Friday, February 4, 2011

and the winner of the "Win a Date with Peeta" giveaway is...drum roll, pls!!

just kidding.
i wish it was a "win a date giveaway" with Peeta.
i probably would have entered myself. 
and i'm sure Ryan won't mind.

the winner of the brand-new copy of the Hunger Games is...

Natalie from Blonde at Heart
(cute, cute, cute blog name!)

so natalie, shoot me an email (muchloveill[at]gmail[dot]com) so we can set you up on this date with Peeta, er...i mean, send you your very own copy of The Hunger Games!
i expect a full book review upon reading it. 
i'm kidding. sort of. 
[congrats, natalie!]

and for those that didn't win, puh-lease go out and get your own copy.
i'd give one away to everyone.
this series is such a must-read. enjoy!