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sponsor love: aime from sense and sensibility!!

have you ever lived in one place yet your heart belongs somewhere else? i know the feeling (ahem, chicago)! raise your hands, people. you know it, too. well, this particular sponsor draws her inspiration for her creativity from Hawaii, the place she describes as "home in her heart." and you really do sense that tropical beauty as you browse her gorgeous handmade creations. each creation is so delicate and awe-inspiring, you can't helped but be taken back to sandy white shores and its clear blue skies.

meet aime.

check out her lovely blog.
[i love reading up on her life with her sweet hubby and family. 
also my favorite feature this season was her '25 deals before Christmas'. 
we're talking 25% discounts on popular pieces or generous discount codes. don't miss out!]


and of course, her incredible handmade creations from her shop.
[these are my personal faves. 
i'm ooohing over the ocean avenue necklace. love that coral!]

Tell us about YOU, 
the brains behind your incredible shop

Hi, I'm Aime, a wanna-be jewelry designer (which still sounds a little weird to my ears! I can't believe I'm actually doing this sometimes!).  My life is roughly as complicated as the average one-year-into-marriage-part-time-working-church-going-handmade-artisting-amateur-photographer-wannabe-jewelry-designer will be.  As a little girl, I always dreamed of being a singer or an actress or a fashion designer - you know, the fun jobs.  Well, I never expected to have a degree in film communications and be running my own jewelry business at this point in my life!  And even though sleep can be a little hard to come by, I am so happy with where God has put me right now and thrilled to be meeting new people through my still new business!

Your shop name makes me think of Jane Austen's classic. 
Is there a connection to it?
Or is there a story that helped you come up with that name?

That is actually where the name came from.  =)  My favorite Jane Austen book in high school was Pride and Prejudice (the 5 hour movie with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy was a definite help in making that my favorite too). =P  But as I kept reading and rereading all of Austen's novels, I realized that I loved Sense and Sensibility the most.  It is a story about opposites and finding balance between them.  Having sense but being sensible or sensitive to other issues and people around you.  
So I named my shop Sense and Sensibility because I always wanted to remember the heroine sisters, Elinor and Mariane, from the story.  I wanted to design something passionate and imaginative like Mariane but I wanted it to be practical and realistic for today's world like Elinor was in her time.  

You have such delicate, 
stunning pieces in your shop. 
Where do you get the inspiration for your work? 

Thank you!  I'm glad you like it!  =)  Inspiration comes from a lot of places but I try to keep my creating under control most of the time (otherwise I would be all over the place making so many different things!).  But I am inspired by places I go and things I see - wow, that was cliche!  =P  More specifically though, I organize my thoughts by "collections" and collections are currently based on my friends and places I've lived.  I have a "Girlfriends", "California Breezes", and Bridal collections currently.  And you and your readers get to see my newest collection first here!

If you won a free ticket to fly anywhere in the world, 
where would you fly to and why? would ask me a question like that.  =)  (I am also notorious for being indecisive and never being able to pick a favorite.)  I would have to narrow it down to either Japan or Great Britain.  Those two places have always, for as long as I can remember, been the two places that I wanted to visit more than anywhere else!  Japan because I am Japanese (half) and Great Britain because I have already exhibited how much of a Brit lit gal I am.  =)  

What are three things you hope to find under your Christmas tree? 
(and they don't have to be things that actually fit in a box :)). 

Another one of those questions which I will almost definitely have a hard time answering.  =)  I hope to find a really great trip to Hawaii with my family to see my brother off on his first Army post, this set of stackable rings that I have been eyeing for a year now, and a smooth transition for the hubby and I as we set up house after the New Year (we will be moving into a house when we get back from Hawaii!) and the hubby starts a new job!


just in time for the holidays, 
aime is giving away this special piece from her brand-new collection, Me Ke Aloha 
which means With Love in Hawaiian. 
this gorgeous item is the Surf Session Necklace (valued at $30!), 
made of a pearl pendant hanging from a 36" of a hand-dyed silk adjustable strand. 
beautiful, is it not?! *swoon*
And with this being a brand new item from her brand new collection, 
we are the first to be privileged to this preview - is that not crazy exciting?!)

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giveaway closes Sunday, December 26th.
winner will be announced Monday, December 27th. 

{happy monday and 
giveaway-day, friend.}


  1. I follow you, of course, and I really like Aime's "Ocean Avenue Necklace with Coral, Peridot, and Smoky Quartz" necklace - among others!


  2. I am a follower of your sweet blog, Illy And I love the "Ocean Avenue Necklace with Coral, Peridot adn Smoky Quartz.

  3. I am also a follower of Aime's blog!

  4. And I hearted her sweet etsy shop!

  5. I am a follower of your blog!
    I love the Kristin Earrings in Crystal, Labradorite, and Quartz :)


  6. I am following Aime's Twitter (Mahalmichelle)

  7. I'm a follower of your blog!

    And my favorite is the Ocean Avenue necklace with garnets & quartz.

  8. hehe not a bride anymore.. but i do love the Corrine Earrings in Crystal and Pearl for Brides!! :D aime's shop is soo beautiful!!

  9. I'm a follower of your blog.

    I love the Kristin Earrings in Alexandrite, Pearls, and Crystal, so pretty!

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  13. I am a follower of illys blog ( i love it !!) and i will add aime´s blog aswell.
    I like the Ocean Avenue Necklace with Coral and Pearls but the other stuff is great too. really like handmade articles and people who are creative in any way.

  14. I know her blog and it's really great :))) Glad I came across your blog, it's really nice :)) If you find the time, I'd be happy to hear from you on my blog - I think you'll like it <3 Of course, feel free to follow me if you want to read more from me in thee future :)))

  15. I am a follower and I like the Emily earrings best in her shop, but it was a hard choice because everything is pretty.


  16. I looove that her shop name came from Austen! :)

    I really like the Ocean Avenue necklace with Coral and Pearls - so dainty and sweet!

  17. I follow your blog- love it!

    And my favorite from her shop? Probably the silk necklace- stunning!

  18. I love the Nancy Necklace! (and of course I follow your fabulous blog!)
    ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com

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  24. I may not be a bride, but I love her Corrine Crystal and Pearl Earrings for Brides.

  25. I would love to wear the Corrine Earrings in Crystal and Pearl for Brides, even though I'm not a bride anymore, does a newlywed count?? ;)

  26. love the Pearls and Peridot Necklace.

    amschotter at gmail dot com

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  28. i follow her blog.

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    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

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  34. I follow your blog & my fav item is the Ocean Avenue Necklace with Coral and Pearls.


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