Thursday, December 2, 2010

i've become best friends with the postal office folks.

it was an errands-kind-of-day.

so we were going for the more casual, comfy look. well, i wasn't really even going for a look per-se. just thinking what is quick and comfortable (sweater, jeans and flat-footed shoes) 'cause i had a busy day ahead of me. this outfit shot was a quick one, too. before ashley and i ran errands to the post office, she took these quick pics. 

gray boyfriend blazer: Lauren Conrad
green v-neck sweater: Forever21
jeans: Aeropostle
ankle boots: Rampage

i think ashley was adjusting the settings or something in that one picture where i look so bored and impatient. or maybe i was cold and saying brrrrr? sometimes i look at pictures and crack up 'cause i don't even realize i made the face that was captured in the pics. 

so everyone else feeling the holidays hanging in the air above us like a cloud? i do! the temperature dropped again (though it was oddly humid on tuesday - raining and warm. not the greatest combo. ick), so we are all layering and grabbing our coats and boots as we run out into the southern cold front. i'm loving it. it's perfect for the time of year. christmastime is supposed to be a season of bundling and layers. 

speaking of christmastime, i'm blasting me some Glee Christmas on a daily basis. i'm currently addicted to the Deck the Rooftop and Jingle Bells. i do need to find my Mariah Carey and Amy Grant Christmas cds and download them to my itouch. those are a couple of my classic Christmas faves.

what are some your Christmas music faves?
any recommendations?

in other news...

part of what is keeping moi busy are the orders going out left and right. the post office staff and i are become even better friends from the past week. THANK YOU to all of you that made purchases over the thanksgiving weekend! i've never had my shop open during the holiday season - so this is my first thanksgiving and christmas season to have it open. it's been a learning experience but a good one, too! 

and believe it or not, with the rush of the thanksgiving holiday, i didn't even get a chance to celebrate my shop's 1st birthday on november 22! with that said, i'd love to offer my blog readers and twitter followers, a 10% discount off of your order using the coupon code: SHOPBDAY. the coupon code will be active until Sunday, December 12th. might be a good time to get in those last minute orders before the holiday rush (though i think we are already at the start of it!). 

and don't forget shawni's sweet giveaway! enter it if you haven't already. she's got some great goodies she's giving away...and spread the word!  

...and be sure to let me know what are some of your christmas faves! 
i'm always on the hunt for some new holiday sounds! 

[happy thursday, friend.] 


  1. I am so in love with that Glee album! And I also had an awesome experience at the post office- the guy was so nice!

    Cute outfit- love those boots!

  2. I love Israel Houghton and New Breeds Christmas album.... and you can never go wrong with Ella Fitzgerald's Swingin' Christmas

  3. Happy shop birthday! How fun! Congrats on a successful weekend :)

  4. waaah my friends have been telling me to listen to that glee album.. and i shall!

  5. You look so comfy - super cute!

  6. YAYYYYY for glee christmas!!! i also do LOVE mariah carey's album too!! :D

  7. I grew up listening to Amy Grant for Christmas - love it! I have fond memories of hanging ornaments & dancing around to "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree". :) I also just got Bebo Norman's Christmas album. "Come and Worship" is especially beautiful!

    P.S. Your post title made me think of my sweetheart; he's at the post office practically every day for work, and he always tells me funny stories about the ladies that work there. They even give him chocolate! ;)

    {okay, I'll stop rambling...}

  8. oOo i love the Deck the Rooftop from Glee! Jessica Simpson has a new CD out and it's not that can listen to it here and even DL it :D

  9. I am loving the Glee album as well! And I have a Mariah Carey and a Amy Grant Christmas cd....listen to them all the time!!

    Love your packaging!! Very cute!

  10. I love Maiah for Christmas! You can't go wrong with that!!! :)

    p.s. i love your outfit!

  11. I love love love the Glee Christmas Album, especially Baby It's Cold Outside. Also, your outfit is adorable as always.

  12. I love your outfit!!!!!
    You are so adorable!!! I love all your expressions and your fun poses!
    I too love all the nice people at my local post office!!
    I can't wait to get my headband from you!!! You are so crafty!!! :)
    Happy holidays girly!!!

  13. Happy First birthday to your shop!! That's exciting :)

    I love the outfit, comfy cute!

  14. Yay! Happy {Belated} Birthday to your shop! I'm so happy that it is keeping you busy! That is exactly what you want! :) Oh, and I'm dying for the Glee Christmas album! So fun!

  15. What a cute casual album!
    Love it!!!

  16. such super cute wrapping.

    love your boots.

  17. I'm excited for the Glee album! And this might be embarrassing, but I LOVE Mariah Carey's Christmas album. it's gold.

  18. i bet the glee christmas album is pretty amazing!!!

  19. I like the green you are rocking.
    As far as Christmas music, I love Stevie Wonders "This Christmas" and I am a big Nutcracker fan.

  20. I just think it's hilarious that you posted the picture of you saying burrrr.... The other one looks like your doing a cheer. Are you saying Burr it's cold out there... Go team!

  21. Happy Birthday to your shop!!! Green colour looks beautiful on you:)
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie pie

  22. Yay Glee Christmas!!! I'm so obsessed with that whole cd.

  23. Congrats on the shop birthday! Love it! XX! You look positively GLEEful! XX!

  24. Haha love those photos. Random shots are always the best!

    I love the packaging of your etsy items.

    I haven't listened to the full song on the Glee album but I'm sure I will love it.

    As for other songs, my go to was always Mariah Carey too ;)

  25. Happy BDAY shop!!! :-)
    We need to collaborate.
    OH MY, I adore your packaging too!!!
    Fabulous! :-) XXX

  26. Oh my gosh, I love the use of buttons on that packaging!! I'm so going to give it a try this holiday season!

    Oh, and love that green on you... gorgeous!

  27. congrats on your store's first birthday <3<3<3

  28. I love your cute packaging. The post office knows mine and my daughters names and other random facts about our lives. I guess that's what happens when you go But what a blessing right?

  29. super cute blog! I found you from twitter! xoxo

  30. I love your boots! & the color of your sweater is so pretty.

    Lovely packaging! I love it when people go the extra mile to make packages look pretty. :)


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