Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i have black hair, yet i have some blonde moments.

blouse, belt, skirt, tights: f21 / shoes: guess

when i'm tired, i have a tendency to say things that i shouldn't. nothing bad. just plain nonsense. i say things without realizing that i'm saying it - or it just thing that don'tmake any sense. it apparently amuses ryan. he said that he loves it and loves that he has the rest of our lives to enjoy my nonsense talking. i end up cracking up with him especially when he repeats to me what i just said.

like tonight i was on the phone with him and were randomly talking about our future children doing yardwork (don't ask me how we got to that topic - i don't even know) and i said something about being more compassionate towards them while he would have none. 

me: our kids will be out there in the yard and and they're noses will be dripping with sweat!
ryan: their noses will be dripping with sweat?
me: i mean, snot! their noses will be dripping with snot!

then close to the end of our conversation...
ryan: are you tired?
me: yeah...both.
ryan: (cracks up) both of what?

i don't even know what i was talking about. i really don't know most of the time. 

and ryan's personal favorite, the time that we were back in chicago, and Ryan was helping me shop for a new AC window unit at home depot. 

me: so is the zenith-brand any good?
ryan: yeah, it's better the goldstar one. 
me: oh yeah, the one in your old studio?
ryan: yup, that one. i had to jerry-rig it to get it to do what i wanted it to do. 
me: [pause] ryan, who's jerry? 

yeah, yeah. i have black hair, but i have my blond moments for sure. but like i said, ryan and i end up having a good laugh over it. oh, and i'm also really tired right now. i'll probably regret writing all of this tomorrow morning. i'll read it and be like what in the world am i talking about?

anyone else relate with me on this? 
other non-blonde blonde out there?

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]
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  1. ahhhhhhhhhh i LOVEEEEEEEEEE your shoes girl!!! :) and i totally have blonde moments all the time, hehe!!

  2. I love your top!
    And I have blonde moments all the time! Your second story totally could've been me!

  3. I love that last conversation. :) I totally have my blonde moments, and they happen very often. ;)

  4. Love your outfit! So cute!! Haha. i do the same thing when I get tired, but I appreciate the good laugh before I go to bed! Lol. Night friend!

  5. Hey I am a blonde...lol
    Love your outfit girl. such cute style!
    xxxx to you! Emily from EL Vintage

  6. The hubs thinks I have blonde roots. HAHA. Love the blouse!

  7. Super cute outfit! Hilarious conversation!

  8. I saw the weirdest things all the time. My boyfriend logged it all on his blog as a reminder of why he loves me LOL.

    Because we live so far apart, we webcam every day. I held up a sweet potato (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lg0jd77Vsq1qzx590o1_500.jpg) and he was like, "What on Earth are you doing?"

    I told him I was trying to look like the sweet potato. LOL ah.

    *Changing subjects

  9. some of my friends have black hair and they have blonde moments too, haha :D

    i could quote them, but there are too many to choose from. all in our yearbooks :)

  10. Haha so funny! I really adore your shoes, sweetie. Happy Tuesday, kisses and hugs

  11. Oh dear... well we all say things like this. us girls just have too many things going through our head to focus one only one of them all the time!

    you are forever forgiven! ha!


  12. first off- love the outfit! second- matthew, my hubs, does this same thing. his happens more when he is first falling asleep at night. i will still be awake, reading, and he will roll over and start talking about the craziest stuff! the fun part is that i ask him questions and he will answer with more nonsense. so he's sound asleep and i'm falling off the bed from laughing so hard. i feel a little guilty, but mostly, it's just hilarious.

  13. i'm guilty of blonde moments too!! btw love your shoes

  14. haha! we are twins! love your shoes, lady!! (:

  15. loooove your shoes! so cute! and I have blonde moments too! maybe cuz i am blonde haha!

  16. lol. I say nonsense all the time!! I think we all have a little blonde in us!! :)

  17. haha too funny! i have those moments alllll the time and my boyfriend def calls me out on them :) ahhh well! he made some refernce to yogi berra (baseball player) and i responded with "boo boo! i want my picnic basket"... not AT all what he was talkign about. awesome :) happy tuseday lady! xoxo jcd

    ps love that grey skirt!!

  18. My day isn't complete until I say something totally incoherent, yoda style (all mixed up) or completely ridiculous. The later it is the higher risk I am for saying something like that. And my husband laughs heartily every single time.

  19. My daughter would love those shoes!

  20. Oh gosh. I have brunet hair and blond moments ALLL THE TIMEE!

  21. I am SO sorry I've been such a bad commenter recently! I really cherish all the comments that you leave me--you are too sweet!

    I don't say stuff that doesn't make sense, but I do become completely dazed and start to talk in a frog-esque voice more appropriate for a 40 year old woman who's chainsmoked for 25 years haha.

    I love your top! And those shoes! So cute :D Orangey-brown and blue is one of my favorite color combos.

    This post gave me some awesome giggles, which was a perfect start to my day! Thanks :D


  22. haha! That is soooo me right there, girl. I am a blonde at heart I am sure. haha! ♥ Love the outfit. :]


  23. LOVE your shoes! Haha I so laughed out loud when I read this. Everyone has blonde moments, haha me when I eat sugar haha I get all crazy haha

  24. oh you are such a sweetheart! Hehe I think we all say stuff we don't intend when we're tired, but I don't think we all say stuff that cute!! (also i love this look )

  25. just now finding you and loving that i did! love this post and can totally relate, except i do have blonde hair (not natural). ;)

  26. Lol, loved "Who's Jerry?"

    I had a blonde moment yesterday:


    Good thing we have guys who love us, right? :-)

    ♥ Bethany


  27. don't worry my dear I am a brunette and this happens to me ALLLLL the time, and my boyfriend Nick is right there to laugh at me.

  28. i smiled all throughout this post, ilene! i love you and your blonde moments! :D

  29. HHAHA I was literally laughing when I read this post!! I have blonde moment almost everyday, especailly at work! My co-worker just have enough of me sometimes and they either said "you are born to be blonde" or "I think in asia you are the type that they would called blonde here in US"
    DOnt ask me what I did..its just too scandalous sometimes

  30. oh my I love your shoes too and I do that all the time to thomas, especially if I'm half asleep, he has whole conversations with me apparently that I never remember!

  31. haha.. you are hilarious. i love it! late night phone calls can lead to some groggy interaction. :)

    ps. you look ADORABLE. if we lived nearby, i would insist that we hang out all the time. :)

  32. your shoes are a-mazing! must find some for meeee :)

  33. Love this outfit! First time to your blog and was immediately drawn in by your header - RED TIGHTS!! LOVE them. :) My header is composed of bright tights. :)

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  34. love this outfit!! i just recently ordered a grey skirt from anthro w/ a gift card from Christmas.. i can't wait to get it!!

  35. Yep! My hair is ALMOST as dark as yours, but my mom always made fun of me growing up for having so many "blond" moments. I also get crazy when I'm sleepy - I call it sleepy-drunk, because I act drunk but it's alllll just me being exhausted and goofy.

  36. love your shoes and shirt. lets just say the whole outfit!!
    love the outfits on your blog!!

    check my blog out and follow <3


  37. Bahahah too funny! Sometimes when I'm really tired I'll have laughing attacks!! I just cannot stop laughing. I'll have tears streaming down my face!


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