Thursday, February 24, 2011

BLOGIVERSARY cont'd: awkward/awesome thursday + Somerknits giveaway winner!!!

 dress, stretch tee, leggings: f21 / boots: rampage

can i tell you a secret?! come in just a little closer. a little bit more. okay, perfect. you seriously have been incredible to me this week. your comments have made my day - and thank you for making my blogiversary an uber-special one! so thank you, thank you!

so any-whooooos....many of you commented that one of your favorite MIL posts was the awkward/awesome post i wrote up a few weeks ago, so keep with the party, here's another one coming right backatcha.


1. while you're shopping you're sister holds up a dress and you scrunched your nose and say really loudly, "EW, THAT IS SO UGLY!" right as another customer walks up beside you carrying around the same dress to obviously buy or try on herself.

2. when you recognize someone from a local commercial and you say hey, you're that guy from that commercial? and he just stares at you then oddly looks around the room ...then says, yeah, we do that. okaaaaay. how does one even respond to that?  (wish i could claim that this happened to me, but it didn't. i was with ryan at this local jewelry store getting my mom's watched fixed while ryan had this situation happened to him with this guy.)

3. walking down a long empty hallway and you see someone walking towards your direction from the other end. but you don't really know that person and he doesn't know you. but then you can't do anything else but look ahead at either the ceiling ,the floor or the other person. what makes it worse is when you finally are shoulder to shoulder with the other person, you say hi but then are ignored.

4. seeing a man forcing his dog's nose into another dog's butt. dude, the dog's do that on their own. if your dog is anti-social, you can't just force him to do that. it's a dog thing. we're not a part of it.

5. telling someone that you hate wal-mart (i really don't hate it-but they drove me nutty that day) and make it an emphatic statement. later on you tell that same person, you love her cute hat. you ask her, where did you get it? and she says, oh. walmart.


1. my mom. she is one of the most generous, hard-working people that i know. i stopped to think about how much i loved her this week - and i do. a whole stinkin' lot.

2. New music like Adele's 21 and new books likes I am Number Four, Beautiful Creatures, and Iron King

3. getting to hang out with (my) Ryan every single day the past week - and those Sonic-runs (strawberry limeade with extra strawberries, pls.)!!

4. hitting 800 followers this week and blowing my mind with the number of comments for the blogiversary giveaway post (be sure to enter if you haven't yet - you won't regret it. i promise!).

5. random Wal-green runs and walking out with sour patch kids and sweettarts (or any kind of sour candy) 

make me laugh. 
any awkward moments for you lately, friend?  

and guess what?!
yesterday was a little crazy so i wasn't able to post the winner of the Somerknit's giveaway, so here ya go!!

shoot me an email at muchloveilly[at]gmail[dot]com with your mailing address
so that sweet Somer can get her amazing bow cowl in your hands right away!

oh! and for those of you talented knitters out there, Somer has offered the pattern for her Illy cowl right HERE on her blog!
isn't she so sweet?

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]


  1. I love all of your awkwardness this week! I can totally relate to all of them!

  2. i need a velvet dress!! and i can totally relate to soo many of your awkwards, too funny!!!!

  3. oh my god i am in love with your dress! it's so perfect! and i love your awkward moments haha made me laugh out loud!

  4. I love two things: tee's under dresses, and stripes + hot pink mixed together, this outfit is absolutely adorbs! And a big congrats to your 800+ followers, so awesome. xx veronika

  5. Congratulations! And I love the dress :)

  6. you look SO DANG CUTE in your velvet dress! MWAH. <3

  7. haha, the long empty hallway thing is always awkward D:
    love the velvet + stripes combo!

  8. love the awkward/awesome post! :) happy blogversary again!


  9. ok sometimes i read people's awkward and awesomes and think, 'umm...those are neither awkward nor awesome...' but yours are both. i loved the awkwards (specifically 1&3) and that's my sonic drink too!!! :)

  10. hahah i love these! i really need to listen to adele's new album ive heard so many great things! congrats again on your blog-aversary and hitting 800!! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  11. I am constantly pulling the "Oh that's UGLY!" Only to find that someone near me is wearing it or loves it our whatever. So awkward.

  12. L. O. L. I love you illene!!! You are so pretty in that dress!! and Your awkward-nesses are so right on track!!!
    I was at a thrift store this past weekend, and there was this booth that mum mum and I were looking in and I pointed out this reallllly cute figurine, but it was 30$, and I said its really cute, but too much money. And there was a girl behind us the entire time we were talking. Turns out it is her booth. Ugh. AWKWARD!!!
    BTW The whole Walmart thing :: Happens to me all the time! :P

  13. i LOVE the awkward posts! especially #3 "Walking down a long empty hallway" because i do that all the time!

  14. #1 is so something I would do! HAHA

  15. I've been luvin Adele 21 too! :)

    I didn't know "I am four" was a book! I'm so slow on things sometimes ;) LOL :D i'm gonna have to read it now ;)

  16. Adele's 21 is SO GOOD. And would you judge me if I confessed to being afraid of velvet? It feels like petting a cat backward.

  17. Ah-haha! Thanks for the laughs! :)
    You are too gorgeous!

  18. Great list. I usually walk out of a store with something that wasn't on the list. :)

  19. you look so pretty in these pictures! and i love that striped top - i need something like that!

    happy thursday to you as well! (:

  20. This post is loaded with cuteness. I love the Awkward and Awesome Thursday posts-they make me laugh all the time!

  21. know what? you're awesome. really, you are. so put yourself on that list!! :D
    and i'm off to enter your blogoversary giveaway!!

  22. Oh my goodness!! I just finishe reading Iron King, Iron Daughter, and Iron Queen...and I will let you in on a little secret that you might not know yet...Iron Knight comes out in the fall. I am totally in love with this series!! :)

  23. how awesome congrats to the lucky winner :)
    your outfit photos are so cute!

  24. Such a cute little dress! Congrats on yur blogiversary :)

  25. ohmygoodness!! i am in LOVE with strawberry limeades from sonic... didn't know you could get it with extra strawberries!!!

  26. Awkward #4 is hilarious. I can't believe somebody did that.

  27. you have single handedly resurrected the crushed velvet dress for me. great work!

  28. CUTE photos!

    I can't believe that about the dog nose/butt - ewwww!!

    That is so sweet what you said about your mama =)

    Hope you're having a fabulous evening!

    melissa @champagne wishes.


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