Friday, December 10, 2010

show me the blueprints...the blueprints...the blueprints.

ever have your mind stuck on something like e6000?

though i'm not OCD (or i don't think i am), that might be a part of me that is (oh and also the part of me that freaks out that the coffee maker or the straighter is still plugged in after i leave my house...that i make myself turn out to double/triple-check that the outlet is not longer connected to an electrical product). my mind gets attached to one thing and i think about it over and over again. remember leo d. in the aviator where he says, show me the blueprints, show me the blueprints...the blueprints, the blue prints. anyone else relate? i can be this way with to-do lists or life's situation. not necessarily always a good thing (working on that particular area of my life).

and it might not even be the mind of someone with OCD. just people with to-do lists...maybe? i attended a women's lunch meeting at work once and they talked about the mind of a woman being like that of a computer desktop - with a trillion windows and programs running all at the same stinkin' time. i raised my hand high to that. though i have the gift of multi-tasking (as i was told in my previous job as a office coordinator and assistant), my mind has the tendency to do the same thing.

and now i'm realizing my mind doesn't get stuck one just one thing. it's a lot of things but over and over again. weirdness. must be me. or the holidays.

so what should i get my brother-in-law for Christmas?

oh, wait. back to reality. where was i again?

black cardigan: kristin davis
blue patterned tee: forever 21
belt: forever21
jeans: aeropostle
boots: rampage
ring: my shop

i will admit that my mind was stuck like glue on this particular cowl by yarnplusyarn i spotted on sydney's blog. i loved the look of it (it didn't look too chunky or too loose) and decided to check out alanah's sweet etsy shop! *swoon* i fell in love and placed an order for a cranberry one right away. i think i might have included it in my list of current obsessions this week, too...did i not? oh goodness. i really need to stop buying myself "christmas" presents.

oh last week the family headed to night on the town, a downtown event where they close off the streets and booths are lined up and down it and people can walk in the middle of the road. i don't know about you but i get such a thrill from that! i loved when they would do that on michigan avenue during the 4th of july. and i especially loved being with family. we ate fried shrimp, drank our hot chocolate, watched the carolers, and ran into friends. sadly, my flash is broken on my camera so my pictures didn't turn out as great as i would have hoped - but it gave me an excuse to solely enjoy the time with my family. (did you pick up yet on how crazy i am about them?!)

and welp, folks, it's the weekend. we officially have two more weekends till christmas. where is this month going?! i'm just about done with my christmas shopping so that puts me at ease. i'm looking forward to enjoying some holiday goodness with my fiance when i visit him and his family next week. missing that boy like crazy! can.not.wait.

what are your weekend plans?
any holiday festivities planned?

merry christmas!
enjoy your hot chocolates. dance with an elf. kiss someone under the mistletoe.
[happy friday, friend.]

and a couple more things...
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  1. I can totally relate... don't worry, you are not alone.;D

    Shopping and resting this weekend.:D

    Happy Friday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. that cowl is gorgeous on you, ilene.
    i might just have to get myself one :)
    night on the town?? carolers, hot chocolate, family?! it all sounds like so much fun!

  3. love the RING, love the nail polish, love the scarf. :)

  4. great pictures !!! YOUR BLOG IS ALWAYS SO FUN TO READ !!!

  5. Ack love your outfit again! You are just soo adorable. You look really pull off a beanie/beret.

    This weekend is just dad's birthday dinner. And work of course.

  6. ice-skating, maybe going to the christmas market in Frankfurt/Germany and just hanging out with my boyfriend. that are my plans :)

  7. Oh my gosh! Whenever I put my hand on my front door to walk out my mind automatically says "check your straightener" and I have to go back to do it. EVERYTIME. That has to be ocd. but i keep imagining me being the cause of the whole apt complex being burnt down! Glad i'm not alone :) and that cowl is sooo cute.

  8. I know exactly what you were talking about. Hahahaha! I love the cowl! I love cowls in general, but the one you're wearing is red. HAHA I have this obsession with red items.

  9. I can totally relate! I double and triple check things. And then check them again. And then maybe again, just in case. It is RIDICULOUS! :)
    I love that cowl! It's beautiful. And I love hearing about all of the fun things your family does together. That's how I want my family to be. I hope our children always love each other (even if they don't always get along), and enjoy spending time with us and with their siblings!

  10. I can totally relate....same thing here!

    Cute outfit as always!! Happy weekend!

  11. ooo i love that last picture of you out on the town... so christmasy!!! oh and, nooo you didn't miss anything, i'm not working at starbucks, i meant i was doing work like job apps and such AT starbucks. lol. well, can't wait to receive your package!! :)

  12. I am definitely like that! My mind is always going...

    My schedule is full of holiday music gigs, but I'm making lots of money! :) Hopefully things will settle down soon so I can get some shopping done. (And stop shopping for myself...oops.) Wish I could spend Christmas with my boyfriend! Have fun! :)

  13. I drive myself crazy checking things I have already checked 7 times!!
    Don't worry, you are not alone !
    {everyone has a little OCD in them!}
    I looooove your outfit! {You always look so cute!!!}
    I will be a little elf this weekend! Yay!! For Christmastime!!!

  14. I totally do the exact same thing!! I have phrases stuck in my head sometimes like people have songs stuck in their heads. How crazy!

    Love your blog <3

    Katie P
    Food, Wine, & Mod Podge -- Vinyl Giveaway!!

  15. pretty ring- enjoy your weekend! it's chilly!

  16. I love your styleee and beautiful smile!! :)) Really love your blog!

    new folower!

  17. You need to fill us in on your nail polish colors too along with your clothes!
    I went to Ulta the other day to buy gifts for people...and almost bought a million different nail polishes for myself...AND, now I'm on the hunt for that gray color you posted the other day. Thanks!
    Love and miss you!!!

  18. You are SOOO cute Ilene! I love reading your posts and I can TOTALLY relate to our minds being like a desktop with mutiple windows open. I think especially bloggers are like this, quite literally! Haha. I love that cowl on you. I might go buy myself that or maybe I should give it away as a gift instead. Love the b/w pictures. Enjoy your weekend dear! :)

  19. that is such a cool red scarf...! w

  20. I like the way how you styled your hair with that lil poof

  21. You look so beautiful in that red scarf! I love it! I have a weekend filled with art shows and entertaining! We are entertaining TWO nights this weekend...WHAT WAS I THINKING?! ;)

  22. Oh I really love that nail polish-- that's it, you've officially inspired me, I will be painting my nails a similar color tonight!

  23. I adore that ring!

    I, too, have a tough time shutting off my mind, though I find that rather than keeping me organized, it means I'm usually terribly DISorganized!

  24. Just found your blog through Bob Bon Rose Girls. I love it!

    My mind is definitely like a computer...I gotta learn how to shut down some of those windows and programs.

  25. You are absolutely NOT on your own - I think that women often pile on thing after thing, and it's difficult to keep it all straight. Then add in all the holiday rush and stress, and it becomes overwhelming without some type of checklist to keep it all in order!
    I think to give my mind a break, I need to give myself a break, which means saying no to people (I'm really awful at it, I don't know why I feel so obligated!).

    Okay, second - you are GORGEOUS and I am obsessed with that sweater! :)

    I hope you have a perfect weekend (and that you have time to unwind and not go a million miles a minute!). I will be spending this weekend baking cookies, and trying to get the rest of the shopping done before the malls become so overwhelming and awful!

    Love your blog, dear! xo
    (P.S. I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you get a chance!).

  26. your scarf is so adorable!

  27. i love all of your new items, you have such a talent my dear <33

  28. you look gorgeous! & where did you get your ring? It's absolutely stunning!


  29. Love the red cowl!

    Congratulations on being this week's Freshly Picked Rosebud at BonBon Rose Girls. :)

  30. That scarlet scarf looks so killer against your dark hair!

  31. the cowl is gorgeous! lovely photos.

  32. love your hair! i'm rather ocd so i shouldn't comment ;) x hivennn.

  33. p.s actually, if it gets to the point where you have to do something before anything else, you have a bit of a problem x

  34. sounds like a fun time! I NEED that red cowl neck/scarfy thing in my closet. CUTE!!

  35. Just wanted to tell you I love your red scarf. You wear it well.


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