Monday, February 14, 2011

leopard flats love + a v-day date-date.

 dress: belk / cardigan, leggings: f21
flats: jessica simpson / earrings: my shop

welp, it's monday, folks! where did the weekend go, right? it was a good relaxing weekend overall - got some major sewing done on saturday then took sunday off. sunday night, i enjoyed the grammy's with my mom and my sister - which introduced me to some artists that i was aware of but had never really listened to their music. i also ate way too much this weekend - but hey, i guess that's what weekends are for, right? 

oh and i went shopping with my mom friday night, and i found me some new flats that i've been eyeing for forever. even better, they were on sale!! $23 bucks for JS leopard flats originally $$79 - gotta love a good deal. 

so guess what today is?! yes, yes it is V-day but it makes it even more exciting that it's not just V-Day for me. Ryan is driving from GA today and we're going out to dinner at a surprise resturaunt! oh, maybe i even picked out a new dress that i plan to rock out tonight for dinner.

and no, it's not red.
summer 2010, chicago

so like i said i'm very much looking forward to seeing his face sitting across from me at dinner? date-dates don't happen often with the long-distance so i'm going to drink it all up. and note that this is not just a date. it's a date-date. do you know the difference? there is a difference, i promise.

if i have nothing else to do, i like to cut up little red hearts for fun. no joke. 
cut all of these (and more) while watching football with ryan one day.

  so what are you up to today, friend?
pls. tell me. i'd love to know!

"this is real love - not that we loved God, 
but that he loved us..."
1 John 4:10

much love.
[happy valentine's day, friend.]
p.s. a Valentine' Day discount for the Much Love, illy Shop. 
use coupon code: VDAY2011 for 20% off of your entire order. 
why? because i LOVE you, friend. 


  1. You look gorgeous as always. I love that collection of paper hearts xox

  2. I love your flats! And yay for face to face dates!

  3. You look amazing, as usual! And have fun with Ryan on your date date!!

  4. this makes me wonder, "where are my leopard flats?" i think i forgot i had some until i saw this post. now, time to go search my closet, car, etc...

  5. I'm long distance as well so I know what you mean!! Last weekend we had our date-date because the next time I see the boy is March or April. I made him a care package to celebrate the actual day.. except I'm a bit late and it's going in the mail tomorrow!

    Hope you were able to drink it all in this weekend! :)

  6. I hope you have an amazing time! Super cute photos!

  7. such a FUN dress Ilene! LOVE it :) Happy Valentine's Day. We aren't doing much over here in Korea...just enjoying a yummy lasagna for dinner!

  8. i'm a fairly recent follower so i didn't realise you had a different hair colour before! beautiful dress :)

  9. awww i LOOOOVE your new JS flats!! way to rock them girl!! and i am sooo happy you get to be with ryan on vday, soo soo happy for you twO!! can't wait to hear about your surprise date!! ;)

  10. that pic of you at the cafe table is GORGEOUS!

  11. cutting hearts is fun... sometimes i like to make a chain :)

  12. What am I up to today?

    Mmmm . . . nothing as exciting as your date-date? {Please tell me what date-date is. :D}

    Homeschool this morning. Lunch. Sewing. Piano lessons. Dinner.

    Hubby has the 10 PM to 2 AM simulator time slot, which means he isn't around tonight. Boo. Sniff.

    I did make some fun Valentine's Day treats for him and the kids.

    Ooh, and I found these strawberry flavored heart shaped marshmallows at wallyworld. I dipped them in chocolate and slid a stick into each of them. So, now they're chocolate covered, strawberry flavored, heart shaped marshmallows on a stick.

    Seriously. How long is this comment now?

    I'm stopping.

    P. S. You're adorable

  13. have a wonderful valentines day with your man!! xoxo jcd

    ps love those flats! what a great deal

  14. so sweet! My hubby and I are going to dinner!! happy heart day!

  15. I love your shoes - very very cute :) And gorgeous pics as well!

    x Christine @ Fanciful Vision

  16. Aww..those flats are totally cute darling and wish you the most romantic dinner date ever! Happy V-day, sweetie

  17. Have so much fun on your date with Ryan! And those shoes are CUTE!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  18. hi gorgeous! i hope you have a fabulous date with your man! I remember loving long distance and I know its not easy so I hope tonight is perfect for you!

  19. Ohhh I love the flats!! Happy V-Day :)

  20. What a beautiful outfit!!! I love those flats!! and for such a good deal too!!! :)
    Happy Valentines Day love!!!

  21. First of all, girl I love you, I miss you and i hope all your wedding planning and the etsy store and well everything is going GREAT for you. You deserve it, you're awesome.
    Secondly, I hope you enjoy your date date with Ryan! How fun, tell him I say hey! Thirdly, I am REALLY missing you/Chicago/THE PHILIPPINES right about now, so...that's sad. Fourthly, THANK YOU for doing that special order for me, you are wonderful.

    Take care friend, have a great great great day! Happy Valentine's! (Sean and I are going to Thai food for our date tonight!!)

    WOOHOO! :D

    <3 Liz

  22. i'd love to just steal your closet girl :) have a great day! can't wait to read the rest of your blog and see how cute your dress!! have a wonderful vday dear!

  23. oOOo i love those flats girl!!! they are so CHIC! happy vday to u and ur fiance!

  24. Happy Valentines Day! I remember our first v-day together when we were long-distance. I flew home for the weekend and he took me on a date-date! so I know how it feels. Love the flats and I can't wait to see the dress you are going to rock tonight!

    xo Kirby

  25. Um hi, I want your hair. Love the dress and the flats!!! Im a huge JS shoe fan :) Happy Valentine's Day!!! Love that verse! We have verses from the same chapter on our blogs! xoxoxox

  26. oh, love the shoes!

    have a great valentine's dinner with ryan tonight!


  27. you are just way too cute! love your new shoes and I've been known to cut out a gazillion hearts for fun during movies too ;)

  28. cute cute flats! And those hearts...yay! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Just Better Together
    come check out my cowl scarf giveaway

  29. That sounds so nice! Date-dates in long-term relationships are always so much fun. I know just what you mean :) They're really rejuvenating and exciting and silly.

    I love your new flats! they are so sassy.

    I hope you two have a grand time! Sorry I've been such an absent reader recently--I was taking a bit of a blogging break all around, but I'm hoping to get back on top of things now :)


  30. LOVE your shoes! You look pretty as always! Aww I hope you had a great vday!!

  31. Oh these falts are adorable and the dress just gorgeous you just gave me an idea for a date ouutfit.
    thanks gal

  32. i'm not much into the valentines day thing... but i'm way way into those shoes!!! LOVE it girl!


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