Saturday, January 15, 2011

we spent a lot of time indoors.

just kidding about not showing up until monday! i was flipping thru pics from atlanta and these are too amusing not to post. too me, at least. especially if you knew how nutty we were going in our hotel room. (kristine, we also knew you'd get a kick out of them.)

as you know there was snow in 49 out of the 50 states this past week. (and if you didn't know that, you must live under a rock 'cause that was happening outside of your window - unless you live in Hawaii, which i assume was the 50th state that did not receive snow. correct me if i'm wrong.) and my fam and i happened to be vacationing in one of the cities hit pretty hard with snow and frigid temperatures and lack of any snow equipment. 

we still ended up having some good times in ATL. i def. plan to post pictures from my meet-up with Lori (from ChicGeekDesigns - loved her!!) and a visit to the Georgia Aquarium (i'm fascinated with underwater life!).

so this is just a little holla for the weekend! i'm spending time with the fiance and his family (yippee! haven't seen (my) ryan since early december). so still in GA but at least the snow is melting. praise. the. Lord. 

stay warm and dry. 
and especially safe this weekend. 
(while all you people in hawaii, live it up for us.)

[happy weekend, friend.]

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  1. Cute pics!!

    The 50th was actually Florida! Crazy, right?!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  2. LOVE your hats! :) I am with you about the snow and cold. Trying to keep warm here too. I swear everything shut down for the first few days of the week. I hope you're enjoying your weekend friend!

  3. Fortunately, although it did snow in California, there wasn't any here in LA. :) Whoop!
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  4. Lovin' the panda hat. I wonder if I can pull something like that in public. I def. could wear something like that at home though :)

  5. The 50th was Florida! Yay for being an Orlando girl ;)
    It's still cold now though...

  6. I'm correcting you, because you are wrong. ;) Hawaii, in fact DID receive lots of snow this week! Mauna Kea is the 13,796 ft extinct volcano on the Big Island and it got lots of snow this week! (We've just had a lot of rain down here) In fact, people were snowboarding and skiing there this week.

    Cool, eh? I don't know what the 50th state that didn't get snow.

  7. Darling Photos! Here in Maui it was all days of Monsoons, 3hr thunder lightening storm flashing literally every second, flood watch, road closures, tsunami watch and some mud slides....lets just say the tourists ARN"t happy...:( ha. I LOVED it though :) Being a Washington Girl myself! It's finally nice again although the ocean is SHARK water!! craaazy.

  8. Oh boy, I adore that panda hat! LOL great pics

  9. Haha I can imagine how silly things got. It can get a little nutty if you're stuck indoors for any amount of time!! ;)

    <3 Ashley

  10. Your and your sis are too cute! :D

    Florida hasn't gotten any snow i'm thinking they might have meant to say 48 out of 50 ;)

  11. lol! yes a friend did mention to me that Florida was the only state that didn't get snow. we still have snow our front and backyards.

  12. hawaii gets snow on their volcanos, weird right? i also thought it would be hawaii to be the one to not get any snow.

  13. That is nuts about the snow in 49 of the 50 states! And to think it was Florida. So weird!

  14. :O You two are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the panda hat! ^^

    I hope you have fun with your fiance and his family! :)

  15. baby you are amazing!
    i love your blog!

    im following you!
    a lot of kisses from poland!


  16. Hehehe theres the panda hat!! Loved meeting you as well friend!! Had such a blast! Hope we can do it again soon!:-)

  17. have fun with your ryan, ilene! oh, and you better take some pics to share with us, missy! :)

  18. Oh snow days. How fun! Glad you got to spend more time with the fam!

  19. Well that would have been interesting. I doubt it would ever snow here but it would be crazy if i did.

    Cute photos by the way :)


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