Friday, December 17, 2010

GA weekend love: umbrellas, peanut butter M&Ms, and family!!

no, i do not play golf.

but i needed an umbrella 'cause freezing rain was falling from the heavens this morning. and this humongous PGA umbrella was what ryan grabbed from his garage. it might have been bigger than me - but it worked. and even with the rain, ryan was amazing and took my outfit pics. i love this guy. and obviously, not just for his willingness to take my pictures, but i'd totally say having a man in your life who doesn't mind taking your pictures for you is a definite plus! wouldn't you agree?

long gray cardigan/mustard yellow cami/belt/leggings: forever21
hunter green dress: wet seal
boots: madison/belk
polish: sally hansen's wet cement
boyfriend watch: fossil

and i had such a sweet week with ryan's family. i love them - i really do. and not just 'cause i know they read my blog *wink*. seriously, i feel blessed to be a part of such a loving family. i feel welcomed by them and i always look forward to our visits. i also got a chance to see extended family and my future sister-in-law. and even though i know ryan very well after almost 4 years of dating him, i find myself learning more and more about him every time i go home with him. and he says the same too when he visits my family. whether it's mannerisms or memories shared, you learn more about a person through his/her family since you see where they come from. i love it. 

and i love these pictures of me and ryan's parents. they are the absolute sweetest - and this night was particularly fun since we sat around and talked for a little while by the fireplace and christmas tree. nothing more cozy than that!

and is that scarf not the coolest thing ever?! it'll certainly pop up in some outfit post 'cause i'm in mad love with it. it's made up of mostly beige lace with rosettes and such. it's so gorgeous and can't wait to wear it. and yes, that is an amazing stocking you see in that first photo - with all of my fave candy! peanut butter M&Ms, sour patch kids, reeses' peanut butter christmas trees, candy cane chewing gum - JACKPOT! 

okay, folks, it's the weekend...

officially the last weekend before Christmas. i plan to get a few more things bought and wrapped and set out under the tree, then i can relax and look forward to the Christmas and then time with the sister and her ryan. cannot wait! 

what are your weekend plans? 

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]
a couple more days until our two giveaways end!
don't forget - perfect stocking stuffers!

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  1. Christmas is so soon!! Aw you look cute with his parents, they must love you! and that outfit is gorgeous, you really know how to layer!

  2. you looks uber adorable! loving the outfit!

  3. Well, you are always soooo cute, love the outfits and the photos...Christmas, YAY! :-) xxxx Emily

  4. I am loving the cardigan! I love M&Ms! I think my favorite are the ones with the peanuts inside ^^

  5. Love your outfit! And I think it's awesome you get along so well with his parents. That is priceless.

  6. Cute outfit!!! You can def see the coziness through the pictures of you and your inlaws! Love it. And I adore that lace scarf!!!! AH!

    I seriously can't beleive Christmas is almost here and the year is about to be over!!! Have a wonderful wknd! <333

  7. I feel the same way about the sweetheart's family. I just adore them! The sweetheart said sometimes he think they like me more than him. ;)

  8. You're outfit is adorable!! That giant umbrella is the perfect accessory ;)

    <3 kris&kel

  9. Gorgeous outfit!! And great pictures...have n awesome weekend friend!!

  10. Love your boots and the layered look - super cute!

  11. Great Thunder In The Sky!!!! That is a ginormous umbrella!!!!!! Ryan is such a sweetie to take all these beautiful photos!!! And I love the photos of you and his {now your} family!!!
    Happy Holidays friend!!!

  12. He takes great pictures. My husband complains when I ask him to, but he'll do it.

  13. Wow that's one big umbrella :)
    I love the outfit very cute!
    hope your having a great Friday!

  14. I think this is my favorite of your outfits since I've been following your blog. I love it!

    And your beau's family is adorable. SO nice that you get along so well!

  15. That umbrella swallows's kindda funny and cute!

  16. You are seriously so adorable. :) I love how you pair boots with a cardigan and belt! Love it. :)

  17. Awh what a great guy you have! Glad you're having a fabulous time. And I hope your weekend is equally as wonderful xoxo

  18. aw! it looks like you had a great weekend! i'm so glad for you!

  19. great photshoot with the umbrella! :) w

  20. I love how much Alex has gotten into taking photos for me! It certainly does help a whole lot.

    Ryan's parents are so adorable! And you have the best smile :)


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