Tuesday, February 1, 2011

oops, i did it again.

hoodie: "borrowed" from sister / tank: f21 / jeans: aeropostle
scarf: belk / nails: OPI jade is the new black / boots: kristen davis

yup. i did it again. i wore black and brown together. ha! i'm kinda proud of myself since it normally bugs me. but i didn't care. it was just one of those outfits that worked at the moment, plus i got to wear my "riding boots." i love those boots. i've had them for 2 years and they've been very good to me. 

i also crack myself up - i always seem to straighten my hair whenever its rainy or drizzly out. why do i do that? why don't i plan it out better? or maybe check the weather before doing the do?


folks, can you believe it? it's february!! where did the beginning of the year go?! 2011 is already flying before our very eyes. but, dude, i don't know about you, but i'm giddy about a couple of things this month. 

1. seeing (my) Ryan for Valentine's Day
2. eating lots, watching a good game of football, and laughing at some stupid commercials that kiiiiiiill me laughing during Super Bowl Sunday
3. launching shop spring collection 
4. getting ready for Creative Estates (hollaaaaaa!)
5. wedding planning-planning-and-more-planning
6. blogiversaaaaaaary (happy b-day to da blog!) 
7. and seeing (my) Ryan for Valentines...oh, wait. i said that already.

what are you looking forward to this month, friend?
anyone else break any of their own fashion rules as of late?
much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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  1. sounds like a busy and FUN february! can't wait to see your new spring collection!! and only 2 more months til creative estates, WOOHOO!!!!! AND sooo exciting your blogiversary is coming up! you've done sooo well!! LOVE your scarf and stripes!! :)

  2. Love that outfit! So cute. Yay {!!!} for wedding planning. :]


  3. Love your outfit! :) Especially the boots.

    I would totally enter the HG giveaway. Problem is, I've read it (all 3) and keep up to date on all the movie details. haha! yup.

    This month I'm excited because It's my goal to explore with makeup! You can check it out on my blog. :) gentrilee.blogspot.com

  4. Wedding planning. yay. I'm a bit jealous. :) I know I know, I'm already married...but isn't is fun!

    Super cute scarf. Love me some floral print.

    Spring collections...hello soooo much fun. Well, for me anyhow.

  5. Sounds like a busy and fun February indeed!

    I'm looking forward to a trip to Disneyland, seeing the Wizard of Oz musical and a friends wedding!!!

  6. okay! youre dang cute! saw you on daybook and just about fell in love! love the blog! cant wait to start following and catching up with your posts! Love it!

  7. your hair is so beautiful straight! and i really like your scarf.

    looks like you have a lot of fun things in store for february! can't wait to see them as they come. <3

    & thanks for the heads up about creative estates!

  8. February is usually the most busiest month during Winter for me :3

    I am excited to see what you have in store for your store for Spring!! :))

    I absolutely love your outfit! ^^

  9. love this one, you look very pretty! yay for February, so happy Jan is over! Thanks for your 30 for 30 encouragement honey! xoxo

  10. I like to brake the rules sometimes and wear black and brown together :) your not the only one :)

    Have fun watching the superbowl. My friends and I are going to Disney that day.. We didn't realize we planed to go on super bowl sunday till last week..lol..

  11. I love the outfit! Feb sounds good to me!!!

  12. Adorable! Love the flowery detail, and so funny about brown/black; that's my next outfit post!
    ... so many fun things to look forward to in february. :)

  13. I love this outfit!! That scarf is so fun and your hair looks so beautiful!! {like always!!}. PS Yes, I've watched IT {huuuuuuuuuuge Stephen King fan, I am!!} and the clown didn't scare me because I knew it was Tim Curry. How can you be afraid of the bell hop on Home Alone 2, I always thought. lol.
    Have a fun day! Sound like February is going to be a busy month for you!! ;)

  14. You are so cute! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing my boyfriend on Valentine's Day, too - we've got lunch reservations at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah! And I'm running a half marathon! (yikes)

  15. I do think that Feb will be a grand month! v-day, some birthdays and a visit from my BEST FRIEND! doesn't get much better... except for getting married.

    are you and ryan in a long distance relationship? or has he just been away on a trip? sorry, just trying to play catch up. tyler and I dated long distance for 2 1/2 years in the beginning of our relationship. so I know the excitement that you are feeling for getting to see him.

    Lots of wedding planning for me this month too! let me know if you need any help, ideas, etc...

    have a great day!


  16. very cute outfit! I am looking forward to my little bear's 3rd birthday next week!

  17. Oooh you have so much to look forward to! Love how you mixed prints. Just gorgeous :) xoxo

  18. you are so cute!! I always seem to have a good hair day on rainy days...and then...poof! I magically have an afro :)

  19. Sounds like February is going to be an awesome month for you, yay!

  20. Such a cute outfit!! Not only do I like the black and brown together, but also the way that you pair the florals and stripes! Love it!

    Small Time Style

  21. Excited for your blogiversary!!! What a fun month you have ahead of you!! Yay :)

  22. Sounds like you will have a fun and busy month and I love your outfit..The scraf is adorable!

  23. oh very cute! Yes I think I wore like a billion colors this weekend. Not sure how well I matched, but it totally worked!

  24. 1. Just found your blog and it's so cute.
    2. You are SO pretty!
    3. Can't wait to read more!


  25. Your hair looks really pretty straight.

  26. i'm also looking forward to valentine's day which happens to also be the anniversary of when hubby and i got engaged :)

    so happy this is the last official month of spring. hoping this snowpocalypse we're getting tonight is the last of the snow storms!!

  27. oh my goodness. new girl crush! how adorable are you illy? so glad to have found ure blog! i love the floral scarf against the striped shirt. brilliant! xoxo!

  28. dying to see your spring collection!!! i just can't wait!!! xoxo :)

  29. too funny! i have to admit i do the black and brown combo but but it bugs my daughter to death when i do!

  30. Love the scarf--I've never heard of Belk before and I am totally going to spend the rest of my time here at work checking it out :)

  31. YAY for v-day with the one you love <3 and yay for spring collections!
    I have been working my little butt off brainstorming my spring collection. I am beyond excited for Creative Estates! <3 Happy Tuesday my love!!

  32. I love floral and stripes together. I also often pair black and brown. I think it works!

  33. pretty !!
    love your nail polish



  34. adorable photos !!

    stop by sometime<3

  35. love love love that scarf! gorgeous colors! psh - and black and brown - it can totally work

  36. cute boots! i like wearing black and brown together when the colors work flawlessly with the rest of the outfit.

  37. You're so cute! And I love your mix of patterns and those knee high boots! Leather boots are my all time favorite:) So cute!

  38. I LOVE that scarf! What is belk?
    <3 leigh

  39. oh ya girl, you rock that brown and black!

  40. Sounds like a fun to do list!! I'm plotting about this valentines day celebration, still cant figure out what I'm going to do LOL

  41. Great outfit, I've been trying to get over my black/brown phobia too lol :)

    - www.itsanewkate.blogspot.com

  42. yay for you and attempting black and brown together! it bugs the heck out of me, and i can't stand it, so therefore, i don't wear it, haha! but i LOVE your outfit, ilene!
    rest up for that busy Feb. of yours!

  43. i love your scarf! it's the perfect pop of color for you outfit :)

  44. I love your stripes + floral print you have going on!

    On Wednesday I wore shorts over tights. I can honestly say I have never worn that in my life. It was fun!


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