Wednesday, December 22, 2010

current obsessions wednesday: an outfit post and christmas thoughts.

the sun decided to come out to play.

even with the drop in temperatures, the sun still comes out more often here in the south than it did back in Chicago. that is definitely something to be thankful for. everyone here is complaining on how cold it is. i even am amused with myself when i start whining about the drop in temperature. at least  here we can jump into cars with heaters. back in chi-town, i lived downtown so i walked around everywhere or took a bus...which means waiting for the bus in a freezing cold bus stop. brrrr. i get cold thinking about it. the "warmer" weather here has made me love dresses more. no need to layer in bundles of sleeping bag coats and bulky snow boots.

blazer: GAP/ dress: forever21 / tights: forever21
shoes: kristen davis/belt: forever21/ nailpolish: OPI william tell me about

so how is everyone holding up with the madness of the christmas rush? 

i'm doing pretty good for this time of the year. i'm not as stressed out as in christmas' past, plus orders have slowed down since most orders needed to be mailed our early this week. right now, i'm just trying to really savor it and remember Christmas' true meaning of our Savior's birth. sometimes it's hard to be still and remember what it's all about especially when life is so crazy, especially during this time of the year. 

i'm also loving time with my family and with friends. like i've mentioned before, it's been forever since i've been home for the holidays - so it's been so great to be home for all of it...instead of just arriving in two days before christmas. i totally enjoyed myself at a christmas dinner party with some friends from church, and i've also been busy wrapping up christmas packages with my colorful twine (black friday order from The Twinery - in love with it!).

so...not the most typical of current obsessions wednesday but it is what i'm obsessing about right now. i don't want this season to fly by because i'm so busy shopping and buying and doing. i want to be still and savor and spend time with the ones i love.

hope you are able to do the same, friend!

much love.
{happy wednesday 
and christmas week!}


{...and don't forget!}

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  1. I am loving the outfit your dog is super adorable! I love the holiday spirit! :)

  2. I know what you mean about trying to slow down and savor it all. I have had a hard time getting in the "spirit" this year, and I hate that! I'm hoping to really be able to enjoy these last few days leading up to Christmas!

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    We followed keikolynn's link to you because of your fabulous thirty dollar give awayyyy.

    So ! We are now following you :)

    feel free to follow our newly starting out blog at

    thanks !


  4. I love this outfit. The dress, the tights, the jacket--it's just adorable!

  5. I love how your blazer pops against your dress! Lovely outfit :)

  6. your pup is so cute! is he a dachshund mix? my doggie has the exact same face, but a much longer & stubbier body! :P I feel you on being swept away with the rush of Christmas. A WONDERFUL song that's been putting my heart back in place is "Winter Snow" by Audrey Assad & Chris Tomlin. You. will. love. it.

  7. ha! thanks for rubbing it in that you don't have to wear bulky coats and boots everywhere!!

    I wish I got to look as cute as you everyday! :)

  8. Ohh that is such a sweet polka dot dress:) I love your outfits,darling
    Happy Wednesday and Merry Christmas:) Hugs and kisses

  9. I especially love the colors of this outfit - so sweet!

    I hope you & yours have a very merry christmas, Ilene! :)

  10. So cute!!! I love polka dots! I am loving that twinery tooo!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. Cute puppy!! And yes the holiday rush has just about completely "tuckered" me out. I'm looking forward to pajamas and presents! Merry Christmas!

  12. You look super cute, as always! ;) I'm holding up so far! The madness doesn't start for us until Christmas eve. Should be fun, though! All my shopping is done, just have to give!

  13. I am so loving you in polka dots! Such a great outfit. Have an awesome day getting ready for the most wonderful day ever.

  14. Ah, you are so incredibly pretty - I just love these photographs!! :)

  15. love the dress!! and your hair is to die for...wish my hair was long again!

    merry early christmas, sweet girl! I love that you remember to find Jesus first :]

  16. I don't think you could be cuter if you tried! :)

    Love, Makay

  17. I LOVE the twinery!!! They are so wonderful!!!
    You look so so so cute!!! STay warm and have a happy HOliday season friend!!

  18. I'm done with my Christmas shopping except for a last minute cd I need to pick up today. I still have a ton of wrapping to do though. I'm not freaking out though. Not yet anyway...

  19. I thought I was done gift shopping, but there seems to be little things that keep popping up!! I'll be done eventually I'm sure :)

    Happy Holidays!!

  20. That is the cutest dress ever! I just love brown with white polka dots!

    Your puppy looks so sweet in that hat!

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, Ilene!

  21. What a gorgeous dress!! And I love your shoes!!
    You always look so happy!
    Merry Christmas friend!!

  22. Merry Christmas!!!! Have a wonderful holiday!

  23. Oooh, those are some great strappy sandals :)

    Merry Christmas, friend!

  24. Stop bragging about the warmth woman! Some of us still live in Chicago ;). I'm glad you're enjoying your Christmas with family and old friends. I love reading about it!

  25. Funny that you said "sleeping bag coats and bulky snow boots" BECAUSE I was just thinking about what to wear tomorrow night. We are going downtown to Lawry's for a Christmas Eve dinner and to walk around downtown either before or after or both. Soooooo I'm debating what to put on my feet. Cute-sy high-heeled boots and slip 'n slide on the ice OR bulky but warm boots. :/


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