I'm looking forward to the new giveaway. That bag is awesome!


  10. lucky duck!! I wish it was 70 here. BUT!!! We have reached the
    into the 50's today. RECORD!! for Northern Michigan in Feb. WOW!! Love your boots!

  11. Oh my gosh LOVE LOVE LOVE Glee's version of Thriller! It makes me so happy!

  12. Cute pictures! I love late night cereal snacks. My cereal choices aren't as healthy though. Have a good Thursday!

  13. oOo cant wait for the giveaway..LOVE LOVE the bag and the color!

  14. Love it! So glad your Ryan has been able to stick around for the week! I know how separation sucks!!!

    The awesome in my week... I have been on a decorating BRAINSTORM! I'm so excited! This is the first place we are actually attempting to decorate, like with paint and stuff! I've been like on a roll this week! I have the toy room planned out, my office/craft place/where Justin will do school work room planned out, and we came up with an idea for the kids room {since they are sharing}! Working on our bedroom and the bathrooms and the living room still though! The kitchen is done, just needs the curtains put up!!!

    I love decorating!!!! {and your blog!}

  15. I seriously need that bag!!! Cannot wait for the giveaway!

  16. LOVE that bag, sweetie! And yay for warmer weather! Finally :) xoxo

  17. A) That bag is amazing.
    B) That outfit is amazing. Love the simplicity, texture differences & color palette. And the jacketttt!

  18. 1. Marked my calendar!! :)
    2. I HATE it when cereal drips!! Grr!!
    3. Your Ryan is so sweet & you two are so adorable together!!!
    Have a wonderful day friend!!

  19. Such a cute bag! I wouldn't mind one of my own for my personal collection ;)

    xo Kirby

  20. SO CUTE!! Love the bag!!!

    Cereal is my go-to meal. I could eat it for every meal and be completely satisfied!

    And I love me some Iron & Wine and Mumford & Sons! <3

  21. you look super cute in the fourth picture! i just read your engagement post and i'm really really happy for you! it's great that he and your family gets along well :) i read in his letter you're part filipina? that's so cool! following you now :)


  22. Your beautiful and you have a great blog!

    Visit me @

    Your newest follower

  23. Special K is so awesome it's not even funny. =]


  24. Warm weather is rocking my world! Love the bag!

  25. You look cute! Glad you had plenty of awesome :)

  26. I have to ask. Your pictures are always so cute, and I'm definitely new to having a dslr, any pointers for camera settings and such? I know it's a bit random, so I hope you don't mind!


  27. This was a fun post. Love the pics and your bag!

  28. You're so cute! Love these pictures! I can't wait for that bag giveaway because I'm so in love with that bag! ;-) I'm so happy that Ryan is there with you this week! So much fun for you! :-)

  29. these are the cutest pictures of you i've ever seen!

  30. I love your outfit! The bag and boots are to die for. :)

    I love Special K too. It's so, so yummy! :)

    I am sort of jealous of the warm weather you are having. It's super cold and snowing at my place. :(


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