Monday, December 6, 2010

sponsor love: megan from moonbeamwishes!!

there is something mesmerizing about the power of words as they are exchanged between two people, but there is something that pierces the soul deeper when you see the words for yourself in ink and paper, written out for one to read over and over again. today, i introduce you to a sponsor who uses her creativity for others to be able to share the powerful gift of handwritten words. but today i also introduce to you one of my first blog-friends! she is sweet and encouraging, and i have found her blog to be filled with all that which brings a smile to my face! 

meet megan.

check out her sweet blog

and of course, her adorable shop 
& some of my favorite moonbeamwishes paper goodies. 

Tell us about YOU, the artist and brain 
behind your shop, Moonbeamwishes.

Hello! I am Ms. Megan and I love to: watch movies, play with my 5 darling cats, bake pumpkin bread, make diy projects, drink peach tea, wear dresses with pockets, send snail mail off to my wonderful friends, randomly burst out into song, dance in the isles of  stores, wish on moonbeams, paint my nails, take trips, going shopping, writing on my blog, meeting new people, picking daises and cruising Etsy

Your shop and your blog are both called Moonbeamwishes. 
It's so creative and whimsical! 
I've always wondered if there a cool story to share behind the name?

I have always believed in magic, wishing on shooting stars, the man on the moon, fairies, elves and magicians. Some of my favorite books as a child involved damsels in distress, fire-breathing dragons and frog kissing princesses.  As I got older, it is no wonder that I still read other worldly tales involving creatures that keep humans safe from monsters and beasts. Stories of creatures that shape shift, tales of vampires, dragons and nymphs.  Most of these stories have a common ground. These adventures usually took place in the dead of night, when the world is asleep, unknown to the magic and wonder that is happening outside of their windows. The moon must wield some magic that the sun does not posses. Perhaps it is the moonbeams that drift off the moon that hold the magic that turns these creatures into extraordinary beings. I wish that I possessed some of that magic. I wish on moonbeams. Those are my moonbeamwishes.

On to some fun questions...from your blog, 
you are apparently a lover of older films. 
What are your top 3 favorite older flicks?

Only three?!? That is so tricky as I love so many!!!! :) Ummm.....

1) Harvey with Mr. James Stewart. This is such a beautiful film about Elwood P. Dowd {Stewart} and his best friend Harvey- who is actually a 6 foot rabbit that only he can see. A wonderful
ly heart-warming film that is a classic that all should watch!
2) Pillow Talk with the enchanting Doris Day and the dapper Mr. Rock Hudson. This lovely film is about Jane Morrow {Day} and  Brad Allen {Hudson} who dislike each other because they share a party line { a common phone number} and

then ultimately fall in love. I love them both!!! They have such wonderful chemistry and are a delight to watch!!!!
3) How to Murder Your Wife with the captivating Mr. Jack Lemmon. {NOTE: There is NO murder involved in this film!!!} Stanley Ford {Lemmon} is a famous cartoonist- famous because all the stunts that his comic characters do he does first! So when the character murders his wife - and his own wife is nowhere to be seen- people start to talk! This is a humorous film filled with funny lines, a snarky butler, a wife that barley speaks English and  a little button.
You have some adorable outfit posts. 
What is your all-time favorite outfit for a holiday party?
A dress {of course!} tights {in a pretty color} and flats {for comfort!} and of course pretty jewelry 
{perhaps a headband from Much Love, Illy?}

What is one of your favorite holiday traditions? 
Trimming the tree while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas!!!!! 


and not only did you get a chance to get to know Megan
today sweet Megan is offering you a chance to get your hands on some of her paper magic!

 1 set of cards
2 sets of 10 mini cards

[How to enter:]  
 1. Be a follower of Much Love, illy
2. Visit MoonBeamwishes and let me know what is your fave item! 
3. And don't forget to include your email address so i know how to contact you

EXTRA ENTRIES (keep in separate comment):
1. Follow Megan's blog
2. Follow Megan's twitter
3. Tweet about the giveaway 
(be sure to include @muchloveilly and @moonbeamwishes so we can track it!)

Giveaway closes next Sunday, December 12th at midnight.
Winner will be announced the following day.

Megan, thanks so much for being with us here today! 
You are always such a joy.

be sure to stop by her blog and shop and show her some love, folks!
[happy monday!]


  1. I'm of course a follower! Thinking of this time of yera I would get the This Quiet Forest Believes in Miracles cards! So great!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. I am a follower of your blog.
    I love love love the little bike ride while thinking of you card set.


  3. I am a follower of Megan's blog (Michelle-esque)

  4. I follow Megan's Twitter (@Mahalmichelle)

  5. Lovin the bicycle stationary! So cute. Almost as cute as the doyle necklace! LOVE IT!

  6. Im a follower!!
    and I find the bicycle stationary cards too cute for words, makes me want to rent a bike now and go for a ride :)

  7. I follow you! Love the Bonjour cards, I love French things! XX!

  8. Awww, I love the bonjour cards, she really does have such a cute shop!

  9. I am a follower and I love the hello darling cupcake cards. too cute!

  10. I just tweeted about the giveaway!

  11. I am a follower of your blog, Illy!
    And I love the Chester Cat wishes you were here cards.

  12. I am also a new foolower of Megan's cute blog!

  13. I follow her twitter as well...

  14. ...and I tweeted about it!! @chrissyza

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  16. Yay!!! I adore Moonbeamwishes! She is so sweet!! I'm a follower of Much Love, Illy and I LOVE following you!

    I like the "little bike ride while thinking of you" cards!!

  17. I love following Megan's blog, too!

  18. I follow Megan on twitter!

  19. I tweeted!

  20. I adore her "alice is thinking of you in wonderland" cards. I actually got a package from Shawni last week that came with a little mini card from moonbeamwishes, & I had been meaning to check her out because it was so darn cute. Thanks for the reminder!


  21. What a darling shop. Thanks for introducing us!

  22. i loooove megan and her shop!! her cards are soo cute and fabulous!! one of my faves is the the famous french chefs say bonjour. set of (6) cards., too cute!!! and of course you know i am a follower!! :D

  23. i tweeted!!!/sandyalamode/status/11824283370131456

  24. I'm a follower!
    I love the lucky clover leaf cards! So adorable. :)


  25. What a nice giveaway♥

    I am now a follower of Much Illy!
    can't believe I havent seen your blog before, its really cute!

    My favorite item from Ms. Megan's shop has to be the Love in the fishbowl or the cute bicycle♥

    email is:

    lastly, i am a follower of Megan's blog!



  26. I love the cupcake cards! I am thinking of doing a cupcake bar at my wedding and it totally made me think of you! & you KNOW I'm a follower!

  27. I'm a follower of course :)

    My favourite is...the Alice in Wonderland thinking of you note card set!

  28. And I now follow her twitter :)

  29. I am a follower of Much Love, Illy!

  30. I love the dancing spool mini cards!

    somerknits (at) aim dot com

  31. I follow Much Love, Illy!
    Love Moonbeamwishes! My favorite item from her shop is the "Alice In Wonderland - Just a Note" cards. I've had my eye on them for a while!

  32. I already follow Megan's amazing blog! YAY!

  33. i love the alice cards...and the bike cute!

  34. Of course I follow your blog! =) And I LOVE her lyrics cards. I haven't seen a set yet that I don't absolutely love. =)

  35. I follow your blog.

    I love the This Quiet Forest Believes in Miracles cards!

  36. i am a follower:) i love the cupcake cards:)

  37. i follow you on twitter.
    regina_dixon763 ((AT)) yahoo ((DOT)) com

  38. i follow megan on twitter. :)gina
    regina_dixon763 ((AT)) yahoo ((DOT)) com

  39. This was such a sweet writeup & interview with Megan! I'm too late to enter (bummer!) but she sent me some lovely cards in the mail for my birthday, so it's okay! :) Congratulations to whoever won!


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