Sunday, February 13, 2011

my happy list.

  top: urban outfitters / tank: belk / jeans: aeropostle 
earrings: last year's V-day gift from ryan / boots: madison

i saw a couple of these happy lists floating around blog world. they inspired me to write up my own -  plus i think its good to remember the little things in life that we're blessed with. life is too short to not remember.

1. shopping with my mom
2. finding a pair of Jessica Simpson leopard flats on sale 
3. sister dates like the one on friday night 
4. sweet-tarts...especially the blue ones 
5. the new GLEE songs that came out this week (personal faves: thriller and p.y.t.)
6. taking part in the Indie E-Conference headed up by Selective Potential and Delightfully Tacky (for those of you other participating, have you guys so loved it as much as i have?! can't wait for more this week!) 
7. layering and mixing different patterns like my top and tank above (and aren't the sleeves so fun?!)
8. more sunshine this week compared to all the rain we had last week
9. nailpolish (especially between Sally Hansen's Wet Cement or anything OPI)
10.looking forward to seeing my Ryan on Monday and his surprise V-day plans

what's on your happy list for the week? 

much love.
[happy sunday, friend.]

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  1. Aww I LOVE your happy list! This week's Glee was so good! & I love sister dates as well! Loving your top!

    I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day with Ryan!

  2. sister dates rock :)
    glad you have sun, we're expecting rain all week over here D:

  3. i love the wet cement nail polish too. and i looooove this top you're wearing.

  4. Glee for sure is on my happy list! And I'm happy that we went from 15 degree weather to 60 degree weather this weekend! Yay, sun!! :)

  5. glee songs are on my -feelgood list-. :D

  6. I adore your happy list and I love those leopard flats:) So cute! Happy Sunday, sunshine

  7. Yay I love happy lists! Those Glee songs make me happy as well. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!

  8. I love your happy list, so cute. I really like this look as well, it looks super comfy and stylish.
    :) .

  9. That's a great Happy List! Cute outfit & yay for sunshine! Happy Sunday! xo

  10. Yay for happy lists! =D


  11. love the idea to create a happy list :) :)

  12. love this little happy list :)
    esp blue sweet tarts!! and leopard ballet flats!
    i hope youre having a great weekend!
    xoxo jcd

  13. I love sweet tarts and I love your happy list. :)

  14. Lovely! Happy lists always makes us think back on what we are grateful for. Your top is soo beautiful! I love that outfit :)

  15. what a lovely list! have a wonderful valentine's day! xo, katie

  16. just came across your blog and i LOVE It. you are SO photogenic and you're gorgeous :) your outfit is clearly adorable as are you! xo great post!

  17. Love your shirt(s) in this outfit. At the top of my love list is the fact that my boyfriend comes home from deployment - TOMORROW! <3

  18. i really like this ilene. . . i think we all should create happy lists!


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