Friday, February 25, 2011

dude, it's friday + some link love.

[love the reeese' hearts ryan got me for v-day. yum. and so much PB.
also rocking urban decay eyeshadow and OPI nailpolish.]

it's friday, folks! are you as happy as i am?! i'm looking forward to some more time with Ryan and family - especially tonight while we all head out to an oyster roast at our church. i'm not huge on oysters but these events are normally a lot of fun - and people keep raving about all the food they'll be serving there...and you know me! i LOVE food!!

soooo...i had one more blogiversary post to go up answering questions about blogging specifically but yesterday and early this morning, the internet was done. bummer. but it kinda worked for the best 'cause i had a super productive day. i also found myself less distracted by the internet - so i take that as a plus. oh and even got a little further into I am Number Four, another goodie.

speaking of goodies, i don't know about you but have you seen all the goodies out there in blog-world? though i'd shout out some link love for a few of my fave:

one of my favorite outfit posts of the week.

i'd read on this couch every day if i owned it.

discovering treasures in her grandparents basment.

obsessed with this color combo.

her photos make me hungry.

her favorites became my favorites - esp. the turquoise nails and red lips. 

what are you some of your recent blog post faves?
please share.

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

p.s. if you haven't entered the blogiversary giveaway, be sure to do it 'cause i'm tell you now, you won't wanna miss it!


  1. oh those are some good links!! you are working that eye shadow btw :)

  2. I am loving that eye shadow color on you!! :) Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  3. my sister has a chair like that but it is striped!

    i am diggin your eyeshadow and need it now! what color?

  4. hehehe you still ended up doing a post even with your internet down!! you are super woman girl!!! i can't wait for CE in SIX WEEKS!! AHHHH!!!

  5. Happy almost weekend girly! Have fun at your oyster night, I looove me some oysters:-)

  6. Thanks for the link, the 5th one made me hungry... and I just ate lunch!

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy oyster night!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. I am a reeses lover too. Like its one of my weaknesses ( + Days of our Lives..uh oh)

  8. Blaaaah. Looking at those food pictures makes me soo hungry. Even though I just about ate about 93787685 cartons of Chinese food!!
    great links! :)

  9. What a great idea, such a good way to show love. Those food photos are amazing.

  10. most favorite thing about the blog world . . . all the great outfits, tips, hints, stories (the list goes on and on), that you are so willing to share with all your readers. kudos to you and your fabulous talent of blogging.

  11. aaww, thanks for love, sweet friend! <3

    YUM. reese's hearts are SO GOOD.

  12. cool outfit!! I don't know if you have been told this before or not..but you look alot like...Brenda Song!! You know the girl off of Suite Life ON Deck...yeah you look alot like her...still pretty though!!


  13. Ooh that couch IS fantastic!!!! I love purple!

    I must say chicka, those red nails look fabulous with your engagement ring! Have fun at oyster roast!

  14. dude, it's friday.
    dude, kim is so adorbs!! seriously, i'm dying over here from her gorgeousness. i need to start doing WIWW so i can be one of the cool kids. like, stat.

  15. Wow, the girl from yellow songbird has the most charming, casual style.

    And oh boy, do I loooove me some Reese's! Good stuff. One time, I was having a lame day, and came into work to discover that my boss had left me a Dark Chocolate Reese's with his note of instructions for me. Best boss ever.


  16. PS peeps: loving the red nails. totally works. and the reeses. dude. fave candy of ALL time. legit.

  17. i seriously can't get over how pretty your ring is....when it's my turn to get engaged...i'm going to have my future hubby call your finger for references - is that cool? yes? good! happy weekend friend :)

  18. Thanks for the shoutout babe! :D Happy weekend!

  19. The post that had the turquoise nails and red lips...what can I say, the combo and photo is GORGEOUS!


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