Wednesday, December 29, 2010

what WE wore: hosted by me and my sisters!!!!

sisters + stripes + 
(pure) sillyness

they came!! they're here!! kristine and her husband arrived on sunday night, and we've had a blast together!! sunday night was almost like a second christmas eve. we stayed up late, ate a midnight meal ('cause they didn't arrive till super late from their flight), exchanged and opened christmas gifts (i got my Modern Family: Season 1 - woohoo!!) and then laughed till 3:30 in the morning. and we've been laughing and having a good time since. the days are flying by way too fast. hard to believe it's already wednesday.

with the holidays, i wasn't able to put together something for current obessions wednesday but i hope you enjoy this outfit post with its unique twist of SISTER POWER!

green tunic: urban outfitters / white tee: unknown / scarf: old navy / belt: forever21
jeans: aeropostle / boots: madison / nailpolish: OPI big red apple

and meet my sister, Kristine!

kristine's outfit: sweater, necklace: forever21 / jeans: charlotte russe / 
boots: rampage / scarf: yarnplusyarn

most of you have met my sister, Ashley (yes the cutie in the steppie panda hat!), the talented photographer and my partner in crime. but i'm so glad that you get to "meet" Kristine today! she really completes the craziness and the fun in our home. and you can probably tell, she is quite the comedian.

so how's everyone doing after the holidays? 
 still busy with New Year partying planning?
or getting some much needed rest from Christmas?

much love.
[happy wednesday!]

p.s. don't forget about Andi's sweet giveaway!


  1. awwwwwwww i LOVE the sister power! makes me wish i had sisters growing up (but i am so glad to have 3 sister in laws)!!! i LOVE both your outfits and ashley's hat is too cute (plus she is a great photographer)!!

  2. awwww glad to meet Kristine! all 3 of you are so adorable!

  3. You girls are all so cute! And I'm loving the scarf under the belt look, you're rockin' it!

  4. You guys look too cute!
    As for me, I plan on getting much needed rest instead of partying :)

  5. you guys look so cute! i love the silliness haha reminds me of my sister and me <3

  6. cute outfits! you sisters are soooo cute! =)

  7. omgosh the panda hat sooo cute!!
    you and kristine look very adorable!! loving the green shirtdress :)

  8. Haha this is TOOO CUTE!!! Such a pretty family <333

  9. How fun! It wont be long before your sisters start blogging like their amazing sister. Beautiful family!

  10. You look like you have the best sisters! I wish I had siblings...I'm an only child. :( Actually, it isn't as bad as I make it sound. But when I see sisters like yours I think that I would love to have that bond!

  11. so cute!! when sisters are in a good mood theres nothing better! Happy New Years to you too, thanks for your sweet comments!! xoxo

  12. Girl, your blog is so cute as are YOU!! I'm your newest follower, happy to have found ya x

  13. You and your sisters are so totally adorable. Always having so much fun.

  14. What a beautiful photo shoot!!!
    You three are sooooooo cute!!!!
    Have fun my dear and happy new year!!

  15. I LOVE sister posts....stay tuned for one of my own tomorrow!!!

  16. so. much. pretty. on. my. computer! i can't stand it. ya'll are GORGEOUS!
    p.s. when I first saw our ring, i was all like, "man, that's a nice fake ring." then i remembered you're engaged. duh! :)

  17. aww, sisters are SO cute. I have always wanted sisters. Lucky <33 The holidays have exhausted me. I still feel VERY busy, and I can't wait to finally relax <3 How about you!? XOXOXOXOXO

  18. wow 3 girls in the family? how fun!! u guys look so adorable!

  19. You and your sister are gorgeous. You pull off the scarf/belt thing so well! You look amazing!

  20. you girls are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!! miss you friend!

  21. Ohh that is so cute!
    Aren't sister the best??
    They always manage to make you do something silly though ^_^

  22. Awh you guys are just gorgeous! Can't wait to see my sister tomorrow :) xoxo

  23. You gals are gorgeous. I've always wanted a sister - a sibling for that matter... (I'm an only child) Happy new year~!

  24. You girls are all so cute! Your two sisters look exactly the same, well, in my opinion.


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