Saturday, December 18, 2010

on the noggin today: challenging myself...i think.

layering up the remix.

so as the end of the year and a new one is approaching, i've been thinking about goals. i know, i  have enough of them in my life (shop goals, blog goals, things to do before i'm 30 goals, etc.). but i think as i'm spending more money during this time of the year on presents and whatnot. i'm thinking how much of it i should be saving for the new year. i think i go through the same cycle every year. am i alone in this?

it wasn't until fashion bloggers were a quarter into their 30-for-30 challenge that i discovered this blogging trend - and i was hooked! i loved the challenge they set for themselves: no shopping and choosing only 30 pieces of clothing from their closet. (i feel like i wrote about this before - so forgive me if i did.) their purpose? to learn to be thankful for what resources you already have. 

like i said i was hooked. intrigued and fascinated. convicted? quite possibly.

as much as i love shopping, i actually don't go on crazy shopping sprees...esp. now with a wedding to save up for and living off of a smaller income. and a lot of what you see in my outfit posts i've had in my closet since college. i also already have been in the habit of remixing so that isn't a new concept to me. 

the challenge for me? the no shopping rule. at all.

okay, so ilene, where are you going with this? sorry, folks. just needed sometime to think out loud, i guess. needed to say how i'm inspired by these bloggers who set this goal for themselves. i guess i'm also throwing this out there to take the next step to actually making the commitment. there is something about putting commitment in writing that keeps you accountable.

but like i said, i don't know yet. just processing. and letting you know that this thought is in the middle of noggin right now.

long-sleeved white tee: been so long, no clue / sheer striped oversize tank: H&M
jeans: jcpenny/arizona /necklace: aldo/ belt:forever21
orange rose earrings: my shop / nailpolish: OPI william tell me about 
shoes: madden girl

so as we are chatting it up about remixing, i'd have to say this outfit is a total remix. you saw the white tee earlier this week (no worries, it's clean). and i believe you've seen that belt more than once this week too. (it's a total fave.) as for the oversized's actually what i used for hot summer days back in chicago or at st. simons when i hit up the beach for a swim-suit cover-up. so talk about creative, right?! who would have thought to wear that sheer baby in the dead of winter?! um, yes me. and i feel pretty happy with its turn out. 

alrighty, enough about me. i feel like i blabbed up a storm in this post. blaaaaahhh.

do you have any summer pieces that you dare pull out 
during the cold days of winter? 

and back to our earlier conversation...
do you have any thoughts on it, friend? 
care to share? i'd love to hear what you think.

and holla!! it's the last weekend before Christmas! hope you're getting or already have all your shopping done. i need to make a couple errands and then we'll be all-good. 

[happy weekend, friend.]

{don't forget the goodies this weekend!!}

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  1. i love reading you thinking out loud! :) i feel like if i were to have a no shopping rule, i'd have to go shopping first and then try and mix it all in with my wardrobe. defeats the purpose, i know! but you've got such cute clothes and you mix them so well! i wish i had your're so adorable in them! i think you're inspirational just as much as the bloggers who did the challenge.

  2. :O I love the mix with the black and white stripes and the purple! You mix these patterns and colors so well! :)

  3. I've heard about a similar challenge. My English professor in college did one dress October. Her's sounds harder than the one you're talking about. But I think we could do it. If you are thinking of doing it, I may join you. =) For 30 days, I think it might be a helpful experience!

  4. i'm always impressed with people who can finish the 30day challenge..
    and that purple necklace is a fun piece.

  5. Cute cute!!!! I love the 30 for 30 idea as well and I'm planning to do it right after January sales... I just cannot miss that out! :D

  6. The Daybook encouraged me to try the 30 for 30, today is my first day! I'm having a lot of fun at this point, mixing things I wouldn't normally think of mixing...I'm sure it will get more difficult (and it wasn't such a bright idea to do the 30 for 30 over Christmas...what if I get new clothes?! I won't be able to wear them until January 18!) But I think it will be really great to see how versatile my own closet is...remind me that I don't need new clothes. The Daybook said she would encourage anyone to try it, that she thought it was rewarding. So here I am, giving it a shot, hoping I'll make it the full 30 days!


  7. I saw the 30 for 30 challenge on The Daybook, which i found through your blog!, and I just loved it! I was thinking about doing it too, but I don't know if that will every actually happen, I love seeing what other people come up with though! ;)

  8. Loving the stripes! And you look so happy! XX!

  9. that's the beauty of colder weather... you layers all your favorites and still look great... have a nice weekend!

  10. Yay for remixing, good job! I am much to scared to pull out summer pieces, I just can't seem to pull them off right in the winter :(

    I have to save save save as well! The fiance is pretty insistent upon it. I am going to try to set a goal for myself to not buy anything until March! Yikes! But I think I can do it, the 30 for 30 was ssooooooo helpful. It made me realize I was pretty much a shopaholic (which actually is a very funny book even though I didn't enjoy the movie)

    Sorry this comment is so long. um anyway, did you know Busy Bee Lauren didn't go shopping at all this past year? ONE WHOLE YEAR! Well I guess she went thrifting and such, but never bought new NEW clothes. Crazy! I'd die without new shoes!

  11. Cute stripes and loving your happy smile friend!!!

  12. Fabulous! I really need to start doing this!

  13. That necklace is too cute! It looks fab against the b&w stripes!

  14. I love your necklace!Fab!!
    Lovely pics!
    I just found your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers:)
    xx Mary

  15. "Noggin" is a truly underused word. It's so great.

    I was really inspired by the 30 for 30 challenge, too, but I don't think i'd really enjoy doing it. I'm pretty good at not buying things if I decide not to, but I guess I don't really see the point of restricting myself from so much of my wardrobe!

    What it HAS made me want to do is pick out maybe 10 pieces that I don't wear very often/at all and see if I can style 10 outfits with them. That would be a great thing to force me out of my comfort zone, I think. Hmmm. More thinking out loud :P


  16. Oh, I love the mix of colors and your awesome layering skills! ;)


  17. I think my husband would love if i took on the challenge and didnt shop for awhile too!!! Ahhhhh i just read thru ur blog and i missed soooo much this week!! U got some awesome giveaways going on and of course cute outfits!!!!

  18. Such a cute outfit, I love the pop of color the necklace gives. And you look so happy!

  19. Shorts with opaque tights! Love your stripes, girl!

  20. Ilene I just love this outfit! Way to go girl. I admire your determination!
    Do you think you will do that 30 for 30?

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