Wednesday, January 26, 2011

current obsession wednesay: another random batch for you!!

i'm guilty. 

i think it has been ages since i wrote up a FULL current obsessions wednesday's post. partially because i haven't really been drooling over too much lately, believe it or not. not since the days of christmas wish lists. and not since all those tempting sales were popping up all over blog world and in the real world. but i do have a few things up my sleeve.

so here we go, folks.
 welcome back, current obsessions wednesday. 

lots and lots of reading.

when i start reading, i get on a major roll. i wouldn't say i read a lot of books all the time but i def. have my spurts - and i'm in the midst of one of my spurts. ever since i got into the hunger games series, i can't stop. i keep looking for the next fix. after h.g. i picked up matched (recommended!). i love my classics and the books that make you think, but lately i've been in the mood of something more on the easy reading side with a story that can suck you right into it. and those past 4 books have done their job. we'll see how the next two on my list do.
mickey-dee's hot chocolate. 

i know, i know. so many people are against mickey-dee's food and what-not. but dude, their mcafe beverage's rock, especially their hot chocolate and for $1 buck. you can't beat that. when the fam and i were in atlanta during the snow storm and MD's was the only place open, we chilled here downing these babies. yum.

pandora rings.

first off i love my pandora bracelet. ryan's mom gave me a bracelet and has given me a charm for every birthday and christmas he and i have been together. while visiting ryan's family, margaret took me to a jewelry store that carries pandora and oh my goodness, i fell in love with their stackable rings. *swoon*
all things hearts.
i've always loved anything with hearts, but even more so lately as more and more hearts are popping up in time for the most romantic day of the year! i actually ordered one of gracie's heart headbands and plan to show it off in an outfit post soon enough. the other two are on my list!
canvas cuties.


and who has NOT seen these cutie canvases that popped up last week in Linds' studio?! are they not sooooo darling? i'm in love with this camera one so she needs to hurry up and restock soon. *hint, hint*

okay, so there you have it. 
my random current obsessions. 
if you've followed them before, it's really not that surprising. i'm already random as it is.

am i alone in any of my current obsessions?
and what are you obsessing over right now, friend? 
care to share? 

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

p.s. don't forget the sweet shop credit giveaway by Goose and Trisser? 


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the Hunger Games series!! I'm hooked and that heart headband is to die! Have a good Wednesday, love! :)

    Xo - Danielle

  2. I've been on a reading kick too. I just started a new book 2 nights ago and I'm already half way through! I can only read one book at once though. I love Lindsay's new cuties, the camera is my fav too! I want a blue and yellow one!

  3. I love Lindsay's new cuties, especially the bunting one! And yes, although McDonald's food kind of scares me, their coffee is yummy!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I must say, you have great taste in books! I'm getting my Master's in Childrens Lit and YA books are my favorite! I can't wait to read Matched...I've been hearing great things about it!


  5. Lindsey's new cuties are so lovely!!! I love Pandora too! :)

    My current obsession is kleenex... bahaha. Tissues are my best friend right now.

  6. I love McDonald's Hot Chocolate, too! ha ha

  7. such a great list! loved it....and i'm finally getting into HG...and loving it!

  8. sister girlfriend when are you gonna read HP?!!! :) i tease i tease. but you know you'll love em!!!!

    i am currently obsessed with finding a good pair or rain boots. i am getting so sick of wearing my uggs everyday and i think if i find some rain boots i'll feel like spring is really around the corner- when in all actuality it's still 3 months away. :(

    love you!

  9. We are so in need of down time with a good book. Thanks

  10. McDonalds also makes some mean choc chip cookies. You know, for times when you might feel like eating your chocolate instead of drinking it :)

  11. Oh girl, I'm stocking those Cuties as fast as my little fingers can paint! (And also waiting on another canvas shipment!) You will get your camera cutie soon! :) Thanks for the sweet feature!!

    OH! And I'm so glad you recommended these books. I need some more to read and will be checking out Matched soon! So glad you loved the Hunger Games, such a good series!

    (Did you see I posted on Mickey D's yesterday too?? ha!)

  12. I really need to get back into reading soon... I'm thinking i might run to the library soon :)

    I've boycotted Mickey D's since i watched "food inc" last year in health class.. I still eat their fries and drink their mcafe coffee too however LOL :)

  13. I seriously love reading! It totally trumps blogging, which I also love, to the point where everything in my world basically stops so I can finish a book. Not healthy, I know.

  14. Love your list honey! And I have to say, I'm kinda like you. Not lusting over too too much these days. I think I'm in a winter slumber or something :) xoxo

  15. I am finally back to reading. I am starting out by reading "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"! Kind of excited about it seeing as how everyone has read it and they loved it.

    Ohmgee, love me some Mickey D's fries. They are the bomb. Haven't had the hot cocoa, though. I'll try it out sometime! =]

    xo. kf.

    i love reading! and i love wednesdays even more <3

    Happy day!

  17. I've been trying to dig into to more books, so far so good. :) I love those rings and Lindsay's mini-canvases, they are too cute! :)

  18. I'm really into hearts this time of year too :)

  19. I've been doing lots of reading lately and it has been marvelous!!

  20. LOVE love love The Hunger Games! So good. Reading during these cold months is the best, nothing better than curling up under a blanket with a good book! Love your obsessions:)

  21. i've been searching ebay for lots of vintage lingerie. i want to hang it up on old wooden frames above the bed in the guest room.

  22. glad you're doing a lot of reading! that should keep you away from obsessing and hopefully save a little here and there : )

  23. ok I need to read Matched, and I need your nail polish. I wish I had some books to swap with you. Well I do, I have a whole Ikea bookshelf but do you read John Grisham?

    Oh I know have you read I am Number Four? We could swap Matched for that?

  24. Every single book pictured above is on my 'to read' list except for The Hunger Games books. I already finished those.

  25. I get into those reading modes where I have to get all these books and read book after book. Glad Hunger Games made you want to read more.

    Yay! I hope you liked the headband :) Can't wait to see it in an outfit post! (btw I wore your pink poppy headband on Christmas eve - I will have to see if I can find a pic).

    Love those stackable rings! Very pretty!

  26. I always read young adult books when I need a break from my hoity-toity literature and classics. I read the Hunger Games not too long ago and I loved it, I'm waiting to get my hands on Catching Fire from the library! I read the whole Louie Rennison series recently as well, they are so funny and since the author is british, she puts a fun glossary in the back of each book.


  27. I have been wanting to read the Hunger Games series! I might have to buckle down and just pick it up! :) I am going to look into the other three books as well. Thanks for the ideas. Also, I am a new follower. I found you via The Daybook. :) I would love it if you would stop by my blog sometime and look around! :)

  28. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES! I teach middle school English and I like it more than the kids!!
    <3 Leigh

  29. This is probably so off genre from The Hunger Games, but I love the Percy Jackson series! Once I started I couldn't put them down. Btw those ring? So adorable!

  30. wow, what great finds, ilene! love all of them so much!

  31. jellicoe road is my fav!
    currently reading the second hunger games book, catching fire and hoping katniss chooses peeta :|

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