Thursday, February 10, 2011

Much Love, illy: joining in the fun of Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!

sweater: f21 / tee: urban outfitters / jeans: aeropostle
belt: f21 / boots: kristen davis / nails: OPI william tell me about


1. when a guy offers you your favorite coffee drink but steps back as you try to take it from him. as you stare at him quizzically, he says you can only have this, if you go out with me. what makes it even more awkward is that you tell you are already going out with someone. he then leaves the drink on the counter, walks away with his head down. you then feel wrong to even take the drink.but you do. you can't waste a good coconut latte.

2. the Nickelodeon show, Big Time Rush. enough said. (maybe annoying is a better word.) 

3. when the postal worker you see every day starts making awkward conversation, so even though you don't feel like talking you make awkward conversation. then 5 minutes later, he's starting at you and says, and i care because...?

4. when the same postal worker processes your packages then you notice him stop and just stare at you. you stare back and finally say, what? and he says, you didn't tell me if you had anything liquid or flammable in your packages. you say no but you want to scream, was i supposed to tell you?! isn't it your job to ASK me?

5. reading in the newspaper about a man who decided to tattoo his nose with a giant cherry because some woman in a bar told him it would look sexy. i wonder how he felt after he recovered from his hangover. 


1. when you're about to work out and always need your ipod and a magazine - but you've read up all of last month's issues. but right before you leave for the gym, mom walks in with the mail and brings in your new issue of Lucky. score! 

2. when you find the exact pair of shoes that you've been looking for all season for 50% off!

3. when you receive facebook wall posts/emails/text messages/phonecalls from your best friends in Chicago that you've been missing like crazy. and it makes your day 'cause sometimes you feel like life in Chicago was ages ago but then when you hear from your friends, it feels like you caught up from right where you left off. 

4. when random childhood memories pop up in your mind, you can call your sister anytime and just tell her remember when you massaged my butt when i was 8 yrs old and you were 5 yrs and you called it 'kneading dough'? then you laugh your heads off until you stomachs hurt. (hmmm, maybe this should be in the awkward catergory).

5. when (my) Ryan calls me from GA to tell me he made dinner reservations in SC for Valentine's Day! why is this so awesome?! because we're long-distance and date-dates don't happen as often as they used too! oh and because my fiance is AWESOME! lovelovelove him! 

[note: i want to thank sandy for 'making' me do this. 
real friends make you do things you don't want to do but then you love them for it. 
that is awesome and awkward for you. ha!]

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

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  1. hahahha LOVE the postal worker one!! you're right, he is SUPPOSED TO ASK YOU that, not the otehr way around!!!

    and i am still trying to find the pair of shoes ive been looking for, for a good deal, you know the ones i'm talking about!! btw, my mom emailed me and said they are ugly and she wouldn't walk next to me in them, eeks!!! haha she is funny. and sooo happy for your vday date!!!

    p.s. glad you did this awkward and awesome, since i MADE you!! ;)

  2. I love these posts. I need to get on the ball and post them myself. They're amazing

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. What a sweet post! Made me laugh and smile!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Love reading this post!

    #2 in awesome.. so true for me.. that is the only way i buy shoes ;)

  5. When you see the postal workers allll the time, things will always get a little awkward! The postal dude was hitting on my mum. Um.... yeah... PS he is about 20 years older than her!

    and I went to Target last night and they have the CUTEST shoes!! I wish I could have a 50% off coupon for them1!! ;)
    Speaking of cute shoes... LOVE your boots!!!

  6. Lovely post! Finally read your proposal too and loved it. We got engaged in Chicago too, it's such an incredible city. Then we did the long-distance thing for-evvv-er too. Finding time for in-person dates is definitely Awesome :)

  7. the story about the coffee is hilarious, you're right, a coffee (though i've never heard of a coconut latte) should not be wasted :). also, i would've put in the awesome category b/c free coffee is always awesome!

    Girl Meets Handbag

  8. Love Sarah's grass or lemongrass cowl. Although, I love even more that she is selling her pieces to raise money to go see and help her momma recover. Nothing like family!!

  9. oh man!! this looks fun!!
    i don't know if i would be any good coming up with the "awkwards"... i suck! lol


  10. awww i loved these! im glad youre doing the awesome/awkward posts :) im tempted to do one next week.. we'll see! xoxo jcd

    ps looove hearing from old friends. thats the best.

  11. Haha loved this post! #1 of the awkward was hilarious! =D


  12. Cherry tattoo was freaky! ... Looking lovely dear, loved the green sleeves, pops aout so pretty! Keep having an amazing tuesday! xo

  13. Hahaha I'm dying over this! The awkward ones are amazing! Thanks for perking me up from the flu :) xoxo

  14. I totally agree that I've had some awkward post office experiences!!

  15. lol! love your #4 in awkward! i'm surprised he didn't ask you...i mean they always ask and sometimes it gets annoying.

    happy thursday!

  16. That's an awesome pick up story. Good for you for taking the drink. Hilarious!

  17. love the green! (: and I am loving those boots!! they are fabulous!

  18. Wow. You have the weirdest postal worker... :/

    I love random childhood memories, but sometimes they make me sad because I'm not a child anymore. :) :(

    I hope you and Ryan have a wonderful Valentine's Day date. ♥

  19. Where on earth can I find a coconut latte? It sounds AMAZING?!
    <3 leigh

  20. Ha ha ha these were hilarious! I always go to the same Post office and the lady is r.u.d.e. She asks if I want delivery confirmation, and then if I say "sure" she gets allll kinds of mad and says I need to fill it out before I get up there. Then I'm like ok nevermind, whatevs. Why'd you ask me if I can't have it?! Ha ha and I go there like 2-3x a week. Silly silly:-)

  21. im guessing that the guy really got you coffee and you said no to him. that is REALLY awkward but i like. you really can't waste coffee! lol!

    and big time rush?! they are pretty awkward... but i really would rather watch that than sponge bob. seriously... i wanna throw a heavy rock to the tv when that crap is on.

  22. HAHAHA love the postal worker guy!! they sometimes does that..mine is the guy that deliver the mail everyday, its awkward to find him walking towards me when I'm in a middle of taking outfit post with my remote and tripod lol

  23. LOVE that outfit; all the layering is perfection, and I'm loving the colors!

    "was i supposed to tell you?! isn't it your job to ASK me?"

    Oh goodness. Not cool, mail people! You're totally rockin the awkward/awesome.

  24. haha I totally related to #4 on your awesome list! I can always call my sister with random childhood memories and we bust a gut reminiscing. Happy to hear other sisters do the same :)


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